Good Day WOTC Family and Friends Here is a Thought for Today

It is such a beautiful day here that my inner child wants to run in a field of wildflowers but the grown-up me knows it will bring on an allergy attack. So, instead I will walk by the unused railroad tracks a few feet from my home and see what is blooming there. I woke up knowing I had a to-do list but part of it can wait until later in the day so I can enjoy this morning walking and taking in what Mother Earth/Gaia has to offer for all my senses including what some call the sixth sense.

I hope it is nice wherever you live, and you can take some time, no make some time, for taking in Mother Earth/Gaia’s gifts that tantalize your sense of smell, taste, touch, seeing, and hearing the beauty left on this planet. Do not for get your sixth sense to open up to what is offered metaphysically!.


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