June 27, 2022 Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions Digest

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Northwestern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Los Angeles, California, USA

June 27, 2022
07:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM PDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:06 Cancer 07
Moon:21 Gemini 41
Mercury:16 Gemini 42
Venus:05 Gemini 41
Mars:24 Aries 44
Jupiter:07 Aries 11
Saturn:24 Aquarius 50 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 37
Neptune:25 Pisces 27
Pluto:27 Capricorn 52 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 53 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 07 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 13

Chiron:16 Aries 14
Ceres:18 Cancer 31
Pallas:26 Taurus 32
Juno:19 Pisces 07
Vesta:06 Pisces 30

Eris:24 Aries 59


Northern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Chicago, Illinois, USA

June 27, 2022
05:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM CDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:06 Cancer 02
Moon:20 Gemini 42
Mercury:16 Gemini 34
Venus:05 Gemini 35
Mars:24 Aries 40
Jupiter:07 Aries 11
Saturn:24 Aquarius 50 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 36
Neptune:25 Pisces 27
Pluto:27 Capricorn 52 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 53 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 07 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 13

Chiron:16 Aries 14
Ceres:18 Cancer 29
Pallas:26 Taurus 30
Juno:19 Pisces 06
Vesta:06 Pisces 30

Eris:24 Aries 58


Northeastern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

27 June 2022
10:00 am GMT 12:00 PM CEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:05 Cancer 45
Moon:17 Gemini 14
Mercury:16 Gemini 06
Venus:05 Gemini 14
Mars:24 Aries 28
Jupiter:07 Aries 09
Saturn:24 Aquarius 51 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 36
Neptune:25 Pisces 27
Pluto:27 Capricorn 53 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 54 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 08 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 11

Chiron:16 Aries 13
Ceres:18 Cancer 21
Pallas:26 Taurus 22
Juno:19 Pisces 03
Vesta:06 Pisces 28

Eris:24 Aries 58


A Thought for Today

Until we meet again dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may your life be filled with all things positive!

June 26, 2022 Daily Horoscopes Digest

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Moon Alert

Avoid shopping or important decisions from 3 PM to 7:30 PM EDT today (12 noon to 4:30 PM PDT). After that, the Moon moves from Taurus into Gemini.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You are in a creative frame of mind today, which is why you will see new uses for something that you own. You might reconfigure or redesign something. Because your imagination is in overdrive, be careful about financial decisions. Check Moon Alert above.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

For most of this day, the Moon is in your sign having a dreamy relationship with Neptune, which makes you feel laid-back and interested in fanciful ideas. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world.”

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Relax as much as possible today. Work alone or behind the scenes because you will enjoy daydreaming and conjuring up future possibilities in your mind. You might share these ideas with others because with Mercury in your sign, you are eager to enlighten.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Today you will find it easy to idealize a friend or admire them. Some might feel this kind of admiration or inspiration about a group, especially a charitable organization. If you decide to join a group today, think clearly, and perhaps wait a few days to see if this is what you really want to do.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Others might misunderstand you today or feel confused by the impression that you create. Quite likely, they will admire you but also, it’s as if they are seeing you through Vaseline on their lens. This can make you appear glamorous. It can also make you appear flaky? (Just so you know.)

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You’re attracted to fanciful plans about future travel, further education or doing something adventurous and exciting! You want to expand your world! It’s wonderful to use your imagination. However, make sure that in a day or two, these plans still hold water and have the same appeal.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You might feel empathetic and sympathetic to someone who is less fortunate than you, which is why you are inclined to help them as much as possible, and be generous. This is admirable. However, your aroused idealism could be misleading. Don’t give away the farm.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

A conversation with a partner or close friend will be laid back and relaxed today. You might entertain imaginative ideas? These are always fun to explore. However, because you are in a fanciful mood today, wait until tomorrow or Monday to agree to make a commitment.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Because your idealism is aroused today, you will want to help coworkers or work on behalf of someone. You might also give your time to help pets or animal rescue organizations. Be careful about committing too much. See how these ideas look on Monday.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

This is a wonderful day to be creative and explore the arts. Artists, in particular, will be productive and able to work with a heightened imagination. Social occasions will be fun-loving and whimsical. Enjoy playful activities with children. Romance will shimmer!

