Song Of The Goddess


Song Of The Goddess

I am the Great Mother, adored by all creation which I have brought forth from my fertile womb, I am the Primal Mother, life-bringing force of the Divine Female, boundless and eternal.

My faces are many, for I am Transformation and I bring change to all. I am the Goddess of the Moon, Lady of all Magick, passing through phases of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. I am the Maiden whose name is carried upon the tides and the winds. I wear the Moon upon my brow as Crescent, Full, and Horned, the stars rest beneath my feet, and the Serpent of Regeneration gases up at me in adoration. I am Mysteries, yet I reveal these to any who seek such of me. I open the New Path for the spiritual questor, comfort the weary traveler upon the old, and receive into my arms the soul in passage.

I am the Blessed Mother, the Bountiful Lady of the Harvest. I am clothed in the cool depths of the waters and draped in the gold of fields laden with grain. My tabard is the myriad forms of life in woodland, field, valley, river, sky and sea. My hair cascades across my shoulders as soft shadows stirring in the forests. By me are all seasons of the earth ruled that all things come to fruition through me, for lo, I am the Life-Giving Mother, fertile and joyous in my abundance.

I am the Crone, Grandmother, and Death Mother, wise and tender. Through me pass all in the spiral dance of life, death, and rebirth. I am the Wheel, the shadowed Moon, giving release and renewal to weary souls. The God ushers the Spirits unto me, for I am the Tomb through whom all must pass to be born of my Womb.

I am the Eternal Maiden, Mother of All, and Crone of Transformation. I stir the cauldron of Wisdom, Abundance, and Renewal, and I pour forth my Limitless Love upon all my peoples of the Earth

Animals and Their Spirit Protectors

Animals and Their Spirit Protectors

Many spells, especially those that request healing or protection for animals, or those to locate lost animals, suggest consecrating the animal to a spirit. Although there are also many others, the following have earned a reputation as renowned animal protector. Incorporate them into your spells as needed.

*Spirits that protect cats: Artemis, Bastet, Freya, Hecate, Lilith

*Spirits that protect big cats (tigers, lions, leopards, etc.): Dionysus, Durga, Hathor, Kybele, Sekhmet

*Spirits that protect Dogs: Artemis, Hecate, Ogun, Saint Roch

*Spirits that protect horses: Anat, Demeter, Epona, Poseidon, Rhiannon, Rla-mgrin(Hayagriva)

*Spirits that protect toads: Ague, Heket

*Spirits that protect snakes: Athena, Ezili Freda Dahomey, Lilith, Mami Waters, Simbi, Lady Asherah

*Spirits that protect cows: Brigid, Hathor, Hermes, Isis, Lakshmi, Maeve, Shiva

*Spirits that protect fish: Atargatis, La Baleine, La Sirene, Yemaya

*Spirits that protect pigs: Demeter, Seth

*Spirits that protect animals in general: Aphrodite, Artemis, Baba Yaga, Faunus, Hathor, Lilith, Saint Anthony (Saint Anthony is the spiritual detective: request his assistance when anything or anyone is missing.)

A Word About Taking A Familiar

A Word About Taking A Familiar

Although you can bring any animal into your home, you cannot force it to be your familiar. This profoundly affectionate relationship, built on love, respect and personal chemistry, must develop independently. Likewise, animal alliances cannot be forced.

They may, however, be requested. Many believe that we are each born with the alliances we need, whether animal, botanical or spirit. The key is to discover those alliances and learn how to work with them for maximum power and benefit.
Various methods exist for discovering allies and requesting new relationships. Many card-based divination systems exist. Animal allies also manifest themselves in your dreams. Any animal or species that appears consistently to you, whether in dreams or in waking life, may be an ally or may potentially become one.
If you desire a specific alliance, request it via a combination of your altar and visualization.

Magickal Familiars, Magickal Allies

Magickal Familiars, Magickal Allies

It is time to measure the cat for a magick wand? Perhaps the parrot needs to learn some chants? Maybe there is a set of domination spells so that the dog can force you to walk him on the schedule he chooses? No, spells regarding animals are still meant for people to perform, although some benefit from some animal assistance. Many of these spells involve protecting animals from physical and spiritual harm. Others benefit humans, through the power and gifts of animals.

Magickal Partners

Animals who participate in your spells and rituals, enhancing them with their own powers, tend to fall into one of two categories:



The concept of an animal as a pet is a modern one. Those who possessed this concept of interspecies friendship ahead of their time often found themselves condemned for witchcraft on ground of familiarity with demonic creatures like cats, birds, rabbits, black dogs, reptiles, and amphibians. Sounds like what you’d find for sale in any local pet store? Well, familiar animals are exactly that: familiar. The classic witch’s cat, rabbit or toad, a familiar is an actual, individual animal with whom one can live and share an intense psychic, personal bond. If this characterizes a relationship you have ever had with an animal then you have had a familiar, regardless of whether you engaged in magickal practice together. A dog who won’t sleep unless it’s under your bed, the cat who follows you from room to room the bird who spends the day perched on your should: these all qualify as familiars.

