Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for Sunday, June 3rd


Saturn is just under 3 weeks away from turning direct in your relationship sector, ending his last retrograde phase here for another 30 years. With the door to the past and second chances still open and the communication lines to the past also open, this gives you a chance to address old ghosts and issues, with a chance to put the past behind you.


It was 4 weeks ago today that a Full Moon in your relationship sector put direct pressure on both the Sun and Jupiter and as a super Moon, the closest to the Earth in 2012, it most likely pushed a lot of buttons and brought a lot of things to the surface. While the wake up calls might not be so dramatic this time, the messages are still there.


While you’re just a day away from a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector, that is destined to bring things on the relationship front to a head or to an important turning or tipping point, the Moon isn’t even here yet. This is going to see things come to a head suddenly on the relationship front tomorrow, making it important to pay attention and to make your relationships a priority today.


In just over 2 months time some major new developments will begin coming into play on the romantic front and once on a roll there’ll be no stopping them. Each monthly visit from the Moon to your romantic sector is providing the clues that will help nudge things onto the right path, with a need to start paying more attention to what your heart and instincts are telling you.


You may be just 1 day away from tomorrow’s solar eclipse in your romantic sector, a super charged Full Moon with the element of fate woven into each moonbeam, but the Moon isn’t even there yet so there is nothing to hook into. A sense of anticipation and excitement might even feel more like a case of anxiety.


When Neptune turns retrograde in your relationship sector in 2 days time, by doing what you can now to ensure that the communication lines are open they’ll naturally follow. The surest way to ensure that the communication lines will run into the past, with a chance to give unsaid words a voice, is to ensure they’re open.


As the Moon progresses Uranus, on his own in your relationship sector, is going to start coming under pressure from Pluto, a planet that likes to stir things up. This will build slowly and may even fly under the radar, until things suddenly come to a head. Already you need to be on alert, finding a balance between not sweating the small stuff but also dealing with anything genuine before it can escalate.


For the last time before Jupiter leaves your relationship sector in 9 days time, the Moon moves into opposition, pushing some buttons for the last time. This is the last wakeup call you’ll get, drawing your attention to the things that need your focus. This is a day for putting your relationships first.


When Mercury and Venus aligned in your relationship sector yesterday Mercury was moving forward while Venus was moving back. All of a sudden this has put Mercury, planet of communication in the lead and due to leave your relationship sector in 4 days time, communication has just become more important than ever.


For the last time before he leaves your romantic sector in 9 days time, Jupiter is challenged by the Moon today, providing some timely wake up calls, when you can least afford to be asleep at the wheel. Look behind any apparent roadblocks or any buttons that are being pushed, in an honest and authentic way.


Right now, with no planetary activity in either of your professional houses you’re able to give some powerful romantic forces a lot of attention, but that won’t always be the case. With new doors opening on the work front from next week, focus today on finding a balance between work and play. If you can’t manage that over the weekend you’ll have a real problem next week.


There hasn’t been a day since last November that you haven’t had planetary activity in your relationship sector and therefore focus on your relationships. At the same time there hasn’t been a day that you’ve had planetary activity in your romantic sector, where things may be getting neglected. That’s about to change, with a need to get ready for a shift in just 4 days time.