April 11 Today in Worldwide History

Today’s Important Historical Events

1512 Battle of Ravenna: French forces under Gaston de Foix defeat the Holy League in a major battle of the Italian Wars

1783 Hostilities formally cease in the American Revolutionary War [1]

1814 Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates unconditionally and he is exiled to the island of Elba in the Mediterranean

1868 The Shogunate is abolished in Japan

1955 Chartered Air India plane the “Kashmir Princess” is bombed and crashes into the South China Sea in a failed assassination attempt on Zhou Enlai by a Kuomintang secret agent

1968 US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs 1968 Civil Rights Act

1979 Tanzanian army captures Kampala, the capital of Uganda forcing Ugandan dictator Idi Amin to flee into exile in Libya

2015 Barack Obama and Raúl Castro meet in Panama, the 1st meeting of US and Cuban heads of state since the Cuban Revolution

2019 Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir overthrown and arrested by the army in Khartoum after 29 years in power

Today’s Historical Events

491 Flavius Anastasius becomes Byzantine Emperor, as Anastasius I – often called the first Byzantine Emperor

672 Deusdedit II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1079 Bishop Stanislaus of Krakow is executed by order of Bolesław II of Poland

1241 Battle of Mohi: Mongols led by Batu and Subedei defeat Hungarian King Béla IV in the major battle in during Mongolian invasion of Hungary, with 30,000 Hungarians slain

1471 Wars of the Roses: King Edward IV of England seizes London from Henry VI

1512 Battle of Ravenna: French forces under Gaston de Foix defeat the Holy League in a major battle of the Italian Wars

1551 English premier John Dudley appointed Duke of Northumberland

1564 England & France sign Peace of Troyes

Today’s Historical Events in Flim and TV

1955 “Marty” directed by Delbert Mann and starring Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair premieres in New York (Best Picture 1956)

1959 Yip Harburg, Fred Saidy, and Harold Arlen‘s musical “Jamaica”, starring Lena Horne, closes at Imperial Theater, NYC, after 558 performances

1966 Frank Sinatra records “Strangers in the Night” single for his album of the same name. Later reaches #1 Billboard charts

1967 Tom Stoppard‘s play “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead” debuts in London at the Old Vic

1968 WHED TV channel 15 in Hanover, NH (PBS) begins broadcasting

1971 WBFF TV channel 45 in Baltimore, MD (IND) begins broadcasting

1983 3rd Golden Raspberry Awards: “Inchon!” wins

1983 55th Academy Awards: “Gandhi”, Ben Kingsley & Meryl Streep win

Today’s Historical Events in Music

1830 Robert Schumann hears the violinist Paganini play in Frankfurt

1888 The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is inaugurated

1936 George Abbott, Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart‘s musical “On Your Toes”, choreographed by George Balanchine, and starring Ray Bolger and Tamara Geva, opens at the Imperial Theatre (later transfers to Majestic), NYC; runs for 515 performances

1956 Singer Nat Cole attacked on stage of Birmingham theater in racial incident

1961 Bob Dylan makes his 1st appearance at Folk City, Greenwich Village, New York City

1964 Stephen Sondheim‘s musical “Anyone Can Whistle” closes at Majestic Theater, NYC, after 9 performances

1967 “Illya Darling” opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 320 performances

1970 Beatles’ “Let It Be” single goes #1 & stays #1 for 2 weeks

Today’s Historical Events in Sports

1750 Jack Slack retains Champion of England boxing title, beats Frenchman Jean Petit in 7 rounds in Harlston, England; acknowledged as first international prize fight

1831 The 12th century Lewis chess pieces are exhibited at the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, shortly after their rediscovery in a sand bank on the Scottish Isle of Lewis

1896 Hungarian swimmer Alfréd Hajós beats Otto Herschmann of Austria by 0.6s to win the inaugural Olympic 100m freestyle final in 1:22.2 at the Athens Games; also takes out the 1,200m on the same day

1896 Irish tennis player John Boland, representing Great Britain wins both the men’s singles and doubles finals at the Athens Olympics; Dionysios Kasdaglis of Greece loses both matches

1907 New York Giants future Baseball Hall of Fame backstop Roger Bresnahan becomes first catcher to wear shin guards

1921 KDKA broadcast 1st radio sporting event, a boxing match (Ray-Dundee)

1924 1st men’s college swimming championships begin

1936 Stanley Cup Final, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON: Detroit Red Wings beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3-2 for a 3-1 series win; Red Wings first SC Championship