Hello WoTC Family and Friends and Good Whatever Time You Read This

Back after my day off and all set to get posting again.

We have had cool temperatures yesterday and this morning which I took advantage of to work in our yard. To my surprise, with a huge thank you to my right-hand witch Graphia for inspiring me to find out about plants and trees growing in our yard, I found out I have some interesting herbs and other things growing. I had cut or mowed over most things that just looked like weeds or over growth of obnoxious trees/plants last year. This year I took the time when weeding everywhere to take a picture of things that I might want to leave growing. I used my cell/mobile phone to take pictures of leaves and the whole whatever I wants to look up than used the share and search for Google to find out if they are keepers or just regular weeds.

I did unfortunately find two Pokeberry plants growing. Google came back with they are highly poisonous and should not be touched without gloves as touching the plant in anyway can lead to the, I guess, juice from the plant entering into a person’s blood stream causing all kind of nasty things to happen. So, these plants will be destroyed tomorrow morning when I finish weeding by the back fence. I would hate for any of the wildlife or our fur kids rubbing up against it and have a bad or even mild adverse effect. Before I start on today’s regular posts for tomorrow I am doing one on this dangerous weed/plant with pictures of it.

I wish you all a good morning/afternoon/evening to have some time to relax and enjoy the out of doors.


2 thoughts on “Hello WoTC Family and Friends and Good Whatever Time You Read This

  1. Lady Beltane, you know better than anyone that, all I ever do is chatter incessantly about “herbs this and herbs that!” Lol Unless you wore earplugs every time we spoke, I can’t imagine any another outcome! But, I suppose there are more unpleasant muses and magical disciplines to study…

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