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

You feel sympathetic to the needs of a family member today. If you can help someone, you certainly will. However, if someone makes a serious demand on you, which requires a commitment on your part, wait until Monday to respond. This will be wise.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Today you might spend a lot of time being lost in fantasy and daydreams. That’s okay, we all need a mental health day like this now and then. You might come up with marvellous ideas? If so, write them down. However, be leery about firm decisions.

If Your Birthday Is Today

Comedian, actor Ricky Gervais (1961) shares your birthday today. You are an observant, very perceptive person. You understand people. You are creative and love to travel. Many of you have different lifestyles. This year is the first year of a new nine-year cycle for you, which means anything can happen. Be courageous. Explore new avenues and new directions.


June 26, 2022 Birthday Horoscope Digest

May the next year of your life be better than the past year!

Click here to read anyone’s birthday horoscope from sunsigns.org

JUNE 26 Birthday Horoscope reports that you can be tenacious, shrewd and intuitive. You are likely to have a good memory and enjoy talking to people. You come across as a smart person.

Generally, you are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others often and put someone else’s needs before your own. The helpful and domesticated nature of a Cancer individual is a natural quality for the nurturer.

The negative qualities endured by the Cancerian, according to the June 26th birthday personality traits and characteristics is that you can be that you are selfish, possessive and manipulative. At the same time, your feelings are easily hurt.

Let it go… it was just karma, okay. Without certain needs, you are likely to be grumpy or moody. Those born on this day try hard to cover weaknesses and letdown.

According to the June 26 horoscope, you usually are not the one to break the ice when it comes to romancing. The fear of being rejected is just too much. This behavior finds you isolated and feeling blue.

When you do make a love connection, you occasionally lose yourself in the other person, therefore; you may become attached to someone in an unhealthy way. Still, in the bedroom, you are the experienced driver. You believe in giving pleasure before receiving it. Your gratification is subject to an intimate and secure union.

The June 26 birthday astrology analysis predicts that you may confuse emotional longing and love. This conflict can harm the relationship because you will eventually feel that your lover is not giving you enough attention.

Placing demands on your partner will surely not make a great impression. When you feel that you are losing control, you dig deeper, and you end up drawing out the break up, as you do not deal with rejection well at all.

There is no doubt that Cancer birthday personalities born on June 26, make responsible bankers. You must be organized and disciplined to handle money effectively, and you own those qualities. Personally, you have the smarts to avoid spending frivolously and feel that you must save to meet the unexpected head-on.

If today June 26 is your birthday, you tend to want compensation based on your ability as opposed to your physical attributes. As a professional, your strong points are that you have a cool attitude, you enjoy a challenge and people can trust you.

Financial security is high on your list of priorities according to the June 26 zodiac meanings. You typically want the best. In a working environment, you want to have quality furnishings with touches of your family and home life.

Other professions that may tickle your fancy could be in the food industry or domestic jobs. According to the June 26 Saturn rules this day analysis, you love the water, and you would consider having an office overlooking a boat pier as an additional benefit. You would do well to counsel maybe as a social worker or psychotherapist.

Cancer people born on June 26 can be egotistical, domineering and controlling. However, you become a timid individual in the face of rejection. You could place certain expectations on your loved ones that are just too high.

The Cancer horoscope analysis for June 26 birthday suggests that maybe you are confused about what love is. Those born on this day are crabs that want the very best out of life and all the extras that come with living the life of a successful banker or therapist.


Famous People And Celebrities Born On June 26

Derek JeterJennette McCurdy, Samir Nasri, Nick Offerman, Ryan Tedder, Michael Vick, Deron Williams

See: Famous Celebrities Born On July 26

This Day That Year – June 26 In History

1498 – Designed a tool for cleaning your teeth and gums
1894 – Karl Benz owns the rights to a gas-operated vehicle
1900 – Research was done by Dr. Walter Reed to cure Yellow Fever
1952 – In South Africa, Nelson Mandela and 51 other people break curfew

June 26 Karka Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)

June 26 Chinese Zodiac GOAT

June 26 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Moon.

Moon stands for our immediate reactions, habits, feelings and nurturing.

June 26 Birthday Symbols

The Crab Is The Symbol For The Cancer Zodiac Sign

June 26 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is Strength. This card shows your inner courage, control, motivation, and confidence. The Minor Arcana cards are Two of Cups and Queen of Cups.

June 26 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Pisces: This relationship between the two water signs is excellent and has excellent compatibility.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Libra: A relationship between the Crab and the Balance zodiac signs is complicated.

