30 June 2022 Southern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions Digest

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Southeastern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America

30 June 2022
03:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM BRT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:08 Cancer 49
Moon:25 Cancer 13
Mercury:21 Gemini 25
Venus:09 Gemini 04
Mars:26 Aries 44
Jupiter:07 Aries 27
Saturn:24 Aquarius 44 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 44
Neptune:25 Pisces 26 Rx
Pluto:27 Capricorn 49 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 32 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:19 Taurus 58 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 32

Chiron:16 Aries 17
Ceres:19 Cancer 45
Pallas:27 Taurus 52
Juno:19 Pisces 34
Vesta:06 Pisces 42

Eris:24 Aries 59


Southern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Cape Town, South Africa

30 June 2022
10:00 am GMT 12:00 PM SAST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:08 Cancer 37
Moon:22 Cancer 45
Mercury:21 Gemini 03
Venus:08 Gemini 49
Mars:26 Aries 36
Jupiter:07 Aries 26
Saturn:24 Aquarius 44 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 43
Neptune:25 Pisces 26 Rx
Pluto:27 Capricorn 49 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 34 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:19 Taurus 59 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 31

Chiron:16 Aries 16
Ceres:19 Cancer 40
Pallas:27 Taurus 46
Juno:19 Pisces 32
Vesta:06 Pisces 41

Eris:24 Aries 59


Southwestern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

30 June 2022
02:00 am GMT 12:00 PM AEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:08 Cancer 18
Moon:18 Cancer 47
Mercury:20 Gemini 29
Venus:08 Gemini 25
Mars:26 Aries 21
Jupiter:07 Aries 24
Saturn:24 Aquarius 45 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 42
Neptune:25 Pisces 27 Rx
Pluto:27 Capricorn 49 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 37 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 00 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 29

Chiron:16 Aries 16
Ceres:19 Cancer 31
Pallas:27 Taurus 37
Juno:19 Pisces 29
Vesta:06 Pisces 40

Eris:24 Aries 59


A Thought for Today

Until we meet again dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may your life be filled with all things positive!

June 29, 2022 Daily Horoscopes Digest

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Moon Alert

There are no restrictions to shopping or important decisions today. The Moon is in Cancer.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Pay attention to everything you say and do today to avoid accidents at home. (Possibly, these accidents are verbal.) In other words, you might blurt out something that you later regret. Meanwhile, small appliances might break down or a minor breakage might occur. Be mindful.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This is definitely an accident-prone day for your sign, which means you have to keep your eyes open. Pay attention to everything you say and do, especially walking, jogging and driving. On the upside, you will have some novel, original ideas. Be alert. (The world needs more lerts.)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Keep an eye on your money scene today because something unexpected could impact your finances. It could be minor; it could be major. You might find money; you might lose money. Be smart and protect your possessions against loss, theft or damage.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Today the Moon is in your sign dancing with Uranus. This will stir up feelings of independence and self-reliance within you. There will be lots of energy in the air and you will be inclined to act on your impulses. New ideas, new situations and new faces are likely. You want to call the shots.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

This is a restless day for you because the Moon is hiding in your chart, while at the same time, being stimulated by electric Uranus! This is why you might feel mildly anxious about something and not know why. Don’t worry about this because it’s temporary. Gone in 24 hours.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This is the classic day to make a new friend or meet someone new in a group situation. This new encounter might be exciting and stimulating because very likely, the person you meet will be different in some way. In fact, it is this very difference that attracts you.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You might be surprised by a boss, parent or someone in a position of authority today. (Busted!) On the upside, positive news might come your way from on high. Opportunities related to higher education, the law, medicine, the media and publishing are blessed right now.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Travel plans are completely unpredictable today. For example, you might suddenly have to travel when you did not expect to do so; or alternatively, planned travel might be interrupted, delayed or cancelled. You also might meet someone today who is unusual. Perhaps you will learn something new from them?

