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I realized before I decided to write this post that I will probably get some nasty comments because of my views and wording but that is fine with me as everyone has the right to voice their opinion. All I ask is you do it in a respectful manner without using foul language. Thank you.

On a day in the USA where most people are thrilled to have a day off of work to celebrate Christopher Colombus “discovering” America I feel it is important to remind everyone that he was not the first to discover this land. The first people to set foot on this land BCE are the real discovers of the USA, Central, and South America. Today we refer to these people in the USA as NAtive Americans to be “politically correct.” I know first hand that most would rather be referred to as American Indians. I feel…

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About Tomorrow……

In case you have forgotten, I have a doctor’s appointment and we will be off the internet. I know it seems silly to close the office down when I have a doctor’s appointment but…….I have some mischievous witches that work here. It seems every time I leave the office all heck breaks loose. Since this is the case, I have found it just best to close the office. That stops a lot of apologizing, cleaning up messes and mending hurt feelings.

So we will see you Wednesday. You have all the info for tomorrow today. Hey, I might have been by myself but I don’t think I did that bad of job. But the info is there for you so just pretend we are here when we ain’t.

Till Wednesday,

Lady of the Abyss