Your Daily Planet Tracker: Mars in Aquarius, Now Until November 15

Idealistic, Original, and Independent

Now – November 15, 2018

While fierce Mars moves through the brilliant sign of Aquarius, we’re eager to fight for our freedom, our individuality, and our community! Aquarius is a sign that marches to its own beat, and we simply won’t allow our ideas and ambitions to be silenced or shoved aside during this transit.

Mars in Aquarius is a time to revolutionize our way of doing things. It blesses us with magnificent visions to improve not only our daily lives, but society as a whole. Our minds are clear and we are free to think and act in whatever way is needed. We can see a better future, and the steps we must take in order to reach it.

When Mars is in Aquarius

Mars’ transit through Aquarius is a time to stand up for our rights and fight for change. Aquarius is a detached sign that doesn’t typically get too fired up, but Mars’ warrior-like presence here adds the fuel that is normally lacking and encourages us to champion our ideas and ideals. We are fighting for our freedoms, but we aren’t using our fists — with Mars in Aquarius, our minds are our greatest weapons.

Strength lies in fresh ideas and original plans during this transit. Traditional ways of thinking will only lead to more of the same — Mars in Aquarius is a time to identify what we want the future to look like, and to take active steps toward it. It’s not just about thinking outside the box, it’s about completely forgetting about the box. The only way to make things radically different is to act in radical ways.

Injustices and societal problems are impossible to ignore while Mars is in Aquarius. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, and is especially concerned with what’s happening to the underdog. While Mars is firing up this sign, we can clearly see what needs to change and how. We can see not just the problems, but the solutions. There’s a powerful opportunity for reformation and revolution during this transit that we don’t always have available to us.

It’s hard to follow anyone else’s rules while Mars moves through free-thinking Aquarius. And who would want to?! Mars in Aquarius is a rebel who shoves aside traditional ways of doing things for a more original approach. We’re all capable of brilliance if we allow ourselves to disconnect from our typical patterns and feelings to embrace a brand-new, totally different way of doing things. It’s about liberating ourselves and growing into our own, bit by bit.

If you were born with Mars in Aquarius

People born with their Mars in Aquarius are blessed with powerful minds and an insatiable need for freedom. You have an original way of thinking and doing things that opens opportunities and solutions where others see none. You like to surprise others — the second someone thinks they have you pegged, you’ll switch up your game. This open way of moving through the world helps you realize that nothing is permanent and there is always, always room for change and improvement.

People are very important to you. While you are an independent thinker, you thrive in group settings and know that there is strength in numbers. Aligning yourself with like-minded people not only builds your friendship circle, but it adds power to your ideas and support for the actions you want to take. It’s hard for you to connect with someone if you’re not on the same page. Your closest friends and lovers are the ones who think like you do.

You are connected to your community, and believe that every person deserves equal rights and opportunities. You will not stand for inequality. Instead of striving for what’s best for you in the moment, you focus on the future and what’s best for everyone.

If there’s one thing that makes you feel confined, it’s conforming — you are far too unique and brilliant to be stifled by anyone else’s limited way of doing things. Your mind is your most powerful asset, and you can’t stand to follow the rules. You think differently than others, making you both a visionary and a leader. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Your Karmic Number for October 10 is 8

by Eleanor


Wealth, or even a few extra dollars, can be manifested soon after getting an 8. Thinking about money 24/7 means that you are not open to the signs that are helping you know where to look. You have a poverty consciousness because it was instilled in you at an early age. You are still holding on to those messages that you are poor in at least one way. If you need money to pay bills then ask the Universe for a project that will do exactly that. Also, work through your foot and root chakra issues. Those old messages about money are closing you off to whatever wealth is truly yours.

Should you hold on or move on?

Your Ogham Reading for Wednesday, October 10

By Eleanor



The willow tree is often found growing along rivers and in areas of high water concentration. In nature it can protect riverbanks, but in human populated areas it can be a destructive force to drainage systems and walkways. This is why the letter Saille, the willow, is often associated with emotions, dreams, and the subconscious. It is a tree that longs to break up our outer protective world to get into the deep recesses to find more water and nourishment. Drawing this letter is a cause for serious soul searching.

Fortune – When you see this Ogham it is time to take a long look into your subconscious and innermost thoughts! Your soul knows the answer you seek!



The name of the oak tree was part of the early Celtic word for Druid. Oak trees have always had a greater tendency to be struck by lightning, thus they have always had a more sacred standing among many cultures. It is a tree of great strength, durable hardwood, and its roots grow as deep as the branches grow high. To the Druids it was the King of The Woods. Thus these features of the letter Duir allow us to focus this reading on strength, resilience, power, and nobility. Like the mighty oak tree you will prevail.

Fortune – This Ogham denotes new paths, new doorways, and success once you decide to follow these new ideas!