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Keep an eye on issues related to shared property, banking, taxes, debt and inheritances because something unexpected could impact these areas. When it comes to money or shared wealth, it’s wise to know what’s happening. A stitch in time and all that.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Today someone close to you, perhaps a partner, spouse or friend, might throw a curveball your way. Something unexpected will happen. They might make an unusual suggestion or demand; or perhaps they will do something that surprises you? Possibly, you will meet someone new who is “different.”

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Your work routine will be interrupted today – almost certainly. Equipment breakdowns, computer snafus, mixed-up messages, staff shortages, power outages are just some things that might surprise you. Perhaps someone has unusual news? (Check your pet for possible problems.)

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Parents should take note that this is an accident-prone day for your kids so be extra vigilant. Social plans might suddenly change. Ditto for sports events. For example, you might receive a surprise invitation, or by contrast, social plans might suddenly be cancelled. Romance might also hold some unexpected surprises.

If Your Birthday Is Today

Actress Lily Rabe (1982) shares your birthday today. You are a loving and compassionate person, which is why you truly care about others. Because you are tenderhearted, you sometimes need to withdraw to protect yourself. This is a year of change; therefore, stay light on your feet and remain flexible. Stay positive and be ready to explore new opportunities. Travel is likely.

June 29, 2022 Birthday Horoscope Digest

May the next year of your life be better than the past year! 

Click here to read anyone’s birthday horoscope from sunsigns.org

JUNE 29 birthday horoscope shows that your sun sign is Cancer. Your strength comes out of a determined character and attitude. Generally, you like helping people, but you have to do it your way. You are soft at heart, but yet people are wary of your hard exterior.

According to the June 29th horoscope, you are emotional but being that way is not a bad thing. However, you may be hesitant to move on. On another note, you may feel that you cannot ask for help. Your independent nature prevents you from being submissive.

The Cancer birthday personality traits show you are a practical person whose negative tendencies are procrastination and passive behavior. Being overly tired occasionally makes you moody, and you are likely to binge on certain foods. Otherwise, you possess levels of personalities that can be childlike or that of a compassionate lover.

The June 29th astrology analysis suggests that you may be idealistic when it comes to love. Characteristically, you want a lover to be committed, romantic and affectionate. After all, you have these qualities, and you would not want anything less than someone who was similar. You make an excellent partner in any kind of relationship.

First, however, you and your soul mate should be friends. You may, as a negative, give your heart too quickly and easily. This may be due to anxiousness to get married. The person who is lucky enough to catch a Crab, they will embrace a love affair that is generous with understanding and patience.

You may be a nurturer by nature and want a stable partnership. The June 29 birthday horoscope predicts that you find arguing less desirable than walking away from confrontation. However, it is you that is possessive.

As a professional, Cancer birthday personalities are encouraged to apply in the medical field or one in which you help others. A comparable salary is necessary to your enthusiastic attitude and could be the deal breaker or deal maker.

According to the June 29 birthday characteristics report, career progress is equally important as the stimulation it provides. You tend to need variety in your work as you take on challenges headfirst. The more you know, the better your chances of living a lifestyle of the rich and famous. You like to create an indispensable and sought after image.

Let’s talk about your health. As per the June 29 zodiac meanings, you gain weight easy. You can look at food and gain five pounds! Typically, this is not your fault. If chocolate were not so good, it would not find its way into most people.

Okay, so I’m joking but it’s good, and since you have a weakness for sweets or exotic foods, you have to watch what you eat especially when you are down and out. It would not be so bad occasionally if you exercise.

Take a walk afterward or drink lots of liquids before a fundamental partake in the devil’s food. All in all, Cancer zodiac sign people should also avoid stress. You want to stay fit and feeling your best. So, come on, get up and let’s do something constructively healthy.

The June 29th zodiac birthday analysis for someone born under the zodiac sign of Cancer predicts that you may tend to put things off or to hide your true feelings. This quality however negative can put you in a bad mood.

