Astrology of Today – January 25, 2016






Astrology of Today – January 25, 2016


  • The Moon is in Leo until 10:45 PM.
  • The Moon is void until 10:45 PM (since yesterday at 9:51 PM).
  • The Moon is in Virgo from 10:45 PM forward (until Thursday, January 28th, at 9:59 AM).
  • The Moon is waning and its Full Moon phase.
  • A Full Moon occurred on the 23rd, and a Third Quarter Moon will occur on the 31st.
  • Mercury is at its direct station, turning direct this afternoon (Mercury is retrograde from January 5-25).

Astrology of Today – January 18, 2016







Astrology of Today – January 18, 2016


  • The Moon is in Taurus all day (until Tuesday, January 19th, at 4:12 AM).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred on the 16th, and a Full Moon will occur on the 23rd.
  • Mercury is retrograde (Mercury is retrograde from January 5-25).

Astrology of Today – January 17, 2016







Astrology of Today – January 17, 2016


Mars is near the midpoint of a Venus-Jupiter square. This is a very sociable, fertile, relationship-oriented time, but can also be a time of some indulgence and excess. Entertaining can be in focus. Competitive feelings experienced now can be stimulating and invigorating. Feelings of elation in love or with regards to the pleasures of life can lead us to overdo, overindulge, overspend, and overstate our feelings. Mars is moving into a trine with Neptune, however, which can soften the rough edges. Creative energy is strong now.

  • The Moon is in Aries all day until 12:48 AM.
  • The Moon is void until 12:48 AM (since 6:26 PM yesterday).
  • The Moon is in Taurus from 12:48 AM forward.
  • The Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred yesterday, and a Full Moon will occur on the 23rd.
  • Mercury is retrograde (Mercury is retrograde from January 5-25).

Astrology of Today – December 24, 2015






Astrology of Today – December 24, 2015


  • The Moon is in Gemini all day (until Friday, December 25th, at 12:26 AM).
  • The Moon is void from 3:03 PM forward (until tomorrow at 12:26 AM).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Gibbous phase.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurred on the 18th and a Full Moon will occur tomorrow morning.
  • Mercury is in its shadow phase (Mercury will be retrograde from January 5-25, 2016).

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of September 28th

Weekly Love Horoscopes by Maria DeSimone

General Horoscope

You might still be reeling from Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aries. It certainly put a dent in partnership plans for many. Why? Because Aries insists on going it alone, on focusing on developing the self. This self-directed behavior can sometimes come across as selfish to others — especially to one’s partner. And yet, this Lunar Eclipse challenged many of us to remain true to ourselves and to let go of what was no longer serving our personal agenda — even if it was at the expense of one’s relationship. Mercury retrograde in Libra continues to muddle efforts to reach compromise. This week? It’s all about recovery. Read all about it.


Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

While you need to remain true to yourself, this week you might also realize that doing so is at the expense of your partner. Do what you can to find some middle ground during this time of intense personal change. A conversation with your partner on Wednesday might bring up old, unresolved issues that continue to haunt your mate with resentment. Don’t run away from the conversation — run towards it.


Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

Take advantage of the Moon touring your sign between Tuesday afternoon, and into Thursday afternoon. During this time, you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve making it much easier for your partner to see your true feelings about any situation. If you’ve been keeping your emotions locked up for some reason, you’re likely to realize that it’s no longer serving you or your relationship.


Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

Changes in your social life might cause more confusion in your love life than you ever thought possible. If, for example, you recently ended a friendship, you might discover this week that your sweetheart has no intention of cutting ties with this person just because you did. In this case, you’ll need to examine why you feel threatened or unsupported about his or her decision. An honest conversation is called for.

Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

Domestic squabbles and uncertainty might bleed into your relationship harmony more than you’d prefer. Unfortunately, it appears to be unavoidable. You and your mate are long overdue for a few conversations that are likely to make both of you uncomfortable. At the same time however, the future of your family harmony might be at stake. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Even better, consider family or couples counseling to help iron out any stalemate.

Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

Your mind is completely overwhelmed with relationship thoughts and decisions these days. Since September 17, Mercury has been traveling retrograde in your message sector and he’s been in the partnership sign, Libra. As a result, until October 9, you’ll continue to go back and forth about several issues connected to your love life. Don’t expect to reach full clarity until after Mercury turns direct. This Wednesday however, you might have a breakthrough.


Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

You and your partner might be in need of a serious conversation this week. Whether your finances are intermingled or not, it looks like your mate has put his or her nose into your personal finances over the last couple of weeks. His or her ideas or comments might have left you feeling more insecure or frustrated than you expected. This week, consider approaching your mate to discuss what’s really behind his or her snide remarks. You’ll be glad you did.


Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

With Mercury traveling retrograde in your sign since September 17, it hasn’t been easy to get your points across to your mate with ease. This past Sunday, a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector might have added even more tension to an already frustrating situation between the two of you. Do your best to pick up the pieces this week. Most of all remain patient and understanding. A productive conversation is possible. Aim for Wednesday.


Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

Words that have been left unsaid to your partner for way to long are likely to be the source of your frustration these days. You want to have these conversations with your partner — finally! The problem is that every time you think about how you want to express yourself, you get stuck. Don’t be so hard on yourself now. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for at least having a desire to get the dialogue started. Even if it’s messy.


Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

Taking advice from a well-meaning friend this week about your love life might prove to be confusing at best and disastrous at worst. Or, it’s possible that you’ll be the one who tries to provide guidance to your pal, only to realize that you should have kept your mouth shut instead. When it comes to friendship and matters of the heart, do your best to keep things separate. At least until after October 9.


Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

The Moon will tour your true love sector between Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, providing a wonderful opportunity to be completely transparent about your feelings with your lover. The best part of this is that he or she will be just as emotionally receptive. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy more physical pleasures together as you relate. Think pillow talk or a soak in the tub together. Give each other a massage or foot rub. Hug.


Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

You and your partner might feel as if you share extremely different viewpoints on a moral or philosophical matter. As you continue to have conversations about this specific topic, do your best to respect each other’s differences and let go of the need to make yourself right. If not, this might only lead to a greater rift in your ability to communicate about things that matter most.


Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

You’ll need to pay attention to financial matters this week that involve your partner. Whether it’s how you both pool your resources in order to pay down any shared debt, or, if it’s about investment strategies, it might be helpful to involve a third party into the conversation. You and your mate are likely to have a hard time making any decision together without an expert such as your accountant or financial advisor weighing in. Make the call. is a Daily Insight Group Site

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, September 17th






Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, September 17th



Aries Horoscope

Mercury stations retrograde today and Jupiter opposes Neptune, dear Aries, and both influences can cast a fog over the day. Watch for mistakes made now that could be rather costly. Dream big, but wait for important launches or finishing touches. Saturn re-enters your solar ninth house today, where it will stay until December 2017. Recent pressures in your intimate relationships and financial life ease. You are entering a period in which you might be questioning some of your long-held beliefs or you might be discovering that you need to firm up your knowledge and skills. This is also a period of greater personal strength due to a stronger connection with reality, a firmer awareness of your priorities, and a better attitude towards meeting your responsibilities. Overall, your life should feel a little more stable. Because you have a more mature grasp of your own capabilities, you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others, even if there are times when you feel a little insecure about your credentials. You may be an authority on a topic and your work/business can involve teaching and sharing your knowledge, which requires more dedication to learning.



Saturn re-enters the sign of Sagittarius today, dear Taurus, and while it did spend some time in Sagittarius earlier in the year, this time around, it’s there to stay, until December 2017. Fearless dealing with emotional issues can bring rewards during this cycle that asks you to better manage your life, particularly when it comes to financial and emotional dependencies. The goal is to bring these to a healthy or moderate level. This can be a time of learning what and who you truly value. Methods you’ve used to manage stress or people in your life may not be as effective now, or there could be a reshuffling of support systems for some of you. This is a good time for working on a plan to reduce debt and unhealthy dependencies. Today, avoid taking any promises made to heart. You may not have the whole story when it comes to a friendship or goal. Double check all facts and figures. Confusion tends to reign, particularly when it comes to transportation, work, and educational matters.



While work may have been on the demanding side recently, going forward, it’s likely to become less stressful, dear Gemini. Saturn re-enters the sign opposite yours, where it will transit until December 2017. This is a time for taking more responsibility for your relationships. At times during this cycle you could be experiencing the more unflattering side of others and of yourself through your relationships. You may be learning what you value in your relationships, and difficult areas that you may have glossed over in the past can now demand attention. Responsibilities to partners, the need to compromise, and the realities of the needs of others, become clear during this cycle. If you’re truly better off without a partnership at this time in your life, you’ll solidify that position. Today, with Mercury at a retrograde station and a Jupiter-Neptune aspect challenging you, it can be difficult to see things clearly just for now. While you’re likely to be pulled in many directions today, you’ll be better off if you can take some extra time for breaks. If you need to make a presentation, discuss something important, or win someone’s favor, wait for a day when everyone’s a little clearer and more receptive.



