Folklore Fairy Queen: Goddesses and the Fairy Queen Archetype

When it comes to fairies, one of the most profound figures is the Fairy Queen. Numerous stories and myths have featured powerful queens ruling over their fairy courts from ancient times through the modern day.

Today we will explore the roles these mystical figures have played throughout history, myth, and fiction, and discuss what it takes to grow your own personal practice with the queens of the Otherworld.

Fairy Queens

Let’s start at the beginning: who is the fairy queen? And over whom exactly does she reign? The answer may not be so simple! The history of fairies and their mythology is as varied and magickal as the fairy queens themselves.

The fairy folk have been embedded in folklore and literature alike for many years. They come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, from the little pixies that inhabit gardens to the mischievous brownies that are said to lurk in households. Some believe they live among us, just out of sight of humanity, while others hold that they’re much more powerful than we can imagine.

Fairies In Folklore

Seelie & Unseelie

In Scottish folklore, it is known that the land is inhabited by Click here to read the rest of this article…