When in love, you like to become friends with your person of interest although you have the likelihood to fall in love without really knowing them. You may want to marry when you find that special someone.

Those born today on June 29 may look for a nice salary and benefits package based on their skills and knowledge. This is to decide to seal the deal on a very important career decision or not. Staying healthy should be a priority. You may need to eat in moderation and drink before eating to curb your appetite.


Famous People And Celebrities Born On June 29

Gary Busey, Christopher Egan, Joe Johnson, Evelyn King, Slim Pickens, Dennis Pitta, Nicole Scherzinger

See: Famous Celebrities Born On June 29

This Day That Year – June 29th In History

1755 – Wanting to join the Catholic, 515 well-known Filipinos were baptized
1858 – London Harbor suffers massive fire damage
1916 – The first time the Boeing airplane takes off
1927 – From the West Coast, people fly to Hawaii for the first time

June 29 Karka Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)

June 29 Chinese Zodiac SHEEP

June 29 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Moon that symbolizes how we make ourselves secure in our life, our feelings and instincts.

June 29 Birthday Symbols

The Crab Is The Symbol For The Cancer Star Sign

June 29 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is The High Priestess. This card symbolizes spirituality, our gut feeling, sexuality, and wisdom. The Minor Arcana cards are Two of Cups and Queen of Cups.

June 29 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Taurus: This can be a genuinely cozy, comfortable and stable love match.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign AquariusThis love relationship will be upsetting and will lead to tears sooner or later.

See Also:

June 29 Lucky Numbers

Number 2 – This number signifies insight, meticulous, adaptability and encouragement.
Number 8 – This number signifies success, power, control, challenge, and discipline.

Read about: Birthday Numerology

Lucky Colors For June 29 Birthday

Cream: This color stands for calmness, tradition, seriousness, and reliability.
White: This is a pure color that stands for spirituality, perfection, relaxation, faith, and trust.

Lucky Day For June 29 Birthday

Monday – This is the day of planet Moon that helps you understand your feelings better and how you react to situations, your daily habits and what a comfortable home means to you.

June 29 Birthstone Pearl

Pearl gemstone helps improve your concentration, focus, wisdom, and sincerity.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On June 29th

A silver plated keychain for the man and an appointment with a renowned hair stylist for the woman. The June 29 birthday personality loves gifts made of pearl and silver.

June 29, 2022 Current Moon Phase Digest

You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious, you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else was born.

From MoonGiant.com

The Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a New Moon phase. During this phase the Moon is too close to the sun in the sky to be visible. The moon rises and sets with the sun and is not present in the night sky. Because of this the night sky is darker and an excellent time to view other celestial objects. Like the Full Moon, a New Moon happens at a very specific time when the sun and moon have the same ecliptic longitude and it can be measured down to the second it occurs.

Visit the June 2022 Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Today’s New Moon Phase

The New Moon on June 29 has an illumination of 0%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On June 29 the Moon is 0.35 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

The 8 Lunar Phases

There are 8 lunar phases the Moon goes through in its 29.53 days lunar cycle. The 4 major Moon phases are Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter. Between these major phases, there are 4 minor ones: the Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. For more info on the Moon Cycle and on each phase check out Wikipedia Lunar Phase page.

Phase Details

Phase: New Moon
Illumination: 0%
Moon Age: 0.35 days
Moon Angle: 0.49
Moon Distance: 405,465.65 km
Sun Angle: 0.52
Sun Distance: 152,090,140.90 km

Useful Moon Resources

June 29, 2022 Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions Digest

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Northwestern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Los Angeles, California, USA

June 29, 2022
07:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM PDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:08 Cancer 01
Moon:15 Cancer 20
Mercury:19 Gemini 59
Venus:08 Gemini 04
Mars:26 Aries 09
Jupiter:07 Aries 22
Saturn:24 Aquarius 46 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 42
Neptune:25 Pisces 27 Rx
Pluto:27 Capricorn 50 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 40 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 01 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 27

