Information on WOTC’s Daily and Other Posts

To cut down on flooding your inbox with WOTC daily posts the following posts will be combined. Unfortunately, unless we made one very long post including all the regular daily posts, we cannot have them sent out as just one email.

1 A Thought for Today

2 Rotating Daily Topics – 

once a week rotating basis about Monday- Flower Meaning, Tuesday-Dream Things, Wednesday-Colors, Thursday-Crystals, Friday-Witchcraft Symbols or Pagan Words, Saturday-Herbs and Essential Oils, Sunday- Different topics you would like to know more about or whatever we feel should have more information than the regular daily posts.

3 God and Goddess

4 Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence and Spell for (each day)

5 Moon Goddess Current Phase and Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

6 Divination Journal

7 Birthday and Daily Horoscopes 

8 A Laugh for Your Day

There will be only 8 regular daily posts and we will try to do an extra post on a different pagan traditions or other topics each day. ON Monday’s there will be 2 extra weekly posts. There will be more posts on the 1st of each month and the day before a new or full moon.

This is how the voting for posts turned out from the three surveys. If you want to see a post about a topic please put it in the comments section or send an email to

Thank you so much, from Lady Carla Beltane and all the WOTC Staff for taking time out of your busy day to answer these  surveys!


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