Animal Spirit Guide or Helper – Some Explanations About Animal Spirits

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What is an animal spirit and who believes in them? People around the world have experienced spiritual kinships with animals for at least tens of thousands of years – from the time that humans began recording their perceptions on cave walls. And since then, it has become increasingly clear, as is evident in stories, artwork, cultural rituals, and more, that many people believe that animals are as integrated with the spirit world as we are.

In this post, we’ll explore animal spirits and animal mythology and folklore in different cultures.

Table of Contents

Native American Spirit Animals


Animal Clans

Animal Totems

Spirit Animals in Ancient Egypt

Animal Spirits in Aboriginal Australian Culture

Animals Greek and Roman Mythology

Animals in the Bible

Celtic and European Mythology


Animal Spirits in Norse Mythology

Animals in African Folklore

Spirit Animals in Asia

When an Animal Crosses Your Path…

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A spirit animal is a healer, messenger, or teacher that has a special relationship with an individual. A spirit animal appears in the form of an animal that has a special appeal to the individual.

Spirit animals also go by the names animal helpers, powerful allies, spirit helpers, and animal guides. A spirit animal chooses you – you don’t choose your spirit ally.

Actually, if you feel a certain attachment to a spirit animal, it means that this animal has already chosen you.

This animal plays an important role in an individual’s life. It’s there to protect you, impart important lessons, and give you the guidance to make it in life.

It also provides you with power, wisdom, and immense knowledge.

Shamans and spiritual ministers from across the globe have relied on the wisdom and guidance of spirit animals since time immemorial.

Closely associated with spirit animals are animal totems. An animal totem is a symbol of your animal guide.

An animal totem is indicated by such symbols as jewelry, statue, crest, emblem, talisman, or a totem pole.

A totem can be used by a family lineage, a class of like-minded individuals, or an individual.

Your totem animal has the power to influence you throughout your life. This is because you feel a very strong affinity to the animal that has chosen you.

Significance of Spirit Animals in My Life

An individual can have one or multiple spirit animals. Usually, these animal(s) will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Your spirit animal comes to teach you about yourself. It guides you on the best way to handle life. With your spirit animal around, you are able to get your priorities right and lead a well-balanced life.

The spirit animal will choose you based on where you are heading in life. It considers your stage in life, the desires of your heart, and your goals and dreams.

The animal that steps forward is best suited to give you a sense of direction.

Your animal helper can communicate with you in several ways. For example, you may encounter this spirit guide physically.

You will feel an instant attachment when you physically cross paths with your spirit animals.

Your spirit helper may also visit you in the form of dreams when you are asleep. This animal may also reveal itself to you in your meditations.

A good number of spirit animals happen to be pets. If you are very fond of your pet, this is likely your spirit helper.

You need to pay more attention to this animal to receive the vibes it’s sending your way.

Your animal guide always brings to the fore your stellar qualities. It feels you with confidence and you feel better about your qualities and attributes.

In many ways, your spirit animal represents what you see in yourself. This is more so because you are inseparably tied to this animal.

By looking at this animal as your representation, you get a better understanding of the direction your life is taking.

You may not be physically close to your spirit helper. For example, if your spirit animal is a shark or a lion, it may not be conceivable that you will interact with it regularly.

But this animal will keep sending you the vibes that bring out your special qualities.

You will come to understand and appreciate this animal through your character traits, general habits, habitat, and the kind of people you associate with.

Shamans have relied on animal totems to understand the skills and traits of their clients.

In this way, they teach their clients what they should embody, acquire, and learn to make their lives more meaningful.

Animal totems have been used in many cultures of the world. For example, warriors and hunters in ancient times would depict their prey on walls as a way of speaking a blessing to their occupation.

They believed that spirit of these animals would enable them to have a bountiful of hunting.

How Do I Identify My Animal Spirit Totem?

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