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Since Wicca is about balance in the Universe; a newer addition to the tradition is the “Charge of the God”. Once again, there are several versions out there for you to choose from. I am listing two here for you to see; the first is from my personal Book of Shadows, the second was another version that I liked for its content and poetic flow. (Once again, you will notice that the version I use does not have the names of the God listed within the first line.)

As I said before; Wicca is about balance. For this reason I feel that the Charge of the God is necessary when invoking the combination of the Goddess and the God within your ritual. This gives you the balance of the feminine; (wisdom and emotion,) and the masculine; (strength and protection,) in your rituals and spell casting.

The Charge Of The God

Listen to the words of the Great Father, who of old was called by many names:

My law is harmony with all things.

Mine is the secret that opens the gates of life and Mine is the dish of salt of the Earth that is the body of Cernunnos, which is the eternal circle of rebirth.

I give the knowledge of life everlasting; and beyond death, I give the promise of regeneration and renewal.

I am the sacrifice, the Father of all things and My protection blankets the Earth.

Now hear the words of the dancing God, the music of whose laughter stirs the winds, whose voice circles the seasons:

I who am the Lord of the Hunt and the Power of the Light; sun among the clouds and the secret of the flame, I call upon your bodies to arise and come unto me.

For I am the flesh of the Earth and all its beings.

Through Me all things must die and with Me they are reborn.

Let My worship be in the body that sings–for behold, all acts of willing sacrifice are My rituals.

Let there be desire and fear, anger and weakness, joy and peace, awe and longing within you.

For these; too, are parts of the mysteries found within you, within Me. All beginnings have endings, and all endings have beginnings.