With Saturn moving into your work and health sector today and visiting there until December 2017, dear Cancer, you’ll be in the position, like it or not, to streamline and structure your daily routines. During this cycle, some of you could land a new position that requires more structure and effort or your existing work begins to demand the same. This is an excellent cycle in which to start new regimens to better your health and well-being, such as regular exercise or more structured and productive use of your time. Organizing your work space is appropriate, and so is re-organizing your daily schedule. In fact, you might be faced with life events that force you to restructure these things, or at least provide you with the motivation to get your act together. Don’t worry too much if your efforts are not yet obvious to others – the effort you exert now can bring great rewards down the road. Perhaps more importantly, you are learning to take better care of yourself, for yourself. Today, however, double check facts and second guess instructions. The day’s energies can be very confusing, and it can be difficult to read situations just for now with Jupiter in opposition to Neptune and Mercury at a retrograde station.



Confusion can surround conversations today, dear Leo, so try to avoid taking things said to heart and do your best to keep your wits about you. This is not a good time for making commitments. Saturn moves back into your solar fifth house today, this time for an uninterrupted transit lasting until December 2017. During this cycle, self-expression may not be quite as spontaneous as it typically is, largely because you are taking things a little more seriously. Try not to worry too much about performance to the point that you feel restricted, but do consider ways to bring more structure to your life. There is strong potential for the period ahead to be one of more meaningful and reliable relationships as well as creative productivity. With Saturn, the realist, moving through the house of creative power in your chart, you might initially feel limited by a seeming lack of internal “spark” or “spunk”, dear Leo. As the transit progresses, you will gain a stronger sense of what motivates you, and how to best express yourself creatively. How you entertain yourself, how you have fun, and issues surrounding how you manage your ego are now coming up for “inspection”.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

Today’s Mercury station and Jupiter-Neptune opposition suggest you should make extra effort keeping your wits about you, dear Virgo, particularly with personal possessions and money. Try not to count on being understood just for now. Transportation, mechanics, and communications may be unreliable. Saturn re-enters your sector of home and family today, this time for the long haul – until December 2017. This is a time for firming up your home and family life. Any ongoing difficulties with family members may come to a head during this cycle, and it’s time for working on resolutions. Responsibilities to family and to maintaining your home might be increased. This is a time for building your sense of family, security, and comfort, and this can involve some soul-searching or lessons. Saturn’s transits are about strengthening weak areas of our lives, and your solar fourth house is about your foundations, both material and emotional.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

You may be swinging from seeing what you want to see, to seeing things in a very negative light today, dear Libra, and neither scenario is realistic. Attempt to find a middle ground. Mercury’s retrograde station in your sign can confuse matters, particularly related to communication and transportation. Be conservative now and enjoy increased peace of mind. With Saturn re-entering your communications sector and transiting it until December 2017, you’ll be discovering which projects and personal interests are truly valuable and attempting to cut out the fluff. You might discover that it’s time to brush up your skills or give more structure to your daily life. During this cycle, you are likely to be more accountable for what you say and what you know, and you could feel some pressure to get things just right. Your interests are likely to change or your focus narrows a little. Some of you will be taking studies more seriously or turning a hobby or interest into a business. You’re leaving behind a cycle in which finances and self-worth were the testing grounds for Saturn, and ideally, weak spots were strengthened.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Saturn left your sign in December 2014 for almost six months before returning to it this summer, dear Scorpio, and today, this transit is complete, not to recur for almost thirty years. While your personality has strengthened as a result of this transit, you have also been quite serious, and now this energy is lifting. You’ve learned a lot about your ability to take care of yourself during this transit. Saturn now re-enters your solar second house, where it transited for some months earlier in the year. This is a time for strengthening weak areas related to money, security, and your own attitude towards earning. Getting organized and learning to accept and market your talents are themes in this next stage of your life, which lasts until December 2017. It’s time to be more conservative with your money, and feel more accomplished in so doing. Look for overlapping or unnecessary expenses and other redundancies, and aim to rid yourself of material clutter. Today, it can be difficult to see things clearly. Keep your wits about you and avoid making solid commitments just for now.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

