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Your Weekend Love Horoscope for Feb. 7 – 9

Weekend Love Horoscope

February 7 – February 9: Dazed and Confused

Maria DeSimone  Maria DeSimone on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology


Love may seem filled with promise this weekend. However, they’re likely to remain largely unfulfilled. That’s because a Gemini Moon will prevail on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On a good day this Moon tends to waffle back and forth between ideas because it sees both sides of a situation. This weekend however, the Gemini Moon will be frustrated and overshadowed by Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) just having turned retrograde. You will have a difficult time making up your mind if there’s a decision you need to make regarding your love life. Friday in particular, might be disastrous.

If you’re scheduled to have a first date with someone you’ve been talking to over the phone or on the Internet there might be a major mix up. Be sure to double check your reservation and confirm the time you’re meeting each other. Avoid vital conversations with your mate this weekend — it’ll only leave you both scratching your heads wondering what just happened. Instead, take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about the past. The future is too uncertain.

Personal Planets in Retrograde

Personal Planets in Retrograde

Three retrograde planets bring us to a tipping point

Jeff Jawer  Jeff Jawer on the topics of venus retrograde, retrograde planets, mercury retrograde, blogs, astrology

2014 is getting off to a sluggish start that may require us to be more patient through the end of May. The year began with sociable Venus in reverse. This planet of love, pleasure, peace, and harmony was retrograde in orderly Capricorn until January 31. She’s just now picking up speed to put a bit more forward thrust into matters of desire, self-worth and partnership. Her retrograde period, which started on December 21, 2013, corresponded with delays in financial, artistic and romantic matters. But on the plus side, it has also been a time to review and re-evaluate our needs in these areas of life.

Mercury Retrograde

On February 6 mental Mercury turns retrograde, starting its reversal in dreamy Pisces and ending it on February 28 in quirky Aquarius. These thrice annual, 3-week-long Mercury Retrograde periods are known as times when dealing with data, messages, travel, and technology tend to be more complicated. This is especially likely to be the case when this retrograde starts in Pisces, where thinking is softened with feelings and diffused with faith and fantasy. It’s easy to get lost in fog banks of illusion, yet imagination and intuition should flourish. Mercury then backs into airy Aquarius on February 12, which can sharpen thinking if we value simple answers more than complicated theories.

Mars Retrograde

The next personal planet getting on the backward merry-go-round is Mars. Usually, he’s an assertive warrior driving us to take risks, initiate action and penetrate into new territory. However, Mars entered Libra last December, which cooled off some of the power and passion of this fiery planet. This is a little like a retrograde influence because Mars’ usual spontaneity and drive can be blunted by indecision and lassitude in cool Libra.

On March 1, though, the transformation of this primal planet takes another turn when it begins moving retrograde. Mars will backpedal in Libra until May 21, and is unlikely to regain full force until it enters its watery home sign Scorpio on July 26. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to be frozen in our tracks until then. Life goes forward even when the planets do not, but finding traction and getting new projects off the ground might be more challenging. Relationship-oriented Libra requires bridge-building to mend wounded partnerships or to create new ones. Reaching out to people in socially skillful ways now will be beneficial in the long run. The trick is to double back to make sure that you’re current with the needs of potential allies, and are willing to revise and renegotiate the terms of your alliances during Mars’ retrograde period.

Find your anchor

It’s worth noting that Mercury, Venus and Mars are more about how we think, what we like, and what we do, rather than who we are. They are planets of means — the ways that we connect intellectually, socially and physically. It is natural to identify with our thoughts, desires and actions and, of course, the circumstances in which we find ourselves. But if you find you are struggling during these retrogrades, it’s helpful to step back and find a less entangled place in which to see yourself. Tune into your heart (Sun) and gut (Moon), as well as your beliefs (Jupiter) and commitments (Saturn) to find more solid ground upon which to stand. Adapting to the shifting patterns of these retrograde planets is much easier when the core of self (Sun and Moon) and our aspirations and ambitions (Jupiter and Saturn) remind us of who we are and what we stand for.