A familiar’s presence may be sufficient to spark and enhance your magick, whether there is any conscious active involvement or not. For others, the psychic and magickal bonds possible between animal and human create profound power and satisfaction.

In general, familiars are creatures who can realistically live with you: cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, toads and snake are most typical. Those living and working closely with other species—those species that usually do not live amongst people—may discover psychic and magickal bonds, as well. Wild animals that remain wild can also qualify as familiars, though invariably they choose you rather than the other way round. These include those birds or bees that, taking a liking to someone in the family, stop by daily. Scandinavian witches traditionally favored flies as familiars. Wild dolphins occasionally single-out an individual human and initiate a relationship. It is not unknown for people living on the edge of woods or in a wilderness place to develop a special relationship with an individual creature.

A familiar is a specific, individual creature with whom you have established a psychic bond. Of course, this limit’s the creatures with which you can magickally interact. What if your magick requires a rhinoceros or crocodile? What if it requires a dragon or unicorn?

A familiar may be considered an animal ally but animal allies transcend the boundaries of familiars. Animal allies are a form of spiritual relationship because the relationship may occur entirely in the realm of spirit, any animal may be approached. The presiding spirit of the animal may also be approached, rather than any individual creature.
A person may have as many familiars and/or allies as needed.

Beseeching The Lady of the Eclipse

Beseeching The Lady of the Eclipse


Great Lady of Lunar Eclipse I who am Thy child, call upon Thee
in reverence and beseech Thee.
Open the way of release from the fetters of the past.
Open the way to embracement of life’s joyous repast.
Take into Thy arms all self-perceived flaws, unneeded fears, pain and
Slip these behind Thy back and release them into the vastness beyond Thy
Hidden Face.
Then turn Thy gentle face outward once more, filling Thy arms with joy,
good fortune, and constancy sieved from the stars;
Slip these into the Mother’s arms, and smile upon me.
Open Thy arms, loving Mother of All, and let Thy bountiful blessings
upon me no fall.
With my arms opened wide, with hope and bright eyes, I gather
Thy abundance of blessings inside.
The gift of Transformative Power charges shadow into light,
For Thou art what I have attained at the end of desire.



Dreams can be merely entertaining or intense and prophetic.

Many natural aids to dreaming can be found in the garden!

If you want peaceful dreams that are relaxing, place a vase of jasmine by your bed.

If you are having nightmares and wish them stopped, place morning glories in the vase instead.

If you need to learn something in a dream, place a bay leaf under your pillow and ask for the knowledge.

If you just want nice dreams, use a sachet of lavender.

If you want to send a psychic dream to a loved one, blow the seeds off the top of a dandelion in his or her

direction and project your wish, then go right to sleep.

If you want your dreams to come true, you can do one of two spells.

At midnight on a Friday, in silence, gather nine small non spiny holly leaves and wrap them in a cloth.

Place them under your pillow, make your wish, and go to sleep. Your dreams will come true.

Another ancient spell is to scatter marigold flowers under your bed, make your wish, and then say:

Wish I want and wish I may
Come to me through dream so fair
Come by night and come by day
Come, thou wish, and ride thee here



Four or six bananas Palm butter Red cotton thread or wool/yarn

Parchment or brown paper Red ink or Dove’s Blood ink Quill Nail

Start this spell on a Friday.

Buy a banana bunch in the name of Chango.

Write your wish on parchment and fold toward you.

Slip paper to fit tightly between bananas.

Rub palm butter on bananas.

Wrap banana bunch with red string or yarn until you can no longer see the folded paper.

Hang banana bunch on a nail outside by your front door.

By the time the bunch is black and withered you will have your answer or your wish granted



Take any large bowl.

Drip a few drops of different colored candle wax in the bottom of the bowl, then

adhere a white candle to that spot.

The different colors represent diverse needs and goals, while the white binds

this variety together in harmony.

Each morning, light the candle when you get up and put a coin in the bowl.

Make your wish for the day. Blow out the candle before you leave the house.

Whenever you desperately need to have a wish fulfilled, remove a coin from the bowl

and either plant it in rich soil (houseplants will do ) or throw it into moving water so

that your message of need will be carried through the earth. When the bowl is filled

with coins, use all but a few (these “seeds” always remain in your bowl) for random

acts of kindness, like getting treats for the neighborhood kids or helping a homeless person.

Your generosity will return to you threefold to keep the magic of benevolence, both

mundane and divine, with you always.



Instructions: Sit in a quiet place that is special to you.

Hold a white or cream candle in your hands and visualize the area of your life that this

candles energy is needed in. After you light this candle the energy will come to you.

It may come right away or when you lease expect it.

When you are ready recite the spell or use your own words of power.

This candle I see before me, its color so bright,
Holds my needs of change in its light.
I call in the forces higher than I
To release the energy that is held inside
May it work for me in the most correct way,
Harming none and helping all as it leaves my stay.
I call on thee in perfect trust and love sending me guidance from above.
This I make happen and so be it will.
Take away this thing that brings me ill.
So mote it be.3x3x3



This is best used at the end of a spoken or written spell.

This adds a certain boost to the releasing of energy.