Confusing energies abound today, dear Sagittarius, and it’s best to save important decision making for a clearer time in the future. Your ruler, Jupiter, opposite Neptune this week can certainly turn your attention to ideals, goals, and spiritual needs that may be missing in your life. Even so, you are entering a cycle that turns your attention to issues of body and the material world. With Saturn back in your sign, this time for the long haul (until December 2017), it’s time to be firmer with yourself, but not too firm. Moderation is an important keyword for Saturn, and you’ll be learning this firsthand during this cycle. Areas where you’ve been excessive can catch up to you now. This is an important time of reassessments and adjustments, as well as recognition of your limits. It’s not a time to undersell yourself, but it is a period for redefining goals so that they are more realistic and doable. This is about becoming more responsible for your life rather than focusing on what you’ve done wrong.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

There can be confusing signals today, dear Capricorn, with your ruler, Saturn, changing signs, a Mercury retrograde station, and a Jupiter-Neptune opposition. It’s not an ideal time for signing contracts, making important commitments, or important new endeavors, particularly related to communications and transportation. Saturn re-enters Sagittarius today, and will transit the sign uninterrupted this time around until December 2017. Saturn sign changes are particularly significant for you. During this cycle, you are likely to be more reflective and contemplative, and at times, you could be focusing a little too much on what you haven’t accomplished rather than what you can accomplish in the future. This is a time for learning about your limits and boundaries, and treating yourself better as a result. You’ll be finding ways to improve mental health. If you need to take more time to yourself, and you very likely do, get that extra rest or emotional space and try not to feel guilty about it.



With a Jupiter-Neptune aspect and a Mercury station clouding our thinking today, dear Aquarius, it’s best not to invest money, energy, or love into things that seem too good to be true. Reflect and dream, but save big moves and decisions for a clearer time. Today, Saturn re-enters your solar eleventh house. Saturn spent some months there earlier in the year, but now is completing its transit that lasts until December 2017. This also means that Saturn moves out of stressful aspect with your sign and out of your career and reputation sector, where it spent quite a bit of time in recent years. During this cycle, you are likely to take your social life a little more seriously. For some, goals and friendships can change, and you could find that you’re more interested in forming long-lasting ties. You might also be more selective with where you put your energies and time, and could possibly decide to cut back on the more frivolous activities in your life in order to focus on your priorities.



Saturn re-enters your performance and life-plan sector today, dear Pisces, and this time, it will move through this house of your solar chart uninterrupted, until December 2017. You may have had a taste of this energy in the first months of 2015. During this cycle, circumstances could demand more serious thought about your career and life direction. You are reaching a career peak of sorts over the next couple of years, and could be going through a process of self-evaluation in terms of where you stand professionally, your responsibilities, and outward signs of success. Some of you might be receiving recognition and career “rewards” at this time, while others might be feeling the weight of poor decisions made to date. There could be pressure to perform or to know your stuff now. A more realistic approach to achieving your dreams is your goal. Today, however, it can be difficult to see others in a realistic light, and others may not be seeing you clearly as well. Try not to lead others on in order to avoid hurt feelings, but keep in mind as well that today is not ideal for attempting to make clarifications with Mercury at its retrograde station.

Astrology of Today – September 17, 2015






Astrology of Today – September 17, 2015



Jupiter opposes Neptune early into the day. I’ve discussed the Jupiter-Neptune opposition in the horoscopes for the 14th. Mercury turns retrograde today, which I’ve discussed in yesterday’s horoscopes (September 16th horoscopes – Mercury retrograde). Saturn re-enters Sagittarius today. Saturn first entered the sign of the Archer on December 23, 2014 but retrograded back into Scorpio on June 14, 2015. Saturn will now finish its transit of Sagittarius uninterrupted until December 20, 2017.

  • The Moon is in Scorpio all day (until Friday, September 18th, at 11:31 PM).
  • The Moon is waxing and in its New phase until 6:19 AM / the Moon is waxing and in its Waxing Crescent phase from 6:19 AM forward.
  • A New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurred on the 13th, and a First Quarter Moon will occur on the 21st.
  • Venus turned direct on the 6th and is in its post-retrograde shadow until October 9th.
  • Mercury stations retrograde today (Mercury is retrograde from September 17-October 9 in Libra).
  • Juno enters Libra today.
  • Saturn enters Sagittarius today.

