Your Love Potential Tarot Card for December 11 & December 12

Your Love Potential Tarot Card for December 11

The Hermit

No doubt you’ve begun to dream up all kinds of interesting ways you and your love interest could spend your time together. But The Hermit is a card of needing to pull your attention back a little and refocus your intentions. Things are or could start moving too fast. Don’t forget your social life beyond looking for love. The search for knowledge and a deeper understanding about this situation may be as close as a weekend NOT obsessing about your amore.





Your Love Potential Tarot Card for December 12

The Empress

Physical attraction may be what brings you together, but it’s not what will keep you together. You need to think about what can be nurtured for the future is you want to get serious. Your own personal development and life’s journey need to be taken into account as much as your desire for romance. If you’re going to really make a future together, you will need a strong foundation to build on. The physical stuff should come easy, but you need to work on more substantial matters. How deep you want this to be?