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Daily Cosmic Calendar for February 7th

Keep enjoying the fun-and-games, ebullient atmosphere that the lunar orb in Sagittarius seems to usually encourage every month. In addition, key relationships can benefit from greater, in-depth understanding by partners since Juno forms a sextile with Pluto (3:53AM).  The Moon in Sagittarius begins a void limbo time-span — starting at 2:03PM and lasting until 9:05PM when the lunar orb enters hardworking, determined Capricorn. During the void limbo zone, strive to maintain your productivity in major fields of expertise as the Moon contacts Ceres via a supportive, 60-degree rapport (7:15PM). Insights abound shortly thereafter when Pallas in Virgo forms a polarity with Chiron in Pisces (7:56PM).  With the Moon still in void mode, Mercury makes a flowing trine in air signs with Vesta (8:35PM). This potentially auspicious alignment should be utilized once the Moon is in practical, resourceful Capricorn terrain (9:05PM). [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

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Calendar of the Moon for February 7th

Calendar of the Moon

Ash Tree Month

Color: Pale Blue
Elements: Water and air
Altar: On a cloth of pale blue set a great bowl of salt water in which are set many shells and stones, a shell full of salt, incense, and the figures of sea-birds and fishes.
Offerings: Wash something clean, or air it out.
Daily Meal: Either fish or seafood, or poultry.

Nion/Anthesterion Invocation

Call: Now is the time of wind and water.
Response: Now is the time of sea and sky.
Call: Now is the time of the Gods of weather.
Response: Now is the time of the great waves.
Call: Now is the time of terrible flooding.
Response: Now is the time of needed rain.
Call: Now is the time of battering gales.
Response: Now is the time of winds of change.
Call: Now is the time of fear of change.
Response: Now, and always, change will win.
Call: The wild winds disturb our dreams.
Response: The wild winds awake our minds.
Call: The heavy rains flood our hearts.
Response: The heavy rains water our future.
Call: The sea will sweep us away.
Response: The sea will bear us up.
Call: The sea is cold and unending.
Response: The sea is the source of life.
Call: We are ships on the lost expanse of the ocean.
Response: We are winds that call to one another.
Call: We will brave the wind and water.
Response: We will bring together mind and heart.
Call: We will come home safely after wandering.
Response: We will anchor safely after our journeys.
Call: We will come through wind and water!
Response: We will come through wind and water!
(Repeat last two lines twice more.)

We will come through wind and water
We will come through sea and sky

[Pagan Book of Hours]

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Calendar of the Sun for February 7th

Calendar of the Sun

Ancestor Day

Color: Black and grey
Element: Earth
Altar: Spread a black cloth, and lay it with photographs, paintings, and other depictions of our ancestors. Add also symbols of their old tools, and statues of ancestral deities, a bowl of seeds for the future garden, pots of soil, a pitcher of water, and many candles of black and white and grey.
Offerings: Things they would have liked to eat, drink, smoke, or smell. Tend a cemetery and clean up the graves.
Daily Meal: Food from an earlier era, using authentic recipes.

Invocation to the Ancestors

Our ancestors got up at dawn,
Slaved in the dirt,
Sweated in the sun,
Chilled in the cold,
Numbed in the snow,
Scattering each seed with a prayer:
Pray that there be enough,
That no one starve this winter.
Pray that no bird nor beast
Steal the food I have struggled for.
And most of all,
Pray that each seed I save
Of this harvest
Shall next year
Bring forth a hundred more.
We live today
Because they worked
Because they sowed
Because they harvested
Because they prayed.

Those who came before
We are your children
Those who came before
We honor your names

(Each person takes seeds from the bowl and plants them in the pots of soil, speaking the name of one of their ancestors as they do so, as in: “In honor of _______.” The pots are watered, and the candles put out one by one.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

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Current Moon Phase for February 7th – First Quarter

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

First Quarter Moon

(waxing/56% of illumination)

Emotions begin to stir coupled with recognizing that the new beginnings you are making must also increase personal security to be worthwhile over the long haul. This is a time when it’s appropriate to get in touch with your gut instincts and begin to guide your life more deliberately, with an awareness of using your “sixth sense” as well as your enthusiasm. Obstacles may emerge that require you to reevaluate how to better integrate yourself into your immediate environment.

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The Witches Magick for February 7th – A SPELL TO BIND EVIL

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments


To use this spell you must be able to picture the evil you wish to bind within your mind. It is very important to be able to see strands or bonds or knots that hold it together. Those are what you are going to release slowly.

Do note that this spell can take a long time depending on the strength and complexity of the evil. You must imagine yourself undoing the knots or bonds and then say out loud as many times as needed:

“I bind this evil from doing harm
To those around us And itself
I bind it to be free But not harmful.”