Chiron:16 Aries 16
Ceres:19 Cancer 23
Pallas:27 Taurus 29
Juno:19 Pisces 26
Vesta:06 Pisces 39

Eris:24 Aries 59


Northern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Chicago, Illinois, USA

June 29, 2022
05:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM CDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:07 Cancer 57
Moon:14 Cancer 21
Mercury:19 Gemini 50
Venus:07 Gemini 58
Mars:26 Aries 05
Jupiter:07 Aries 22
Saturn:24 Aquarius 46 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 41
Neptune:25 Pisces 27 Rx
Pluto:27 Capricorn 50 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 40 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 01 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 26

Chiron:16 Aries 16
Ceres:19 Cancer 21
Pallas:27 Taurus 26
Juno:19 Pisces 25
Vesta:06 Pisces 38

Eris:24 Aries 59


Northeastern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

29 June 2022
02:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM CEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:07 Cancer 49
Moon:12 Cancer 52
Mercury:19 Gemini 38
Venus:07 Gemini 49
Mars:26 Aries 00
Jupiter:07 Aries 21
Saturn:24 Aquarius 46 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 41
Neptune:25 Pisces 27 Rx
Pluto:27 Capricorn 50 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 41 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 01 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 25

Chiron:16 Aries 16
Ceres:19 Cancer 18
Pallas:27 Taurus 23
Juno:19 Pisces 24
Vesta:06 Pisces 38

Eris:24 Aries 59


June 29 Tarot Card, Rune, Witch’s Rune, Ogham Divination Journal


From Tarotx.net – Shadowscape Tarot

Ace Of Wands

The meaning of the Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot

The Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot represents creativity in excitement, adventure, a challenge to motivate forward with courage and confidence.

Steadily, the wand plugged into the ground. From there, it spreads out a crimson light, like the usual reactions when flint stones collide in a pile of dust, so on, inspiration also originates from that light.

The spirits and wind goblins began to leave the residence. They hide in the shape of normal light spots, not very prominent, and then, escape from leaves, nooks, boulders and the sky. There was a flash of lightning. The challenge began to be revealed. Invitations were spread everywhere at dawn.

Once being set, the fire became unstable, seemingly unpredictable and was out of control. The source of that energy, unrestrained, exploded, frantically turned into a wildfire. Let’s take this wild opportunity and shine on the intense fire.

These animals are the spirits and guardians of the Wand: fox, cat, lion. They were brilliant with the light of wisdom and prudence, dashing like an arrow flying through the world, with the fiery flames of a fierce and powerful spirit.

Keywords related to the Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot: energy, inspiration, innovation, optimism, invention, trust, enthusiasm, willpower, tenacity, fertilization, creativity, conception, growth, sexuality, motivation, initiative, new project, new business, the power of fire element, a turning point, new experiences, new ideas, new start, turning ambition into action.

The Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot card carries the message of creativity. When this card appears in a spread, …


From The Rune Site – Gothic Runes


Sound: “y”, “j” as in “Frejya”
Stands for: Season (or Year)
Casting meaning: Like the changing from season to season or from one year to the next, this rune represents the characters of the cycles found in nature. It is a completion at the proper time with the chance for new beginnings.

Witch’s Rune

From wizardforest.com – Witches Runes


Since ancient times it has been considered that crossroads are very powerful places. They are often used for magic procedures. The crossroads also symbolize the crossed spears. Nevertheless, in spite of its mystery the fallen rune Crossroad doesn’t mean something bad. It only hints that you are on the way to choose as you are standing on the crossroads. And only you can decide what way to choose. You shall take much pain to analyze everything, make a decision and listen to your mind and intuition.