See Also:

June 26 Lucky Numbers

Number 5 – This number stands for choices, freedom, experience, learning, and companionship.
Number 8 – This number symbolizes Karma, success, ambition, material freedom, judgment, and perfection.

Read about: Birthday Numerology

Lucky Colors For June 26 Birthday

White: This is a peaceful color that symbolizes simplicity, faith, purity and new beginnings.
Burgundy: This color stands for seriousness, elegance, power, wealth and motivation.

Lucky Days For June 26 Birthday

Monday – Planet Moon rules this weekday. It symbolizes a day of remembering your roots and understanding your moods.
Saturday – Saturn rules this day. It stands for a day of introspection of your achievements, future goals, failures and important decisions.

June 26 Birthstone Pearl

Pearl is an astral gemstone that symbolizes innocence, purity, fidelity, and loyalty.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On June 26th

Homemade picnic lunch for the Cancer man and a lacy white nightgown for the woman. The June 26 birthday horoscope predicts that you love gifts that are made by hand.

June 26, 2022 Current Moon Phase Digest

You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious, you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else was born.

From MoonGiant.com

The Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a Waning Crescent phase. In this phase the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day until the New Moon. During this part of the Moon cycle, the Moon is getting closer to the Sun as viewed from Earth and the night side of the Moon is facing the Earth with only a small edge of the Moon being illuminated. This phase is best viewed an hour or 2 before the sunrise and can be quite beautiful if you’re willing to get up early. It can also be a great time to see the features of the Moon’s surface. Along the edge where the illuminated portion meets the dark side, the craters and mountains cast long shadows making them easier to observe with a telescope or binoculars.

Visit the June 2022 Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Today’s Waning Crescent Phase

The Waning Crescent on June 26 has an illumination of 6%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On June 26 the Moon is 27.19 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

The 8 Lunar Phases

There are 8 lunar phases the Moon goes through in its 29.53 days lunar cycle. The 4 major Moon phases are Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter. Between these major phases, there are 4 minor ones: the Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. For more info on the Moon Cycle and on each phase check out Wikipedia Lunar Phase page.

Phase Details

Phase: Waning Crescent
Illumination: 6%
Moon Age: 27.19 days
Moon Angle: 0.50
Moon Distance: 402,125.96 km
Sun Angle: 0.52
Sun Distance: 152,075,969.37 km

Useful Moon Resources

June 26, 2022 Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions Digest

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For Your Local Time and Date

Northwestern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Los Angeles, California, USA

June 26, 2022
07:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM PDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:05 Cancer 10
Moon:09 Gemini 49
Mercury:15 Gemini 08
Venus:04 Gemini 29
Mars:24 Aries 01
Jupiter:07 Aries 05
Saturn:24 Aquarius 52 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 34
Neptune:25 Pisces 27
Pluto:27 Capricorn 54 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 57 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 10 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 07

Chiron:16 Aries 13
Ceres:18 Cancer 04
Pallas:26 Taurus 04
Juno:18 Pisces 57
Vesta:06 Pisces 25

Eris:24 Aries 58


Northern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Chicago, Illinois, USA

June 26, 2022
05:00 pm GMT 12:00 PM CDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:05 Cancer 05
Moon:08 Gemini 50
Mercury:15 Gemini 01
Venus:04 Gemini 23
Mars:23 Aries 57
Jupiter:07 Aries 05
Saturn:24 Aquarius 52 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 34
Neptune:25 Pisces 27
Pluto:27 Capricorn 54 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 57 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 10 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 06

Chiron:16 Aries 12
Ceres:18 Cancer 02
Pallas:26 Taurus 02
Juno:18 Pisces 56
Vesta:06 Pisces 25

Eris:24 Aries 58


Northeastern Hemisphere

The time for these Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

26 June 2022
10:00 am GMT 12:00 PM CEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:04 Cancer 48
Moon:05 Gemini 22
Mercury:14 Gemini 34
Venus:04 Gemini 03
Mars:23 Aries 45
Jupiter:07 Aries 03
Saturn:24 Aquarius 53 Rx
Uranus:17 Taurus 33
Neptune:25 Pisces 26
Pluto:27 Capricorn 54 Rx

True Lunar Node:21 Taurus 57 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:20 Taurus 11 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Cancer 04

