Take any large bowl.

Drip a few drops of different colored candle wax in the bottom of the bowl, then

adhere a white candle to that spot.

The different colors represent diverse needs and goals, while the white binds

this variety together in harmony.

Each morning, light the candle when you get up and put a coin in the bowl.

Make your wish for the day. Blow out the candle before you leave the house.

Whenever you desperately need to have a wish fulfilled, remove a coin from the bowl

and either plant it in rich soil (houseplants will do ) or throw it into moving water so

that your message of need will be carried through the earth. When the bowl is filled

with coins, use all but a few (these “seeds” always remain in your bowl) for random

acts of kindness, like getting treats for the neighborhood kids or helping a homeless person.

Your generosity will return to you threefold to keep the magic of benevolence, both

mundane and divine, with you always.

One thought on “THE WISHING WELL

  1. Dearest brothers and sisters, i have a deep dilemma, i have a ferocious enemy onmy tail. Last year, she attacked me leaving me in hospital, going on to forcing me from my home with constant intimmidation, my nerves were shot, my confidence shattered, eventually, we went to court, but, she paid witnesess to say she wasn’t my attacker, and she walked. She has now moved on to my brother, whose guard dog chased her son after he trespassed on private property, she has lied and manipulated the local press and is now seeking the dog be destroyed, is there anyone out there with any spells for protection, or banishing spells, as any i have used so far have not worked. This woman is evil incarnate.
    Blessed be brothers and sisters


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