The beauty of heather flowers is one reason it is associated with the Irish Goddess of love, fertility, and new growth. Be happy when you draw this letter because it denotes love, companionship, and passion. Whether it will be a new love or an old love rekindled, Ura is a powerful symbol and one that may bring great luck in your love life.

Fortune – This Ogham deals in matters of Love. Whether it is new love or rekindling of old love, enjoy the peace and love that comes with Ura!

Your Daily Rune for October 10 is The Eye


Today’s Witches Rune

The Eye

Meaning: The eye has always been a powerful symbol for different cultures. Some believe that the soul resides in them, while others think it’s possible to curse a person merely by looking at them. Through our eyes we connect and express emotions and thoughts. Thus, this is one of the most powerful runes in the set, emphasizing the importance of any rune close to it. The Eye symbol is also related to “vision” is all senses, including the physical. This rune can represent our eyes and optic nerves. It can also represent activities such as research, analysis, photography and creative visualization. When it appears, there’s an urge to observe, to explore, to understand deeply what is before you. This rune is usually related to sudden realizations. Not necessarily a ‘shock’ (unless some violent rune is close it, like the Scythe and the Man), but more related to the lifting of veils. Your eyes are suddenly open, and you see things that were unknown to you before. A change of perception and focus in life is to be expected when this rune appears… whatever the situation is, the way you see it will be transformed.

The Eye rune also says that now it’s time for you to go after what you want. Your focus is powerful right now, and everything you concentrate on can become successful.This rune often represents a lonely journey towards a goal… it suggests a calling and a connection to something bigger, a sense of purpose. Your path is clear to you now; you know which way to go, even if you don’t know where exactly it’ll take you. In a spiritual level, This rune can represent a development of one’s psychic skills, or an advancement in one’s spiritual path. As you connect yourself to a deeper source, and learn to trust, you gain wisdom and your eyes see far. A higher power seems to be guiding you in times when the Eye appears. Like the Sun rune, this rune can mean that right now all eyes are on you. But unlike the former symbol, when the Eye appears there’s some discomfort related to such attention. It may be excessive and even unwelcome. In fact, this is one of this rune’s most negative facets: it may show an invasion of privacy, when someone (or even you) pry into another’s life and scrutinize their every move. Beware of flatterers and stalkers. The Eye cautions against obsession and the tendency to spy on other people’s affairs. In a relationship reading, the Eye can symbolize a predestined bond to another person.

Note that this does not promise a happy ending, but simply says that this connection is powerful and will be very important in your life. In fact, because the Eye rune is a solitary one, it is possible that the people in the relationship cannot be together due to difficult circumstances. Still, your bond that person will transform you. In a negative way, this rune can cautions against invading your partner’s personal space or stalking them.



Additional information about Today’s Witches Rune courtesy of Your Spiritual Journey Australia

Your Rune for Wednesday, October 10 is Nauthiz

By Eleanor

Your Rune for Today


“Not-this” – Literally: “Need-fire” or “Necessity” – Esoteric: Constraint, Friction

Key Concepts: Need, resistance, constraint, conflict, drama, effort, necessity, urgency, hard work, need-fire, life lessons, creative friction, distress, force of growth, the consequence of past action, short term pain for long term gain

Psi: resistance, need, effort

Energy: necessity, coming forth into being, urgency

Mundane: doing what must be done, chores, hard work

Divinations: Resistance (leading to strength), recognition of örlög (ultimate law, primal truth), innovation, need-fire (self-reliance), personal development and life lessons, achievement through effort; or constraint of freedom, distress, toil, drudgery, laxity, warnings, worry, guilt, moral cowardice, unfulfilled or unrecognized needs.


Overcoming distress or negative örlög
Acceptance of the unchangeable
Development of magical will, the manipulation of wyrd
Understanding the dynamic force of “resistance” in the process of creating
The generation of creative energy for problem solving
Protection of one’s own needs
Recognition of personal need
Love magic; especially to obtain a lover

Your Power Tarot Card for October 10th is The Hermit

by Eleanor

The Hermit










Communications are going to be tricky for a while any way you look at it. You may find yourself unable to show people your true value, or even getting cranky with people you usually have endless patience with. It is time to think outside the box. Use some creative outlets for your frustration and for those feelings that you just can’t put into words. Working with music or writing can feed your soul during this time.

Your Daily Angel Tarot Card for October 10 is The Fool

By Eleanor

The Fool










You need to expand your horizons, and Adnachiel is here to help. You are stuck in some situation that seems to suit you but ultimately you do not like it. Exit this thing that locks you down. Adnachiel helps you find out what you really want to do. It is time to listen to your heart. Your current inactivity pushes you to adopt an aggressive and sharp mentality. Be aware of the importance of tact, and do not be too obstinate – it adds nothing constructive! Trust yourself, and your angel is here to guide you.

