The Witches Almanac for *Monday, December 31st

Witchy Comments

The Witches Almanac for *Monday, December 31st

*Monday (Moon): Peace, sleep healing, compassion, friends, psychic awareness, purification and fertility.

New Year’s Eve


Moon Sign: *Leo

*Leo: Draws emphasis to the self, central ideas, or institutions, away from connections with other and other emotional needs. People tend to be melodramatic

*Waning Moon

*The Waning Moon is a time for study, meditation, and little magickal work (except magick designed to banish harmful energies).

Incense: Narcissus

Moon phase: Third Quarter

Color: Ivory


Current Moon Phase for December 30th: Full Moon

Full Moon

(waning/86% illumination)

A veil of self-absorption is lifted and suddenly you gain access to an unbiased view of others. This is a rare moment when you can see yourself objectively and become aware of whether or not what you want in your heart is actually beginning to manifest in your life. Traditionally, the Full Moon phase stirs emotion, and this is because when you “see” what is happening, you may become upset if you’re experiencing the “same ole, same ole” — rather than the things you would like. If the Full Moon phase is a disappointment, on the next New Moon it’s time to take creative action in the direction of your dreams.

Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for December 29th

As mentioned at the end of yesterday’s calendar entry, the Sun and Jupiter are vying for supremacy during their off-kilter, 150-degree encounter (12:28AM PST). The Sun can never go retrograde from the Earth’s vantage point, but Jupiter — like all the other major planets and asteroids — can appear to go into reverse each year and does so for 3 to 4 months at a time.  Jupiter went retrograde in Gemini on October 4, 2012 and won’t return to forward motion until January 30, 2013. Since Jupiter is the largest planet, it has much to do with large-scale professional plans and big business ventures. Trying to push these kinds of activities ahead right now may be foolish because these two biggest celestial bodies in our solar system are at odds with each other.  In addition, the Moon in Cancer is back in one of its lengthy void sessions and won’t step out of that characteristic until 11:46PM PST tonight. In the meantime, tensions may be afflicting the communication and transportation realms as Mercury squares Pallas (7:27AM PST). Snafus and mix-ups can increase mental tensions. Nevertheless, if you want to try and tweak this Mercury-Pallas interaction in order to be a savvy problem-solver, you have several hours within which to reveal your versatile skills.  Welcome the end of the void lunar cycle in Cancer (11:46PM PST) as the Moon enters heart-centered Leo — the Moon’s zodiacal placement through the start of the New Year.