Chiron:16 Aries 12
Ceres:17 Cancer 55
Pallas:25 Taurus 53
Juno:18 Pisces 53
Vesta:06 Pisces 23

Eris:24 Aries 58


June 26 Tarot Card, Rune, Witch’s Rune, Ogham Divination Journal

Tarot Card

Click on the hyperlinks for more information about The Wanderer card from the Wildwood Tarot deck on tarotx.net

The Wanderer – Major Arcana

Menu of Contents

I. The position of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot on the Wheel of the Year

II. The Description of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

III. The Meaning of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

IV. The guideline of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

V. Keywords and extensions of The Wanderer Wildwood Tarot

More The Fool Cards from Famous Tarot Decks


From naturesenergieshealth.com



A Rune sacred to Thor, God of thunder and strength.
Right Side
A rune of creativity and sexual energy. UR also represents the death of a cycle, out with the old wild ox and in with the new. May indicate a dark period with material loss or the loss of a person but new opportunities will arise from this. It is indicative of an unpredictable power, tests and greed. Opportunities, sexuality and good luck are the keywords for this rune.
Opportunities that have passed by, possible health problems and a lack of progress in certain areas.

Witch’s Rune

From psychic-revelation.com – Witch’s Runes


Keywords: Love, relationships.

Meanings: The Rings is the rune of love and again, when it is the leading stone, it is a positive answer to your question. It is very much a rune of relationship and can indicate engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. It can also indicate the need for a fresh approach to an existing relationship.


From symbolsage.com – Ogham Symbols


Associated with the willow tree, Saille corresponds to letter S. Willow trees are associated with the moon and water. However, the tree used in the ogham alphabet isn’t the famous weeping willow, but the pussy willow.

Since it’s sacred to the moon, it also embodies the association of imagination, intuition, and instinct, as well as flexibility and flow. Also, it’s regarded as sacred to the Welsh goddess Ceridwen who rules over the moon.

June 26 I Ching, Numerology, Angel Number, Animal Spirit Guide or Helper Divination Journal

I Ching

From psychic-revelation.com – I Ching

Hexagram Thirty – Four/34

Name: Ta Chuang.

Keyphrase: The power of the great.

Formed By The Trigrams: Thunder over Heaven.


General: To win an advantage you not only need increase your strength but to accompany it with responsible action.

Love: You will find others have a powerful attraction to you – use this power wisely.

Business: This is a favorable time for business but do not try and go to far. Make sure you protect yourself and those around you.

Personal: Problem issues can be favorably overcome if tackled with honor and compassion.


Overview: Ta Chuang relates to the chance to take advantage of the current situation. Unlike Tun which urges a temporary retreat, Ta Chuang urges you to make the most of it. It carries the warning though, that overconfidence can lead to a downfall. Don’t be rash, plan your strategy wisely and minimize damage wherever possible. Feeling empowered is good, but don’t be narcissistic about it.


Click here for more information about the numerology meaning for the number 3 from numeroscop.net


Three, among the numbers of the numerological core, implies special vision that indicates exactly what the world is lacking for perfection, as well as the urgent need to fill this gap, a need that becomes the basis of motivation and the main driving force for every step of life. This is a unique type of discontent, spiritual thirst that can’t be satisfied with the usual creature comforts. Only having created something new, something that has never existed before, you can find inner peace and feel the joy of life.

Positive qualities


The main strength of the Three is love of life and invincible optimism. It is almost impossible to make you doubt yourself or the importance of your role. Minor mishaps don’t count. You are sure that in the Fifth Act everything will fall into place, and the Ending will be incredible.

This carefree attitude is due to your expressiveness and artistry. Practical advice and comments like, “You can’t live like this!” cause your sincere puzzlement: “What else is life if not this?”

Negative qualities

The weakness of the Three’s character is their tendency to become depressed whenever the Feast of Life stops for even a moment. It usually occurs in cases when the lack of attention and interaction take place.

Your selfishness makes you demand recognition and expressions of interest from anyone who contacts you in any way. As soon as the familiar ritual is broken – say, someone forgot to call you, or was reluctant to respond to your request – you immediately come to the conclusion that the world is falling apart, and your life is over.

Name Numerology

Three in name numerology – Minor Expression Number, Heart’s Desire Number and Personality Number – detects the presence of creativity, that is the innate ability to create something new and predisposition to this kind of activity.

