Bright magickal blessing WOTC Family on this beautiful Sunday!

It is a gorgeous day here with birds sing, butterflies and dragonflies are fliting about, bees are doing a fantastic job of pollinating my garden, the sun is shining and all it right in my life today! I would love to be able to walk through an area like this, but I probably would start sneezing which would be ok if I remembered to bring a tissue or 6 with me. 😄

Many of us work weekends and others only Monday through Friday. Those that have the weekend off can dread Mondays and have to get up after laying around or getting extra chores done or doing yardwork or whatever occupied their weekend just to get at a specific time and get dressed in work clothes to return to the everyday grind.

Personally, I have never minded Mondays when I was working a job where I had to leave my home and comfy clothes behind. But it wasn’t easy. So, I started having a mantra or affirmation to repeat for each day of the work week some are funny, and some are not. Grant they might not make sense to someone as much as they do to me, but I hope these can give you ideas to make up your own mantras and affirmations for your work week. Since I now work at home seven days almost every week, I had to add a couple more.

Monday – Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go.

Tuesday – You can do whatever you set your mind to today.

Wednesday – I have made it this far I can make it to work the rest of this week.

Thursday – I am up and able to walk which makes this a beautiful day.

Friday – In eight hours I can go home than I will have another week behind me.

Saturday – I can get posts done with some breaks to rest my body.

Sunday – With Ra and Luna’s help I will get all the posts done this morning than play this afternoon.

I hope one or more of these help you through your week. Do you have a favorite mantra or affirmation you use to help you get through your days? If you don’t mind sharing it with us, please leave in the comments section below.