Sharing Some of What My Mom Meant to Me

Enchanted Circle of Witches®

A Tribute to the Lady who Gave Me Life

I have one woman to thank that helped me become the woman I am today. My loving, supportive mother!

She was there to carry and nourish me for almost nine months.

She was the first to hold when I emerged into this world.

She held, diapered and nursed me.

She didn’t mind the middle of the night feedings to much or so she told me when I started having my own children.

She fed me baby food and kept introducing foods until I was able to eat regular. Thanks to her I am not a picky eater and will at least try most new things once,

This wonderful lady watch me take my first steps and say my first words.

She taught me the alphabet, how to write my full name and to count to fifty before I went to kindergarten.

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