When this talent is remarkable, you reject all other activities already at an early age. But if it isn’t, you may need a long time to discover these abilities and develop them. In this case it is very useful to know for sure that you do have them.

Birthday Numerology

Three in the date of birth – Life Path Number and Birth Day Number – will allow you to live …

Angel Number

Click on the hyperlinks for more information about angel number 3333 from numerologynation.com

Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty-Three

Angel Number 3333 represents the deep connection between you and the ascended masters. It signals that a spiritual awakening is about to take place in your life.

Numbers are a universal language used not just by humans but also by our spiritual guides when they want to communicate with us.

Since the ascended masters can’t talk with us directly, they send us these numbers to convey their message using universal energies.

If the 3333 Angel number is showing up everywhere you go, it’s a strong indication to take notice and discover its hidden meaning.

Here is a look at the meanings of the master number 3333 and how to view it from different perspectives.


Angel Number 3333 Meaning and Significance

What Does Angel Number 3333 Mean Spiritually?

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 3333?

What Does Angel Number 3333 Mean in Love?

Angel Number 3333 According to Doreen Virtue

What Does Angel Number 3333 Mean in the Bible?

Why is the Number 3333 Considered an Angel Number?


Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

Click on the hyperlinks for more about the spiritual information about the Hummingbird on uniguide.com

The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, good luck, messages from spirits, and other special qualities. It’s no surprise that hummingbird symbolism and meaning are important to people around the world. Just as the hummingbird spirit animal is a sacred totem for many. While they are tiny beings, hummingbirds pack a lot of powerful, positive energy.

In this post, you’ll find a detailed guide on hummingbird symbolism, spiritual meanings, and cultural mythology. Plus, you’ll learn more about what hummingbird encounters may mean in your life.

Pagan and Magickal Terms and Definitions

Today’s Word is


From moonlitpriestess.com

Another term for a protective object (see also Amulet, Talisman, and Charm Bag); also refers to a set of rhyming words as part of a spell.

From Spells8.com

From the Latin carmen meaning “song, incantation,” but came to be a generic term referring to any type of magick. As a noun, it commonly refers to a small object that protects its wearer from evil. As a verb, it commonly refers to refers to the act of using magick to exert control over a person.

June 26 Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2022 June 26

Light Echoes from V838 Mon

Image Credit: NASAESAH. E. Bond (STScI)

Explanation: What caused this outburst of V838 Mon? For reasons unknown, star V838 Mon‘s outer surface suddenly greatly expanded with the result that it became one of the brighter stars in the Milky Way Galaxy in early 2002. Then, just as suddenly, it shrunk and faded. A stellar flash like this had never been seen before — supernovas and novas expel matter out into space. Although the V838 Mon flash appears to expel material into space, what is seen in the featured image from the Hubble Space Telescope is actually an outwardly expanding light echo of the original flash. In a light echo, light from the flash is reflected by successively more distant surfaces in the complex array of ambient interstellar dust that already surrounded the star. V838 Mon lies about 20,000 light years away toward the constellation of the unicorn (Monoceros), while the light echo above spans about six light years in diameter.

June 26 Today in History

Today’s Important Historical Events

363 Roman Emperor Julian is killed during retreat from the Sassanid Empire. General Jovian is proclaimed Emperor by troops on the battlefield.

1794 Battle of Fleurus: major victory by forces of the First French Republic under General Jean-Baptiste Jourdan over the Coalition Army (Great Britain, Hanover, Dutch Republic, and Habsburgs) first use of reconnaissance balloon

1857 The first 62 recipients are awarded the Victoria Cross for valour in the Crimean war by Queen Victoria

1917 1st US troops arrive in France during World War I

1945 United Nations Charter signed by 50 nations in San Francisco

2016 Panama Canal’s third set of locks opens for commercial traffic, doubling the Canal’s capacity at an estimated cost of $5.25 billion

Today’s Historical Events

363 Roman Emperor Julian is killed during retreat from the Sassanid Empire. General Jovian is proclaimed Emperor by troops on the battlefield.