Astrology of Today – September 6, 2015






Astrology of Today – September 6, 2015


Venus comes to a direct station today, ending a six-week retrograde period. Venus will travel through the same degrees it did while retrograde but now in direct motion until October 9th.
•The Moon is in Gemini until 1:39 PM.
•The Moon is void until 1:39 PM (since yesterday at 7:03 PM).
•The Moon is in Cancer from 1:39 PM forward (until Tuesday, September 8th, at 10:35 PM).
•The Moon is waning and its Last Quarter phase.
•A Last Quarter Moon occurred yesterday, and a New Moon will occur on the 13th.
•Venus stations and turns direct today (Venus is retrograde from July 25-September 6).
•Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow (Mercury retrograde will occur from September 17-October 9 in Libra).

WTF Is Going On This Month?

WTF Is Going On This Month?

Holy Cosmic Shizzle!

This lunar energy is stirring things up! The cosmos is clearing away your emotional entanglements, and it’s intense!

It might feel like Mercury Retrograde, but it’s not. Still, miscommunication and technology snafus abound!

Let There Be Light!

This was to be expected this month, but fear not – things are getting brighter. We move from lunar-ruled Cancer to sunny Leo tomorrow, and Mercury will soon follow suit.

The moon has had such a strong pull on our emotions, it could feel a bit overwhelming at times. This is what happens when you have a full moon on the first and last days of the month. Full moons bring up unconscious buried emotions. Couple that with July 2015 being a 15 Universal Month (7 +2+0+1+5 = 15) and you’re bound to see your shadow more often.

15, in numerology, is another vibration of the number 6 (1+5 = 6). In the Tarot, 6 is the number of The Lovers. 15 illuminates the shadow side of love. Not in a scary way – simply to help you bring light to dark places, and love those parts of yourself you fear other people won’t like or accept. When you hide parts of yourself for fear of rejection, you are not allowing others to love you completely as you are.

This lesson is highlighted for you ALL year, because 2015 is the 15th year of our century and has the vibration of the number 15 as one of our main frequencies. You’ll be learning how to love and honor yourself in ALL of your relationships.

Love Rules

This will be accentuated even more as Venus, our planet of love, goes retrograde on Saturday through the end of August. Venus attracts love and money into your life as a reflection of your self-worth. 

All of your relationships and circumstances in your life will mirror your relationship with yourself. If you’re hiding or diminishing your power in any way, you’re going to have to deal with that during this Venus cycle. The Universe wants you to have the courage to be the biggest and best version of yourself you can possibly be! Let yourself shine without dimming your light!

When I looked at the astrology and numerology for 2015, way back in January, it was clear to me that RELATIONSHIPS would drive the energy this year. Relationships to your partner, family members, co-workers, colleagues – all of it. By claiming power in healthy partnerships, and living passionately, you’re sure to thrive.

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June Energy Report 2015

June Energy Report 2015

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
To read more of Jennifer’s insight, visit her website, Enlightening Life

May was a tough month that had very little to do with Mercury retrograde, although it was a factor. I wrote in the May Energy Report that it was a month for ‘taking action’ and it was, but action involves a lot of things besides jumping in the car and taking off. A lot of planning and preparation has to be done that leads up to the action and that’s what May was for. While I was ready to launch my rocket into the stratosphere, I hadn’t check to see whether it was at the launch pad yet, with ‘all systems go’. In May, every attempted step forward brought up something else for clearing and that was necessary so we can be aligned with and integrate what we are ready to do in June. In June we have some challenges, the biggest ones being stepping out after a very long period of feeling a lack of mobility and freedom, and allowing ourselves to dream really big.

After the first five months of 2015 June may feel like an easy ride but that will be the surface view. Remember the ducks that glide so effortlessly across the water? We don’t see their little feet paddling furiously beneath the surface. Flowing with grace and ease is accompanied by a lot of consistent effort, commitment, and intentional focus. Last month I wrote about separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’, and this is what we’ll see. Who is ready for change and who isn’t? We find out this month and it’s time to walk the talk.

This month starts with a full moon and lots of Gemini action. I have always viewed Gemini as the house of karma and it is highly underrated by the astrology community. But with the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn, and the new and full moon activity highlighting this house, expect some reminders of karmic cycles, soul groups, soul mates, and the like, especially since Mercury is in some aspect of its retrograde cycle all month. It’s a good idea to double check your communications, leave a little extra time cushion when traveling, and don’t leave details up to chance during this period.