Key words: road choice, crossroad, gates, free will, your decision

Moon phase: new Moon

Element: Air

Chakra No.3: solar plexus


Celtic Ogham

From A Druid Ogham


Grace, death, letting go, endings, rest, the beauty of decay

Tree: Yew (Taxus spp.)

Letter: Y

Ioho symbolizes the acceptance of enduring realities and legacies of the past. If you draw Ioho, look for the end of a phase or cycle. Ioho suggests you are handling or will handle the matter at hand with dignity and grace.

Modern culture has spent a great deal of time running away from the ideas of death and decay as natural, welcome processes. As a result, we have a society obsessed with launching our species into space for fear of extinction, a medical industry bent on extending life long after it has ceased to have any quality, and a fixation on youth that motivates the middle aged to undergo brutal, grisly procedures in order to look twenty. When we frame aging (not just of human beings) in a sensible way, we understand that getting old isn’t so terrible. People age and die. Technologies change. Weeks become years. Eras fade away. Letting go is for the best.

Ioho is about accepting limits gracefully. We cannot control much of what is around us or what happens to us in life, but we can control a great deal of how we perceive it and what we decide to do about it.

Though this Ogham has profound similarities to the Death card of the Tarot, like that card, 99.9 percent of the time it is not to be taken literally. Drawing Ioho does not mean you or someone in your circle is fated for immediate death. Instead, it signifies the necessary end and inevitability of all things decaying and dying. More often than not, the death process is much slower than we impatient humans are able to bear. Look for a lesson that comes from the acceptance of endings rather than literal death.

Questions when you draw Ioho:

September 29th Daily Divination Journal

I Ching

From IChingOnline.net – For More Information About Hexagram 37

Hexagram 37

Chia Jên / Family Duties

Warming Air Currents rise and spread from the Hearthfire:
The Superior Person weighs his words carefully and is consistent in his behavior.

Be as faithful as a good wife.


One in this situation must be keenly aware of his influence on others.
Maintain a healthy respect for the ripple effect of your words and deeds.
To some you serve as a role model.
You can either help shape their world or tilt them into chaos.
Show temperance and consideration to all.





From Numerology-Double-Digit-Numbers – 29


It is the same as 11. See “The Master Numbers.” More serious, less social, and can tend to become cynical.


See “The Master numbers.” Highly intuitive, even psychic, this Master number is a channel between the sub-conscious and the conscious mind. Highly charged. Can be neurotic.

Angel Number

From InformationSeries.com – For more information about Angel Number 29


Angel Number 29: Meaning and Interpretation

You often see the number 29. Have you ever had 29 minutes of your birthday, car number, phone number, and suddenly?

That is angel number 29. This time, I will explain the meaning of angel number 29 and the message from the angel!

First of all, I would like to explain Angel Number 2 and Angel Number 9 that make up Angel Number 29!

The meaning of angel number “2”

Angel number 2 has the meaning of conviction and courage. It is a message of courage, belief and trust in the universe. Your wish is about to come true, and the message is that if you have the courage and the belief, your wish will always come true.

Even if it’s difficult, you can overcome it with strong conviction, and when you need patience, you’re exactly what you want.

The keywords for angel number 2 are femininity, shade, coordination, and relationships. Angel number 2 shows a soft, curvilinear, receptive, feminine force in the shade, while Angel number 1 symbolizes the masculineness in the sun and is strongly linear. The ability to accept a variety of things, the ability to listen. It also means peace and emphasis.

The meaning of angel number “9”

Angel number 9 shows that you serve people through your innate skills and talents. It also means the end of a cycle and at the same time a new cycle begins.

Perhaps you are now trying to break out of any situation, stage, or relationship. But please be assured. Beyond that, new hopes and experiences await. There is a lot to do. It’s time to start preparing for it.

Caring, thoughtful, philanthropic and serving the people. The angel is urging you to lead people on a positive path.

