Your Gem Oracle for December 11 & December 12

Your Gem Oracle for December 11

Cat’s Eye

Main Focus: Career

Fortune. Seize opportunities now! Finances are available to you, but don’t waste it or blow your savings.

You’re surrounded by new opportunities to make money now, with Cat’s Eye in the second position. Though you may be tempted to dip into your savings to make a large purchase, this is not advisable. You have the ability to manifest a raise, inheritance, promotion, or even a brand new position now. Don’t waste what’s coming to you, nor assume that finances will replenish of their own accord.



Your Gem Oracle for December 12


Focus: Romance

Unrest. Uncertainties, misunderstandings, and dissatisfaction. Incompatibility and inappropriate passion.

This gemstone indicates that it’s been a challenge in the romantic department lately, as misunderstandings and arguments happen more frequently than you would like. You may find that a partner simply doesn’t fit into your life and your plans the way you’d hoped, and changes have to be made. The issue is: who’s going to blink first. If you have your eye on someone you know is wrong for you, reconsider your motivations.