684 St Benedict II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1243 Battle of Köse Dağ: Mongols under Baiju defeat Seljuk army of Sultan Kaykhusraw II during Mongol attacks in north east Turkey

1284 According to the Lüneburg manuscript, a piper leads 130 children of Hamelin away

1409 Council of Pisa selects Petros Philargi as 3rd Pope: Alexander V

1483 Duke of Gloucester succeeds as King Richard III of England after Parliament declared Edward V illegitimate

1498 Toothbrush invented in China using boar bristles

1553 Christ’s Hospital in England granted a charter

Today’s Historical Events in Film and TV

1925 “The gold rush“, directed, starring and written by Charlie Chaplin, is released

1946 Fred Allen’s last radio show, his guest is Jack Benny

1953 KCTV (now KLST) TV channel 8 in San Angelo, TX (CBS) 1st broadcast

1959 9th Berlin International Film Festival: “The Cousins” wins Golden Bear

1962 WSEC (now WLRN) TV channel 17 in Miami, FL (PBS) begins broadcasting

1964 14th Berlin International Film Festival: “Dry Summer” wins the Golden Bear

1971 21st Berlin International Film Festival: “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis” wins the Golden Bear

1979 “Moonraker”, 11th James Bond film starring Roger Moore, premieres in London

Today’s Historical Events in Music

1870 Richard Wagner‘s opera “Valkyrie”, second in his Ring Cycle premieres in Munich, featuring “Ride of the Valkyries”

1912 Gustav Mahler’s 9th Symphony premieres in Vienna

1924 “Ziegfeld Follies of 1924”, featuring Billie Burke and W.C. Fields, opens at the New Amsterdam Theatre, NYC

1966 “Time for Singing” closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 41 performances

1971 “Man of La Mancha” closes at ANTA Wash Sq Theater NYC after 2329 performances

1973 London production of musical “Grease” premieres

1977 Elvis Presley sings in Indianapolis, the last performance of his career

1979 Rocker Nigel Olsson runs a stop sign, accidentally crashes & kills a driver

Today’s Historical Events in Sports

1899 Wimbledon Men’s Tennis: R.F. Doherty wins 3rd straight Wimbledon singles championship; beats Arthur Gore 1-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3

1906 Hongar Szisz wins 1st Grand-Prix (Le Mans, France)

1910 US National Championship Women’s Tennis, Philadelphia CC: Defending champion Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman beats Louise Hammond 6-4, 6-2

1911 US Open Men’s Golf, Chicago GC: 19-year old John McDermott becomes first American born champion; wins in a playoff with Mike Brady and George Simpson

1916 Cleveland Indians experiment with numbers on their jerseys (one game)

1925 British Open Men’s Golf, Prestwick GC: English born American Jim Barnes captures his only Open title, 1 stroke ahead of runners-up Ted Ray and Archie Compston

1935 Surrey’s former England Test cricket batsman Andy Sandham scores his 100th first class century (103) v Hampshire at Basingstoke

1937 Test cricket debut of Len Hutton v NZ at Lord’s, scores 0 & 1

2,550 Submerged Wooden Objects Recovered From The Templo Mayor Of Tenochtitlan

Archaeologists have recovered as many as 2,550 wooden objects from the Templo Mayor in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan in Mexico City. The rescued objects have survived more than 500 years submerged in water, some completely flooded.

As explained on AncientPages.com earlierthe “most important sacred temple complex of the Aztecs – the Main Temple (in Spanish: Templo Mayor) was built in the center of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán.

According to Aztec chronicles, the first temple (later followed by its twin temple) was built after 1325 and enlarged several times over the course of the 14th and 15th centuries.

The twin temples were dedicated to the god of rain and fertility, Tlaloc (“the one who makes sprout“), and Huitzilopochtli, god of war and sun.

Aztec chronicles confirm that both gods were frequently appeased with human sacrifices and other public rituals that took place in the temple.”

Scientists report the extraordinary offerings found at the foot of the Great Temple of old Tenochtitlan include darts, dart throwers, pectorals, earrings, masks, ornaments, earmuffs, sceptres, jars, headdresses, a representation of a flower and another of bone, all found in the ritual deposits made by the priests to consecrate a building or make a request to the Aztec gods.

A high and constant level of humidity, little oxygen, and …

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Why Your Zodiac Sign is Probably Wrong

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Many of us have hunches about our zodiac sign. Remember Penny, from the Big Bang? First of all, I am a Saggitarius. Perhaps you’ve always had a feeling that people born under a certain animal are more likely to share your interests or personality. Or maybe you think that people who were born under the same astrological constellation as you have similar values, skills, and interests. However, the truth is, that our zodiac sign meaning might not be as reliable as we think it is. No matter how much we wish it wouldn’t be so, no single zodiac element can describe a person completely. Some of us may have traits that are common for those born in a particular sign (like being an early bird), others may only do things that their particular sign indicates (like being very good at music). But with all these inaccuracies aside, knowing what your zodiac sign is supposed to signify can still help you understand yourself better and discover your hidden talents.