It also works best if you are wearing a Pentagram you have attuned to yourself.

Speak these word with all the fibers of your body while releasing the spell’s energy:

By the Pentagram I wear,
Water, Fire, Earth, and Air,
Ruled by Spirit as All should be
As I speak
So Mote It Be!



The following chant is a good all purpose chant that can be used for just about any spell:

Witches power burning bright, tarot, rune and blade,

Charge the spell, enfilled with might, here and now the magic’s made.

Wave and tree, hedge and flame, strength of the elements gather here,

to bless this work and charge it well, to complete the spell now far or near.

Mystic Moon and Brilliant Sun, send your power here this way,

Gracious Lady, Mighty Lord, bless this charge that I lay.

Powers that are, powers that be, gather round this spell I cast,

empower my working three times three, send it forth to see it last! So Shall it Be!



This simple spell can be used for any purpose – whether it be to empower a person,

to heal them, to bind them etc. Simply choose the appropriate color candle and scribe

the person’s name and your intent upon it. Anoint it with an appropriate oil.

Light the candle and while watching it burn, repeat the following chant,

focusing upon your intent as you do so.

Powers that be, Powers of 3, Let me be all X sees.



You will need to gather:

A seed pod from any tree, 1 piece of paper, pictures or drawings to represent your wish.

To make your dreams come true, take your seed pod or eggshell and on you piece of

paper write down what your wish or dream is. Decorate it with the pictures of your wish.

Make sure to put your intention behind what you want by making it as real as possible.

Place the paper in the pod and bury it in a young pot plant or a new tree.

Now let the Gods and Goddesses take over.



This is a little complicated to describe but is well worth it.

You need a piece of recycled paper (recycled notebook paper works fine).

On the paper, write a short poem or chant to the Goddess and God that states your wish.

It is alright if you aren’t the best poet on earth! But it is very important that you say exactly

how you feel and what exactly you need. Do your best and say it from the heart.

Close the poem with thanks to the Goddess and God.

Fold it in half with the words inside it.

Draw a triple goddess sign on the outside.

Now fold it in half again with the symbol on the inside.

Now draw a pentacle on the paper.

Finally, flip it over and write your name and birthdate on the other side.

Put this aside in a safe place and your wish will come true in due time.

If you change your mind before it comes true, burn the paper and put the ashes to the earth.



Purchase a new bottle of vanilla extract. Remove the cap and visualize a red light flowing

from your Third Eye and coloring the liquid in the bottle.

As the light flows into the bottle, chant :

“Where I place you, you will draw

(Need) from places near and far.

You will bring (need) straight to me.

As I will, so mote it be!”

Recap the bottle and take it to your chosen spot. Sprinkle a few drops around the area.



If there is a situation, problem, possible menace you are facing, there is a knot spell for this.

Take the cord and firmly visualize the problem in all its agonizing detail.

Become emotional about it; seethe with anger, crumble into tears, whatever works.

Then firmly tie the knot. Walk away from it, out of the room if possible.

Take a shower, eat, do whatever will get your mind off the spell and allow you to relax.

When your emotions are stabilized return to the knot. With calm and peace untie the knot.

See the problem vanishing; dissolving into a dust that is swept away by the cleansing,

refreshing North wind. It is done.



Take a blank piece of paper. Write whatever you want to take place, on this paper in large letters.

Burn paper over a bowl/cauldron, while visualizing what you want to take place.

Take ashes outside/toss into the wind. If there is no wind, simply toss into air and allow

ashes to fall to the ground. Then say: So mote it be



Take a small mirror and lay it down, so it reflects up at you.

Then take a bowl of water (preferably a glass or silver bowl, but any bowl will do.

HINT: If using a ceramic bowl, plain is best.

You should use a bowl with pictures on it only if you have to (unless they are hieroglyphs).

Only use plastic bowls if you absolutely have to.

Put the bowl of water in the center of the mirror, and surround the mirror with candles

(this spell should be done in a dark room, or at night).

The spell works best if the candles are vanilla or lavender.

There should be four candles, one at each corner of the mirror (or, if using a round mirror,

one at each of these points: Northeast, Northwest, South east, Southwest).

In between the candles, on the North, East, South, and West sides of the mirror,

put incense burners (the spell can work without the incense, but it works better with it).

Put a small piece of silver (it can be a coin, a piece of a fork, anything) in the bowl.

Look down at the mirror, and chant this:

Mirror, Mirror, on the floor,

reflect for me forever more,

give me now the thing I crave,

I’ll give it back when I’m in my grave,

A pool of water, A touch of ice,

a teardrop from the moon, all this I have and all I want, Is this.

Then you say what you want.



–small piece of paper

–wishing incense (bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger)

Write your wish on a piece of paper and put some wishing incense on top.

Lift the corners of the paper and tightly twist them together to form a sack.

Light the wish sack while visualizing your wish coming to fruition. If the paper burns entirely,

expect wishes to come true immediately. Having to relight the paper once or twice signifies

positive results but only after obstacles clear. Having to re-light the paper any more than twice

is an indication that either your wish won’t come to pass or that what you wish isn’t good for you.