Your Daily Love Tarot Card for Oct. 10 is The Moon

By Eleanor

The Moon










The Moon symbolizes depth, intimacy, and genuine feelings in phases or a series of enfoldments. The good news is that you rise higher with each step. Nothing comes all at once. When this card selects you, it says something is in early stages and you have the opportunity to interpret things as they really are. The Moon illuminates a long-term relationship, lighting the path to growth and healing.

Your Daily Tarot Card for October 10 is The World

By Eleanor

The World












The World card points to the presiding wisdom which upholds life on this and all worlds. In most Tarot decks, it is a female figure that has become our standard World image. She originates in Hebrew, Gnostic, and Alchemical lore, and stands between heaven and Earth as the cosmic mother of souls, the wife of God, and our protector from the karmic forces we have set loose upon the Earth in our immaturity and ignorance.

The goddess of The World card invites us into cosmic citizenship — once we come to realize our soul’s potential for it. It announces the awakening of the soul’s immortal being, accomplished without the necessity of dying.

This card, like the Sun, is reputed to have no negative meaning no matter where or how it appears. If the Hermetic axiom is “Know Thyself”, this image represents what becomes known when the true nature of self is followed to creative freedom and its ultimate realization. is Part of the Daily Insight Group © 2018

Good Wednesday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters Of The Craft!

Good Morning
I hope everyone is having a very blessed Wednesday. I wanted to talk to you about a decision I might have to make within the coming days. The decision involves my familiar Kade and this site or domain. It is a decision I have been weighing for several days now. I know some of you know a little about Kade but I would imagine others don’t. Kade is a cute, adorable Pomeranian and my familiar. I had one before him named Kiki for 13 years. She passed away in my arms several years ago. When she passed, it was one of the toughest things I believe I had ever been through. To this day, I still cry when I think about her. We had a very special bond and part of heart when into the ground the day we buried her.


After Kiki passed and I was still a basket case, my daughter and Mystie (a dear sister I lost in a car accident and Jacob & Joseph’s mother) both decided that they would cheer me up by getting me another ball of fuzz. My daughter got me Kade and Mystie raised the money through the site to have the other one shipped here to my doorstep. Nicholas (the one y’all all gave to me) was with me one day when we were hit in the side by a drunk driver. He like to hang out the window when we were going some place. We were hit so hard that the truck flipped and he was killed instantly. I was in the hospital for several months and on top of losing Kiki, I had now lost another familiar, Nicholas.


I still had Kade. He knew I was depressed and grieving. He was such a little skinny thing when I got him. He would try to crawl up in my lap and give me doggy kisses to make me feel better. I would have to boost him up by his butt to get him in my lap. As time when on, he developed a hacking cough and I took him to the vet. We all thought it was due to the fire(yeah, I had a stalker who burnt down my cabin and I was hospitalized again) but it kept getting worse and worse. So the vet was cleaning his teeth and while he was asleep he ran this microscopic something down his trachea to take a look to see what was going on. He has two spots in his trachea that has been damaged. Come to find out the man my daughter was married to had picked him up and threw him into a concrete column at their house. They had originally planned on buying me another dog then she told, why don’t you take Kade he would be better off out here. I found out why. Kade was hurt so bad by the idoit or in this case son of a bitch that he had to be taken to Nashville for treatment to his eye. They didn’t bother looking at his trachea down there.


I have known for a while what was wrong with him and I also knew that he would not get any better. He is only 6 years old and has a full life ahead of him. He deserves it after what he has been through. His trachea is getting worse though and the vet had mentioned putting a stint into his trachea to correct the problem. It is getting about time to do that I know it is coming.


My dilemma is not an easy one to make on one hand and on the other it is. I love Kade and I can’t stand to lose him. The operation is expensive and since most of you don’t know my personal situation, I will tell you. I draw a small disability check each month. It doesn’t pay all the bills at the house or the office and the store has stopped selling and the donations have also stopped. I am permanently disabled and will never work again. My resources are exhausted and all I have left are our domains. I had this domain appraised the other day and when I hear from the vet I will make my decision on whether or not I will put this domain up for sale. I hate to do it but it is all I have left and I consider an animal’s life more important than any domain or website.


I will think on it before I make a hasty decision and what the vet has to say. I don’t know how it works when you put up a domain for sale. If they stick up a sign saying “Domain for sale” or what. I just wanted to make you aware of the situation in case this does happen. I am sure as all of you being witches you would do the same for your familiar which you love with all your heart.


This is about the saddest day in my life, thinking about giving up one baby for the other. But he is a living creature and I consider him one of the greatest gifts the Goddess could have ever given me. I will let you know if the domain is going to be sold and when, I just won’t spring it on you. Perhaps the vet will let me make payment arrangements with him or something and I won’t have to sell this domain but if I do understand I love Kade and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him.


Lady of the Abyss