Gods – Aeolus

Aeolus – Greek God Of Wind


Aeolus is the name of a few different characters in GREEK MYTHOLOGY, but the one most commonly associated with the name is the god of winds. He plays a key role in Homer’s Odyssey, in which he’s also known as the keeper of the winds. This Aeolus, from the story, was originally human, but in later classical writings he was treated as only a god.


Name(s): Aeolus/ Aiolos
Rules over: Wind, Air, Island of Aiolia
Title: God of the Winds and Air
Gender: Male
Symbols: Open Bag
Sacred animals: Kingfisher
Items: Harp
Parents: Hippotes & (possibly) Melanippe
Consort: Cyane
Other significant others: Retinue: – Anemoi
Children: 12 Children according to Homer, though varying accounts across different stories
Roman name: Aeolus

Aeolus – God Of Wind

The god of wind was the son of Hippotes, who was mortal. Aeolus himself was king of the island of Aeolia and befriended ODYSSEUS when his crew was stranded on the island. The friendship led to Aeolus bagging up all the winds except a gentle westerly wind, which would help Odysseus get home (this Aeolia was located near Sicily, and in real life is part of the Lipari Islands). But his crew got greedy and, after deciding the mysterious bag must hold untold wealth, opened the bag and released the other winds, which only prolonged their journey home.

In Other Myths

Aeolus is also the name of a half-human son of POSEIDON, the OLYMPIAN GOD of the sea, and the name of another human who may have been the ancestor of the other two. The god-of-wind and son-of-Poseidon Aeoluses are often confused by writers.

The third Aeolus, the son of Hellen and a nymph, Orseis, married Enarete and lived in another area called Aeolia, which later became Thessaly. This version had a daughter named Arne, who later gave birth to the Aeolus who was the son of Poseidon. The son of Poseidon, when not conflated with the god of wind, is sometimes treated as a grandfather of the god of wind, and also as the founder of Lipara in the Lipari Islands. It was extremely confusing to Greek writers and historians, too.

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One thought on “Gods – Aeolus

  1. I always liked kingfisher bird although is not a native bird in Greece. The story of Aeolus with Odysseus is very interesting- Aeolus gave Odyssey the wind force and sealed it inside an animal skin, and ordered him not to open and tame his curiosity- to use the winds when in need but Odysseus opened it before need it and the force of wind turned him back to re- write his route, journey and re-find himself in a new map back home to Ithaca


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