What does everyone else think your Zodiac Sign Means?

Your zodiac sign is supposed to represent your intellectual and emotional make-up. It’s your primary personality type. There are 4 types of Zodiac: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. 

The first group of the zodiac (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) is associated with the Fire element and is said to be quick-tempered and impatient. The second group (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) is associated with the Water element and takes things slowly. The Wind signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. And the Earth signs are Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn The zodiac sign elements are a great way to help you find out what you’re like when it comes to key personality traits. But there are some misconceptions about what the signs stand for: 

  • People born under Aries are believed to be selfish and self-centered because they’re always taking care of their needs before others’. 
  • People born under Virgo are often thought of as perfectionists or hard workers because they’re always productive. 
  • And people who were born under Scorpio are often seen as dark souls because they have a tendency to feel emotions intensely. Сheck it out here.

Finding out what your true Zodiac Sign is

Whatever your zodiac sign, there is probably a lot more to you than meets the eye. If you want to get a better understanding of yourself, then it may help to know what your zodiac sign is saying about you. To find out what your zodiac sign says about you and what your other signs are saying, understand the meaning of each sign: 

Aries: The ram 

Taurus: The bull 

Gemini: The twins 

Cancer: The crab 

Leo: The lion 

Virgo: The virgin 

Libra: The scales 

Scorpio: The scorpion 

Sagittarius: The archer 

Capricorn: The goat 

Aquarius – The water-bearer

Pisces – The fish

Assigning New Signs to Old Zodiac Constellations

No matter how accurate you think your zodiac sign dates are, the one that describes you best might not be the one you originally had. Luckily, astrology has been around long enough for there to be a few other signs for old Zodiac constellations. For example, if your sign was Taurus and your constellation was Leo, then you could switch to Virgo. If it was Scorpio and your constellation was Sagittarius, then you could change to Pisces as well. Your new Zodiac constellation can be based on how you feel about life in general or how it relates to yourself specifically. If a certain constellation just doesn’t seem right for you anymore but feels like it fits someone else better, consider changing it up! 


HOWEVER: Changing your zodiac sign does not mean that all of your old traits will disappear. You’ll continue to have those same characteristics regardless of which zodiac sign you choose – they’re just labeled differently now.

Who Is Your Real-Life Zodiac Sign?

Just because your sign is on the list, doesn’t mean that you are 100% like that person. It just means that you have a good idea of what type of personality traits and behaviors are common for people of that zodiac sign compatibility. For example, if you’re an Aries, chances are there’s something about you that has Aries written all over it. Your zodiac sign can also provide some insight into your career path. If you know what your zodiac sign says about your personality and interests, you might be able to identify where your passions lie. Additionally, knowing your zodiac sign can help you understand how other people see and relate to you as well as give a better perspective on how you should conduct yourself in different situations.

Other Things You Should Know About Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs you’re born under are usually considered to represent your personality. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, Gemini, which is associated with air and communication, doesn’t really mean anything about the personalities of those who are born under that zodiac sign. Another common misconception is that people born under the same zodiac sign have similar interests and values. This isn’t always true as well. Another thing worth noting is that every person is different and has their own unique traits regardless of the zodiac sign colors they prefer. Finally, personality changes throughout a person’s life with age, so don’t be too quick to pin your personality on your zodiac sign.

How Can You Use This Information?

Knowing your zodiac sign can help you understand yourself better and discover your hidden talents. If you’re not sure what your zodiac sign is, but you think it might be one of these: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio. Try out some of these questions to learn more about yourself: Do you ever feel like you need to prove yourself? Do people often underestimate the intelligence of those born under this sign? What zodiac sign is the smartest? Are people born under this sign often called a know-it-all? Are people born under this sign often seen as being too honest at times? Can someone born under this sign keep their cool when they are angry?

Bottom Line

Knowing your zodiac sign can help you understand yourself better and discover your hidden talents. You might find that the things that are true for you in life are not the same things that are true for people born in other signs. The reality is, that no single zodiac element can describe a person completely so knowing what your zodiac sign is supposed to signify can still help you understand yourself better and discover your hidden talents.