If there is a situation, problem, possible menace you are facing, there is a knot spell for this.

Take the cord and firmly visualize the problem in all its agonizing detail.

Become emotional about it; seethe with anger, crumble into tears, whatever works.

Then firmly tie the knot. Walk away from it, out of the room if possible.

Take a shower, eat, do whatever will get your mind off the spell and allow you to relax.

When your emotions are stabilized return to the knot. With calm and peace untie the knot.

See the problem vanishing; dissolving into a dust that is swept away by the cleansing,

refreshing North wind. It is done.



Take a blank piece of paper. Write whatever you want to take place, on this paper in large letters.

Burn paper over a bowl/cauldron, while visualizing what you want to take place.

Take ashes outside/toss into the wind. If there is no wind, simply toss into air and allow

ashes to fall to the ground. Then say: So mote it be



Take a small mirror and lay it down, so it reflects up at you.

Then take a bowl of water (preferably a glass or silver bowl, but any bowl will do.

HINT: If using a ceramic bowl, plain is best.

You should use a bowl with pictures on it only if you have to (unless they are hieroglyphs).

Only use plastic bowls if you absolutely have to.

Put the bowl of water in the center of the mirror, and surround the mirror with candles

(this spell should be done in a dark room, or at night).

The spell works best if the candles are vanilla or lavender.

There should be four candles, one at each corner of the mirror (or, if using a round mirror,

one at each of these points: Northeast, Northwest, South east, Southwest).

In between the candles, on the North, East, South, and West sides of the mirror,

put incense burners (the spell can work without the incense, but it works better with it).

Put a small piece of silver (it can be a coin, a piece of a fork, anything) in the bowl.

Look down at the mirror, and chant this:

Mirror, Mirror, on the floor,

reflect for me forever more,

give me now the thing I crave,

I’ll give it back when I’m in my grave,

A pool of water, A touch of ice,

a teardrop from the moon, all this I have and all I want, Is this.

Then you say what you want.



–small piece of paper

–wishing incense (bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger)

Write your wish on a piece of paper and put some wishing incense on top.

Lift the corners of the paper and tightly twist them together to form a sack.

Light the wish sack while visualizing your wish coming to fruition. If the paper burns entirely,

expect wishes to come true immediately. Having to relight the paper once or twice signifies

positive results but only after obstacles clear. Having to re-light the paper any more than twice

is an indication that either your wish won’t come to pass or that what you wish isn’t good for you.




–A flat stone at least 4′ wide with a pentacle marked upon it

–A small bowl of some natural material (stone, metal, clay, etc)

–24 small, smooth stones marked with the 24 runes

–Paper A pen Working knowledge of runes

Write your intentions upon the paper in runes.

Cast a magic circle, then read what you have written aloud four times, first facing east,

then south, then west, then north.

Fold the paper and place it in the bowl, place the bowl upon the flat rock, directly

in the center of the pentacle.

Place the small stones in a circle around the flat rock, saying the name of each

rune aloud as you set it down.

Leave this arrangement in place until the spell has been fulfilled



If you wish to have a vision true, then put together this witches brew.

Mix this oil, this sacred potion, charged with power and devotion,

filled with Marigold, Rosemary, Clove, Mugwort, Lavender, Jasmine and Rose.

Make an incense of the same, to ignite the mind, the mystic flame.

Smudge with incense and anoint with oil, to cleanse yourself of mortal toil.

Chant this chant to start your mission, as a trigger for your vision:

Vision, Sight and deep perception, mystic light and meditation,

trance or conscious my eyes shall see, the other side shall come to me.

Now sit in thought, in meditation, lost in mind, in concentration,

wait for the vision that you desire to come to you within the hour.



It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for 3 days.

If you must put away your tools, try to leave the spell candle out in the open.

Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may be using in addition to your spells candle.

(Black) Love or protection incense is recommended.

While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of the work.

Bathe or cleanse your self. Do not let negative thought enter your mind.

Go your work area. Cast the Circle, light incense.

Envision a large, white ball of light surrounding you, your work area, and your home.

Hold the candle between the palms of your hand and direct all positive energy into it.

Place the candle and prior to lighting say,

“This candle represents protection over me in all things.”

Light the candle and say,

“As the light of this flame grows, I feel the light and positive energy around me.

As this candle burns, everything around me is blessed with light and love.

I am blessed with light and love. Negative energy is banished.”

