Beseeching The Lady of the Eclipse

Beseeching The Lady of the Eclipse


Great Lady of Lunar Eclipse I who am Thy child, call upon Thee
in reverence and beseech Thee.
Open the way of release from the fetters of the past.
Open the way to embracement of life’s joyous repast.
Take into Thy arms all self-perceived flaws, unneeded fears, pain and
Slip these behind Thy back and release them into the vastness beyond Thy
Hidden Face.
Then turn Thy gentle face outward once more, filling Thy arms with joy,
good fortune, and constancy sieved from the stars;
Slip these into the Mother’s arms, and smile upon me.
Open Thy arms, loving Mother of All, and let Thy bountiful blessings
upon me no fall.
With my arms opened wide, with hope and bright eyes, I gather
Thy abundance of blessings inside.
The gift of Transformative Power charges shadow into light,
For Thou art what I have attained at the end of desire.