A Little Humor for Your Day

What is hump day like for the working parents?
      Wednesday that never leaves them alone with never-ending work.

Why did the employee get a camel in the office building?
     Because the boss said, ‘Bring in the hump day’.

What did the student say when they had too much homework on Wednesday?
     This is the Monday-est Wednesday ever!

Why are Sundays stronger than Wednesdays?
     Because Wednesday is a week day.

Why did the woman cry on a Wednesday evening?
     Because she thought it was whine Wednesday.

What do camels sing on karaoke night?
     My hump, my hump, my hump (ha), my lovely lady lumps

Why did the man call it a weekend on a Wednesday?
     Because he said, “After two days it will be Friday, which makes tomorrow a pre-Friday, hence, it is a weekend on Wednesday”.

Why don’t they have Drivers Ed on Wednesday in the Middle East?
     It wears out the camel.


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