Sit back and watch the candle burn.

Keep visualizing the white ball of light and protection around you..

Evision your higher self blessing you and protecting you from harm.

When the candle has burned 1/3 of the way down say,

“As the flame of the candle is extinguished…

Evil, negativity, and harm towards me is banished!

Any entity, ghost or spirit her by mistake go into the light and pass on to the world of spirit,

be not afraid as many wait for you there who you have loved and who love you.

Extinguish the candle. But don’t blow it out!

Repeat this for 2 more nights. Bury or throw away the left over wax.

Moon Signs

Moon Signs

Waxing – Maiden Moon moving from Dark to Full phase
– used for magicks of increase
Full – Mother Moon fully illuminated

– influence felt three days before and three days after

– magicks of completion, success, gains, accomplishment

Waning – Crone Moon moving from Full to Dark phase

– used for magicks of decrease

New – Crone Moon at last silver of crescent to Dark

– used for magicks of banishing, exorcism, cleansings

Dark – Crone as Mystery Moon totally non-illuminated

– used for divinations and meditations

– used for Dark Power Magicks

– Hidden Face of the Goddess as the One Who Transforms

– The Womb as the Tomb, hence, passage to Rebirth

Moon Void-of=Course – Passing from one Sign and entering into another (look in a Magickal Lunar, or Farmer’s Almanac)

– can be between one to four hours

– holds the influence of both signs in balance

– unfavorable for magickal activities

– activities begun rarely are completed

– activities begun may end, but not as expected/desired

– Rule of Thumb, influence of a Moon phase lasts three days

Ground and Center before all Magickal Work: to avoid depleting personal energy levels by augmenting internal energies.
Ground again after all Magickal Work: To avoid overload of personal energy levels by draining out the excess energies.

Change another’s Spell slightly so it is Yours: to make the energy generated recognize it connects to work with you specifically.

Faery Herbal Pouch

Faery Herbal Pouch

Function: to establish or maintain an energy connection with the Other People, create the pillow and hang from a tree in the yard, a fence post, or place somewhere indoors:

a. to attract Faeries to dwell in yard and/or home

b. to seek Faerie aid in magick and/or divination

c. to gain Faerie companionship

d. to receive aid in travels to Faerie Realms

e. for dreams of Faeries

f. for Faerie protection of yard/home

Perform during: a Friday, Midsummer Eve, or November 11, Waxing to Full Moon
Materials: select desired herbs, material color, crystals/stones, decorative objects, ribbon color, etc. from Lists of Correspondences that you have in your magick Journal.

Create the Item:

a. select the color of cloth, herbs and stones suitable to purpose

b. sew up the cloth in thread of the chosen color, leaving an opening for the contents

c. stuff the pillow with the herb, stones, et., then sew the rest shut’

Consecrate the Item:

Have pentacle, blessed water, sea salt or burdock root, floral incense, heather sprig [optional], and wand.

a. light a lavender or light gray candle

b. pass the pillow through the Elementals

I call upon the Powers of the Elementals to enliven the magick and stir the energies into this charm that it may call Fair Ones to me! By Earth [sprinkle with salt/root], Air [pass through incense smoke], Fire [pass through candle flame}, and Water [sprinkle with blessed water using heather sprig], I consecrate this pillow [or pouch] to my use. So Mote It Be!

c. set the pillow on the pentacle, wave the wand [or power hand] overhead in a circle:

I gather thy energies to work this spell and do my will. So Mote It Be!

d. touch the pillow with the wand/power hand:

Be thou charged, pouch[or pillow] of Faery[name purpose of pillow or pouch]! It is done! So Mote It Be!

Activate the Item:

a. store in a dark place until Full Moon.

b. place the pillow in the light of the Full Moon:

Come to me Fair Ones,

By the light of thy Faerie Moon!

Bless this charm and grant my booon,

Wish this pillow, [state purpose/intent] comes,

May ye ever abide in friendship with me,

That As I Will, So Mote It Be!

c. let the pillow stay in the moonlight one hour, then place where desired.

A Little Laugh for Your Day – “Thou Hast Just Received A Virus, lol”

Thou hast just received the Amish Virus.

As we haveth no technology nor programming experience, this virus worketh on the honour system.

Please delete all the files from thy hard drive and manually forward this virus to all on thy mailing list.

We thank thee for thy cooperation.

— The Amish Computer Engineering Dept.


Source: Turok’s Cabana