Spell For Rid Mud Nasty Astral


Spell For Rid Mud Nasty Astral


Keep a stone or an object that you see and feel is appropriate and build all the unpleasant feeling of viscous ink and he chose the person inside. Really concentrate on leave all your emotions about this as well and let them sink into the rock. When you have done what he said: “I post this astral mud and darkness that is not mine, I lower everything that may have affected my brilliant aura of negativity is released and I feel happy” now shooting in stone water, preferably in the sun disappears over the horizon and be aware of their dim light you take away your bad feelings for that person. You can do this spell on the first night of the waning moon, after a full moon for seven nights, if you’re contaminated. Instead of vinegar try a bouquet of fresh rosemary and 1 tablespoon of salt in your bath. Light a white candle and one blue. Imagine yourself surrounded by light blue, gives you positive energy. View all negative energies and astral mud, leaving your body through every pore.

What’s Up On This Wild & Wacky Wednesday!

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Good afternoon, my sweets! Don’t you just love the pic? I saw her and she put a smile on my face (which I desperately needed today). I keep planning on sitting down and writing a longer post each day. Then I look at the clock and panic, I am running late. I promise I am going to get up early and catch you up on things and talk a little magick too. I have been doing some astral projection which I can’t wait to tell you about. That will go in the letter too. Oh no, a letter, she said! I know I get started I don’t know when to hush. But I promise it won’t be too long, lol!

Anyway, got to run for now, I hear those horoscopes a’callin’.

Have a beautiful & blessed day, my friends,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A