Your Daily Love & Romance Horoscopes for June 1


As the Moon leaves your relationship sector he leaves you with a strong intuitive and emotional link to the past, that you need to hold onto. With Saturn in his final weeks in retrograde motion in your relationship sector this leaves you with an emotional link to things you may have swept under the carpet in the past.


The Moon returns for his monthly visit to your relationship sector today, evoking your emotional and intuitive responses. The Moon wouldn’t be doing his job if this didn’t push some buttons and evoke some emotional responses, giving you a chance to make sense of and process what’s been and to nudge things in the right direction moving forward.


As the Moon wraps up his monthly visit he leaves you with an intuitive read on your heart and on a pervasive sense of romantic nostalgia, that won’t be here when he returns next month. Right now the doors to the past and to second chances are wide open on the romantic front, but only for a few more weeks.


Just when you need it most, with some tension starting to creep into your relationships, the Moon makes a timely return to your romantic sector, giving you a chance to tap back into your heart and some more romantic energy. This gives you a chance to put things into perspective and to hear what your heart is trying to tell you.


While you’re just 3 days away from a lunar eclipse in your romantic sector, that has the power to create some unexpected developments, there are telltale signs or road markers and there won’t be any. This is a lunar eclipse that will take you by surprise and the only way you can prepare is to take your hands off the wheel, putting your faith in the love gods.


With Neptune due to turn retrograde in your relationship sector next week and Chiron the week after, the door to the past and to second chances is about to open. As the Moon makes his last visit to your communication sector before then, this gives you a chance to open the communication lines and to connect in an authentic way.


While some short term relationship pressure that the Moon evoked yesterday is most likely easing back, looking more like a false alarm, don’t dismiss this too quickly, for it held some valid wake up calls. Find a balance between not sweating the small stuff and not sticking your head in the sand.


You’ll find it a lot easier now to find the right work/life balance in order to keep the professional momentum going and give your personal life, especially your relationships the attention it needs. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work at it, taking responsibility for ensuring you have the right balance and boundaries.


It’s not much help when later down the track you tell yourself that you should have trusted your instincts or you should have had the confidence to speak up, especially when today is the day you’re most likely to look back on with regret if you don’t follow your hunches. It’s when you challenge your excuses that you’re more likely to find yourself in the right place at the right time.


You’ve had a real test over the last few days, when it comes to balancing your personal and professional lives. It matters less how well you managed this and more that you’re aware of what did or didn’t work. For where you’re going having the right balance and boundaries will not only be important, but increasingly harder to maintain.


Venus, planet of love and romance has been in your romantic sector for nearly 2 months, yet even after all this time the romantic advantages still haven’t peaked and the journey has barely begun. You’re in a romantic phase that will take until mid 2013 to fully play out, with a need to be in this for the long haul.


When Mars first returned to your relationship sector last November, for what is normally a 6 week visit, it was with the intention of shaking things up. That stage you’ve been through and it’s now more about rebuilding your relationships for the future or if single to let go of the past, ready to move on.