You MUST do this slowly.

If you do it quickly and try to overwhelm the evil it could overwhelm you
or just manifest on it’s evil on the energy you are giving out.
If you plan to do this spell please be very careful and know that it is very draining.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Karmic Consequences

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments
Let’s Talk Witch – Karmic Consequences

Karma is a Hindu concept that has been adopted by many Westerners, especially those in the New Age and Pagan communities. While many people talk about karma, not everyone fully understands it. Its effects over several lifetimes are also often misunderstood.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the Hindu law of cause and effect. For every action you take, there is a reaction, although it’s not equal and opposite. When you take beneficial action, you receive a beneficial effect. When you take baneful action, that will come back to you, too.

Your karma is a part of your soul, and it determines, in part, how your life will play out. If you live a just life, you will receive more just benefits. If something negative befalls you, look to your history and see what might have caused it.

Leftover Karma from Past Lives

The karmic backlash or reward for your actions is not always immediate. Sometimes it takes years to feel the full karmic effects of any action. The span of time between an action and its karmic effect can actually stretch over more than one lifetime. The actions you took in your past lives affect your current life to some degree. They might decide your role in this life, or how your life is lived. You can rest assured that really evil people will receive appropriate punishments in their future lives. Hopefully, you weren’t a terrible person in your past life, but if you can’t see any reason why so many things in your life seem to be going wrong, you might be dealing with retribution for mistakes you made in a previous life.

The Hindu concept of time is not strictly linear, so there can also be a karmic influence for an action you’ve not yet taken. Living the best life you can in order to balance out the negative weight on your karma is the best solution for dealing with karmic effects you had no role in creating in this life. A Hindu’s goal in life is to carry out his dharma (duty). If you attempt to serve your life purpose, it will benefit your karma and counterbalance the mistakes of the past or future

Author: Selene Silverwind
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Friday Is Ruled by Venus

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments
Friday Is Ruled by Venus

Archangel: Anael

Candle colour: Green or pink

Incenses: Rose or geranium

Crystals: Jade or rose quartz

Use Fridays for spells for love, fidelity, healing, for anything to do with beauty, the arts and crafts and for all spells concerning the environment.

Where possible, work in any enclosed beautiful place outdoors, for example a botanical garden, a field, park or your own garden – even in a circle of plants indoors.

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The Witches Correspondence for Friday, February 7th

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

The Witches Correspondence for Friday, February 7th

Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers and Heart
Incense: Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Saffron and Vanilla
Planet: Venus
Sign: Libra and Taurus
Angel: Ariel
Colors: Green, Pink, Aqua
Herbs/Plants: Pink Rose, Ivy, Birch, Heather, Clematis, Sage, Violet and Water Lilly Stones: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald and Jade
Oil: (Venus) Cardamom, Palmrosa, Rose, Yarrow

Friday belongs to Venus, and its energies are warm, sensuous, and fulfilling. Efforts that involve any type of pleasure, comfort, and luxury, as well as the arts, music, or aroma (incense and perfume) works well on this day. As Venus lends its sensuous influences to the energies of this day, use it for any magical work that deals with matters of the heart.

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The Witches Almanac for Friday, February 7th

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

The Witches Almanac for Friday, February 7th

Friday (Venus): Love, friendship, reconciliation, and beauty.

Full Moon Paya (Sri Lankan)

Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is the ideal time for magick to draw things towards you.

Moon Sign: Taurus

Taurus: Things begun now last the longest, tend to increase in value, and become hard to alter. Brings out appreciation for beauty and sensory experience.

Moon Phase: Second Quarter

Moon enters Gemini 1:44 pm

Gemini: Things begun now are easily changed by outside influence. Time for shortcuts, communication, games and fun.

Incense: Violet

Color: Purple

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It Is A Glorious, Beautiful Friday, Dear Brothers & Sisters!

Wiccan Images
Goddess Great & Divine
Please grant me time
To put aside
For peace of mind.
Relaxing moments
Isles of calm
To soothe my mind
Like nature’s balm.
Help me learn
To slow my pace
Allow myself
An hour’s grace.
Is the goal
To balance life
And keep me whole.

So Mote It Be.

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And Our $50.00 Gift Certificate Winner is……..

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Congratulations again,

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