The bigger action this month is all about the energy, as we can now start working with the energy expansion we have created with all of our prior healing and release work. At some point the release and healing must stop, and we have to start taking action. It’s like spending hours cooking a meal that you eventually have to put on the table and eat. It’s now dinner time. But this is also choice and decision time and we’ll now get to see who is ready for action and who isn’t, because while everyone can take action, when faced with that choice, they won’t all choose it. Any fears around change and transformation, around leaving a comfort zone, no matter how stagnant or uncomfortable it is, will come to the surface now.

On a very positive note, the Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Leo gives this a ‘dreams can come true’ ‘month, be sure to dream big and expect big rewards and outcomes. This is an expansive aspect that can bring out the best in everything. It can also bring out the most in everything, so what works will work very well, and what doesn’t work could be very obviously awful. At the end of the month it joins Uranus, so we can expect some surprises and unexpected outcomes.

That offsets Saturn retrograde going back into Scorpio for the last time, a final connection with a cycle that began in late 1985. This aspect lasts until mid-September, so be aware of any ‘blasts from the past’ that arise for you, especially things that happened thirty years ago and are coming around again. What are you going to do differently this time? You can repeat the cycle or create a new path, the choice is always available.

Another big item this month is the ongoing Mercury square Neptune, which doesn’t look like much but it is highly important. It’s the missing piece that allows us to see the complete big picture, to see the truth beyond the ‘truth’, to remove the veil of deception that we sometimes like to hide behind. Mercury represents the important detail that derails the entire process, Neptune is where we can fool ourselves or be fooled, which is another aspect of fooling ourselves.

For example, you are ready to go on a road trip and your car’s engine burns up after the first 50 miles because you put off getting the oil changed for months. Or you are waiting for an important phone call and your phone dies just as the call comes through because you forgot to charge it. There is a lot of deception around us, much of it disguised to appear as truth. This is also the month the Jade Helm military exercise begins in the US, a highly publicized and suspiciously regarded event. With Mercury square Neptune at the same time we have the Venus/Jupiter conjunction, trine Uranus, the truth about it may be revealed in ways that no one can ignore. And since Jade Helm is starting with Mercury stationary retrograde, opposite Saturn and square Neptune, its prospects for hiding the truth and deception don’t look very good. If our eyes are open, we will see very clearly.

We have a big choice to make this month, one that we have already made on many levels, and now it’s a matter of integrating it into our daily lives. Remember that ‘creating heaven on earth’ is an integration, not a takeover. I have been writing about the ‘Christed Consciousness’, which we embody as the divine human, rather than the ‘Christ Consciousness’ that is the martyred or wounded healer, since 2011. Are we ready to embrace our power to integrate our divinity into our humanity? Can we release our polarized beliefs that spirit is ‘good’ and human is ‘bad’? Any polarization is not helpful, we can’t be too spiritual or too human, and duality is the new keyword for us. No more either/or, we are now in the ‘both’ space or better yet, as our multi-dimensional capability increases, in the space of ‘many’.

At some point we have to stop doing healing work and act on what we have learned. Are we afraid of repeating the past? That is one choice, along with the choice to use our new awareness and understanding to create new pathways for energy to follow. We create the realities of the new paradigms and we have a lot of support to get started now. But it’s a combination of aiming our

In light of everything that is happening in June, Mercury retrograde takes a back seat but in Gemini, opposing the Saturn retrograde and square Neptune, you can probably expect some insights around karma, soul contracts and connections, soul mates and help you create closure where it is needed and/or long overdue. And the truth will be dangled around this month quite a bit, the truths we know, those we don’t know, the ones we don’t want to know, as well as those that we need to face up to. It all gets revealed in the end.

Here are some questions to consider for this month:

Do you have unconscious habits that could use an overhaul, including how you view the truth?

Are there truths, in the form of beliefs, that you need to change now, or to allow a new level of awareness to become true for you?

Have your connections become attachments and is your service to others being delivered as a servant, instead of as a master?

Can you self-ishly set new intentions for your life so you are operating at your highest potential vibration and setting your most expanded intentions?

What does Christed Consciousness mean to you and are you ready to stop being the Martyred Healer and consider what it means to live from a more powerful, self-focused perspective?

We have amazing support to dream really big this month and then be prepared to take focused action to make those dreams part of our reality, keeping in mind that taking action includes planning and preparation. We have to aim our energy in the direction we want it to flow before it creates the intended outcomes. You may be ready to launch your rocket into the stratosphere but first make sure it is on the launch pad, the gas tank is full, and it’s pointing in the right direction.

Have a great month.


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