Gods – Uranus Greek Sky God

Uranus – God of The Sky from greekgodsandgoddesses.net

Uranus is one of the old gods in GREEK MYTHOLOGY. He was the god of the sky and the starry heavens.

He ruled the universe, and his name means sky or heaven. He literally was the sky, which the Greeks envisioned as a brass dome studded with stars. He was the husband of GAIA, or Earth. He was not only her husband, but her son.

In some stories Gaia, who is the mother of all living things, conceived him without a father. In others, the father of Uranus is Aether or CHAOS.

Together, Uranus and Gaia had many offspring, including the Titans, pre-Olympian gods and goddesses; the CYCLOPES, the one-eyed giants and the Hecatoncheires, giants who had fifty heads and one hundred hands.

According to myth, Uranus came to Gaia every night and sired the children upon her, but he disliked all of them. He considered them threats to his power. Though his Titan children could be quite beautiful, Uranus was so repelled by the sight of the HECATONCHEIRES that he tried to push them back into Gaia’s womb, which caused her terrible pain. Eventually, Uranus imprisoned the Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires in TARTARUS, a gloomy place that lay beneath the Earth or Hades.

This caused Gaia to resent Uranus even more, and she plotted with her Titan children to at least overthrow him, since Uranus was immortal and couldn’t be killed. Only her youngest son Cronus agreed to the plot, because he wanted to replace his father as leader of the gods. Gaia fashioned a sickle of flint and gave it to him.

One night, when Uranus came to Gaia, his sons ambushed him and held him down while Cronus used the sickle to castrate him. He threw both the sickle and Uranus’ genitals into the sea. The blood from the mutilation fell on the earth and gave rise to the GIGANTES, or Giants; the ash tree nymphs called THE MELIAE and the Furies, or THE ERINYES. Some myths claim that the Telchines, gods who settled the isle of Rhodes, were also born at this time. The goddess APHRODITE arose from the genitals that were tossed into the sea.

The Giants were not necessarily large, but they were very aggressive and fought the OLYMPIAN GODS. The Meliae helped to raise Cronus and Rhea’s son ZEUS after Rhea needed to hide him from Cronus, who would have swallowed him as he’d swallowed Zeus’ other brothers and sisters.


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