Good Day WOTC Family and Friends Here is a Thought for Today

Happy whimsical Wednesday everyone! I am sorry today’s posts are going up later than usual, but I was taking advantage of the cool morning temperatures to mow my backyard with a regular mower. We live on almost a 1/4 acer of land with a very small 4 room house that sits towards the front of it so needless to say it took me 2 days to get it all finish being the first cut I did this year. The very first cut we have someone come and do it because I would collapse if I tried mowing foot high grass with a regular lawn mower, but it is done now. A little bit more spring clean-up tomorrow morning and the yard is set for upkeep this summer. I cannot find the pictures I took to share of our beautiful yard, oh well lol. Anyway the posts are up now and the tomorrow posts will be done after I take a much-needed shower.

Remember to try to leave a patch of blooming clovers or something that flowers to grow wild in your yard for our Bee friends to have a place to eat and rest as they spread the pollen from almost every plant and flower that grows near you. Without bees we would not have the delicious vegetables and fruit we put on our tables.


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