Message of angel number 29 …

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

From Uni Guide – Coyote

Coyote Symbolism, Meaning & The Coyote Spirit Animal

Coyote symbolism and meanings include cleverness, trickery, adaptability, and other qualities. Because their natural range encompasses Canada, the U.S., and Central America, coyotes are portrayed in the legends and oral history of Native American tribes throughout these regions. In addition, the coyote spirit animal is an important being in the spiritual belief systems of many of these cultures.

In this post, you’ll learn about coyote spiritual meanings and symbols, as well as Indigenous stories about these intelligent tricksters.

Pagan and Magickal Terms and Definitions

Today’s Word is


From moonlitpriestess.com

Term generally found in Heathen communities; individuals possessing strong, deep, and intimate relationship with the deities they work with. Unlike similar concepts, such as Christian nuns, godspouses aren’t necessarily romantically or sexually celibate. The subject of godspouses is controversial and sometimes rejected even in the Heathen communities in which the practice is found.

June 29 Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2022 June 29

Solar System Family Portrait

Image Credit & Copyright: Alexis Trigo

Explanation: Yes, but have you ever seen all of the planets at once? A rare roll-call of planets has been occurring in the morning sky for much of June. The featured fisheye all-sky image, taken a few mornings ago near the town of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, caught not only the entire planet parade, but the Moon between Mars and Venus. In order, left to right along the ecliptic plane, members of this Solar System family portrait are EarthSaturnNeptuneJupiterMarsUranusVenusMercury, and Earth. To emphasize their locations, Neptune and Uranus have been artificially enhanced. The volcano just below Mercury is Licancabur. In July, Mercury will move into the Sun’s glare but reappear a few days later on the evening side. Then, in August, Saturn will drift past the direction opposite the Sun and so become visible at dusk instead of dawn. The next time that all eight planets will be simultaneously visible in a morning sky will be in 2122.


Notable Submissions to APOD: Morning Planet Parade 2022 June

June 29 Today in History

Today’s Important Historical Events

1613 Shakespeare‘s Globe Theatre in London, burns down during a performance of “Henry VIII”

1900 The Imperial Chinese Court issues what is essentially a declaration of war against foreigners in China blaming them for hostilities and giving license to the Boxers for even greater ferocity

1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes after an 83-day filibuster in the US Senate

1966 Vietnam War: US planes bomb the North Vietnamese capital Hanoi and the port city of Haiphong for the first time

1994 US reopens Guantanamo Naval Base to process refugees

Today’s Historical Events

512 A solar eclipse is recorded by a monastic chronicler in Ireland

922 Kingdom of the West Franks crowns Robert I as King of West Francia, after deposing Charles the Simple (Charles III)

1072 Former Byzantine Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes blinded by rivals and exiled

1149 Raymond of Antioch is defeated and killed at the Battle of Inab by Nur ad-Din.

1194 Sverre is crowned King of Norway

1312 Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII crowned

1377 French raid at Rye, England

1428 Jacoba of Bavaria signs cease fire with Philip the Good

Today’s Historical Events in Film and TV

1936 George M. Cohan is the first artist to be presented with a US Congressional Gold Medal, by Franklin D. Roosevelt (for raising war morale)

1940 Batman Comics, mobsters rubbed out a circus highwire team known as the Flying Graysons, leaving their son Dick (Robin) an orphan

1953 XETV TV channel 6 in Tijuana-San Diego, CA (IND) begins broadcasting

1964 1st draft of Star Trek’s pilot “Cage” released

1966 KBSC (now KVEA) TV channel 52 in Corona-Los Angeles, CA begins

1988 Emmy 15th Daytime Award presentation – Susan Lucci loses for 9th time

1989 Emmy 16th Daytime Award presentation – Susan Lucci loses for 10th time

1990 Marla Maples father sues National Enquirer for $12M

Today’s Historical Events in Music

1888 First (known) recording of classical music made, Handel’s “Israel in Egypt” on wax cylinder

1946 “Are You with It?” closes at Century Theater NYC after 264 performances

1946 “Billion Dollar Baby” closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 219 performances

