Cat Candle Money Spell

Cat Candle Money Spell

On the day of the Sun whilst the Moon is waxing 1st day of the 1st
quarter,in the Season of Spring to Summers time. Take a virgin green cat
candle,anoint it with.

3 drops Bayberry
1 drop Cinnamon
2 drops Spanish Moss

Then, set it on a plate/holder container sit for a few minutes ‘seeing’
the event and knowing that a certain amount will come to you. call out 3
times over the Cat Candle while burning some incense of your choosing.

“Money Thrice by the Winds do come,
I draw it forth by Moon and Sun,
By Earth it Trickles to my Stead,
By Fire it Quickens and Rushes ahead,
Waves of Prosperity,Flow to me know,
Unto the Spell,Come Ye Anow!”

(State how much is needed)

Then light the Cat Candle from a flame other than a match,still
concentrating on the need to be made manifest. After 7 minutes extinguish
the Candle,do not blow out the Candle,and say…

“Bond and I to the Spell and Sea,
Bond am I to Magick and Fire,
Tis the Earth and the Lady and Lord,
That brings forth my Desire.’

Perform this Spell at the same time every day,all the way to the Full Moon
upon which to let the rest of the Candle burn all the Way down. Once done
bury the excess wax near the North root of an Old Oak tree,and also pour a
drink-offering to Lady and Lord for their help. Never speak of the Spell, it
should manifest within another 28 days.

I always address Deity by certain names,such as Brid,Freya,Othinn,Thor, as
an example. If you are uncertain whom to ask for aid,simply just say Lady
and Lord.


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