Statement of Intent

Statement of Intent

My intent is to walk in Peace and Love, feeling that Love, spreading that Love, by BEING that Love.
My intent is to forgive and have compassion for all people, including myself.

My intent is to exist in the moment with no attachment to outcomes. To observe what IS, while also affirming what I choose to create and attract.

My intent is to see every person on this Earth as a Brother or a Sister and as a being of the Divine, for we are all One and so it is.

My intent is to recognize the divinity in each person, no matter what their external projection is.
My intent is to feel joy when I look out onto this world, and to let that love well up inside me like a raging river, flowing out onto everything and everyone I come in contact with.

My intent is to feel all that I feel. To honor all feelings as valid, and then choose to direct my energy in a way that best serves my higher goals.

My intent is to live in the energy of YES. Yes to myself. And to realize that sometimes saying “No” is needed in order to say “Yes” to myself.

My intent is to recognize that I am deserving and worthy of love and abundance. And that I am perfect just as I am in this moment.

My intent is to stay open to my intuition and to the messages of my soul. To trust that I am taken care of and provided for in all moments and in all situations.

My intent is to trust that I will know what to do in each moment to care for myself and those I love.
My intent is to tell the truth in all situations to myself and others.
My intent is to be aware of the sacredness that is all around and within me and to be aware of the sacred process that I am a part of.
My intent is to count my blessings everyday and give thanks for all that I have. To thank myself for I am the creator of my own Universe.
My intent is to stand brave and strong in the face of my fears. To feel my fears, allow them to be what they are and flow through me, embracing my Shadow Sister with compassion and acceptance.

My intent is to break out of any barriers and limitations that I’ve put on myself.
My intent is to fully remember, in every moment, my power of love and my power to create.

My intent is to acknowledge, embrace, accept, and allow every aspect of my being….giving them each a place at my table.

My intent is to shine a light for others by enjoying who I am and what I’ve created, letting them know by my actions and energy that they too are welcome to feast on life and enjoy themselves.


My intent is to affirm daily, to myself and the God/dess:

I AM light, I AM dark, I AM peace, I AM sorrow, I AM forgiveness, I AM compassion, I AM ALL THERE IS, I AM GOD/DESS!!
All that is around me is of my creation.
All that is around me is at it should be.
All that is around me is right and perfect.
All that is around me is balanced and whole.


All that is around me is LOVE….
As I am love….
Eternally, Never ending
And so it is….So mote it be!


About The Author: Lotus Moonwise is studying to become a Priestess of the Order of the White Moon.

What’s Up On This Wild & Wacky Wednesday!

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Good afternoon, my sweets! Don’t you just love the pic? I saw her and she put a smile on my face (which I desperately needed today). I keep planning on sitting down and writing a longer post each day. Then I look at the clock and panic, I am running late. I promise I am going to get up early and catch you up on things and talk a little magick too. I have been doing some astral projection which I can’t wait to tell you about. That will go in the letter too. Oh no, a letter, she said! I know I get started I don’t know when to hush. But I promise it won’t be too long, lol!

Anyway, got to run for now, I hear those horoscopes a’callin’.

Have a beautiful & blessed day, my friends,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Daily OM for Friday, May 4 – Noticing Synchronicity

Noticing Synchronicity
Interconnected Experiences



Things happen in our lives for a reason, even if that reason is not clear to you right away. 

When events appear to fit together perfectly in our lives it may seem at first that they are random occurrences, things that are the result of coincidence. These synchronous happenings, though, are much more than that, for, if we look at them more closely they can show us that the universe is listening to us and gently communicating with us. Learning to pay attention to and link the things that occur on a daily basis can be a way for us to become more attuned to the fact that most everything happens in our lives for a reason – even when that reason is not clear right away.

When we realize that things often go more smoothly than we can ever imagine, it allows us to take the time to reflect on the patterns in our lives. Even events that might not at first seem to be related to each other are indicators that the universe is working with, not against, us. This idea of synchronicity, then, means that we have to trust there is more to our lives than what we experience on a physical level. We need to be willing to look more closely at the bigger picture, accepting and having confidence in the fact that there is more to our experiences than immediately meets the eye. Being open to synchronicity also means that we have to understand that our lives are filled with both positive and negative events. Once we can recognize that one event is neither more desirable nor better than the other – they all have an overall purpose in our lives — then we are truly ready to listen to the messages the universe gives us.

While we may not be able to see everything in our lives as being synchronous, we can certainly use hindsight to be more aware of how the universe guides us. This sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe and the interconnectedness present in our lives will help us see our overall ways of being and will in turn make it easier to work more consciously towards our spiritual evolution.

Daily OM for April 18th – No Going Back

No Going Back
Every Step Is Forward



Sometimes during our spiritual growth we can feel as if we are going backwards, rest assured you are not. 

There are times when we feel that we are spinning our wheels in the mud in terms of our spiritual progress. This can be especially true following a period of major growth in which we feel as if we’ve gained a lot of ground. In fact, this is the way growth goes—periods of intense forward movement give way to periods of what seems like stagnation. In those moments when we feel discouraged, it’s helpful to remember that we don’t ever really go backward. It may be that we are at a standstill because there is a new obstacle in our paths, or a new layer to get through, but the hard work we have done cannot be undone.

Every step on the path is meaningful, and even one that seems to take us backward is a forward step in the sense that it is what we must do to move to the next level. In addition, an intense growth spurt requires that we rest for a time in order to fully integrate the new energies that have been liberated by our hard work. When we feel we are not making progress, we can encourage ourselves to take a moment to rest. We can meditate more, feed ourselves well, and get extra sleep. Before we know it, we will be spurred on to work toward the next level of our development, and this rest will make sense then as something we needed in order to continue.

Once the sun rises, it doesn’t go backward but instead follows its path in one direction. It may appear to stand still for a moment in time, or to move more slowly at some point or another, but really it is steadily moving forward on its path. We are the same way, and once we have moved through something we can never really go back. We may be resting or revisiting issues that seem old, and it’s natural to feel stuck, but in truth we are always taking the next important step forward on our path.