1963 “Little Me” closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC after 257 performances

1963 Beatles’ 1st song “From Me to You” hits UK charts

1967 Keith Richards is sentenced to 1 year in jail on drugs charge

1968 “Tip-Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me” by Tiny Tim peaks at #17

1971 Rolling Stones Mick Jagger & Keith Richards sentenced on drug offense

Today’s Historical Events in Sports

1895 US National Championship Women’s Tennis: Juliette Atkinson beats defending champion Helen Hellwig 6-4, 6-2, 6-1

1897 Chicago Colts establish MLB record for most runs scored in a game by one team as they maul Louisville Colonels, 36 – 7 at the West Side Grounds, Chicago

1901 US National Championship Women’s Tennis, Philadelphia CC: Elisabeth Moore beats defending champion Myrtle McAteer 6-4, 3-6, 7-5, 2-6, 6-2 for her second of 4 US singles titles

1903 US Open Men’s Golf, Baltusrol GC: Willie Anderson of Scotland first to win the Open twice; beats countryman David Brown by 2 strokes in an 18-hole playoff

1906 US Open Men’s Golf, Onwentsia GC: Scotsman Alex Smith wins first of his 2 Open titles, 7 strokes ahead of runner-up and younger brother Willie Smith

1910 Wimbledon Women’s Tennis: In an all-British final, Dorothea Chambers beats Dora Boothby 6-2, 6-2 for her 4th of 7 Wimbledon singles titles

1933 Italian boxer Primo Carnera KOs American defending champion Jack Sharkey in round 6 at Madison Square Garden, NYC to become third European to win the lineal world heavyweight title

1934 British Open Men’s Golf, Royal St. George’s GC: Henry Cotton of England wins wire-to-wire by 5 shots from South African Sid Brews

June New Moon 2022 Insider – Anne Ribley

New creation timelines are being called forth. Super-charge intentions with a New Moon Ritual.
Currently, a powerful cycle of growth forward is forging a new future. The 7 easy steps to spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual can create the clarity connection to manifest your clear intentions and hold space for the world needs from each of us at this time.
Put pen to paper, antenna to God/Source,/Creation. Set the intentions with your “write it right” list/letter. Allow yourself to name it and claim it. Open yourself to the support ready to step forth in ways beyond what is known at this time.
June Manifesting New Moon Focus:
Powerful new creational energy is being activated to catalyze new creations, ways of being. What’s your energizing word that represents your focus and frequency for the new creations calling your life currently?
The power of the current time is causing a dropping into the deeper desire lines that have been rising to the surface. Listening in. Leaning in. Loving them to be heard, healed, and honored.
What are the deep desire lines in your life ready to be lifted to the surface for love and attention to come more online and alive?

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The June 2022 new moon will bring intense, overwhelming emotions

Let’s get emotional!

A new moon in Cancer will put you in your feels beginning June 28, 2022. New moons open a door to you that had been previously locked, encouraging you to venture forth into new territory.

New moons also offer new beginnings and a chance to look at things from a different perspective, depending on where they fall in the sky. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, which means that we are encouraged to assess our emotional stability and security, as well as the foundation our lives stand upon.

We can initiate new emotional journeys now as we also reflect on where we have been and how our ancestors led us to be where we now stand. New moons occur usually once a month and are always tied to fresh starts, new cycles and unique journeys. Depending on where they fall for your Rising and Sun signs, you’ll see an opportunity to seize the day and create actions that will ultimately culminate within the coming year ahead.

Read how your zodiac sign will be affected here and for more information on the new moon, check out the information after the horoscopes. Follow me for daily insight or read 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now!

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A Laugh for Today

You guys too!

We can all fly by the dark of the Moon and wonder at the stars and planet all around us in our vast universe. Just have to be careful of all the sky rise buildings or splat we will go.