Your Earth Sky News for Oct. 30: Halloween ghost of the summer sun

Halloween ghost of the summer sun

Every Halloween – and a few days before and after – the brilliant star Arcturus, brightest star in Bootes the Herdsman, sets at the same time and on the same spot on the west-northwest horizon as the summer sun. This star rises at the same time and at the same place on the east-northeast horizon as the summer sun. That’s why – every year at this time – you can consider Arcturus as a ghost of the summer sun.

At mid-northern latitudes, Arcturus now sets about two hours after sunset and rises about two hours before sunrise.

If you live as far north as Barrow, Alaska, the star Arcturus shines all night long now, mimicking the midnight sun of summer.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you can’t see Arcturus right now. South of the equator, Arcturus sets at the same time and on the same place on the horizon as the winter sun. In other words, Arcturus sets before the sun and rises after the sun at southerly latitudes at this time of year.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, try watching this star in the October evening chill. You can envision the absent summer sun radiating its extra hours of sunlight. Not till after dark does this star set, an echo of long summer afternoons. Similarly, Arcturus rises in the east before dawn, a phantom reminder of early morning daybreaks.

Halloween – also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve – is observed in various countries on October 31, especially in the United States. It’s a big deal for America children, who roam from house to house trick or treating, hoping for candy and other treats.

This modern holiday is based on a much older tradition, that of cross-quarter days.

Bottom line: At mid-northern latitudes, Arcturus sets about two hours after sunset around Halloween, at the same point on the horizon as the summer sun. It’s a Halloween ghost of the summer sun and an echo of long summer afternoons.


Your Daily Karmic Number for October 30 is 1

The number 1 represents independent thinkers. It’s related to the ability to be creative and have a unique point of view. You carry yourself with confidence today, or at least you should. No one can throw you off your game except your own inner critic. Many people may envy you because you think outside the box and come up with amazing ideas they wish they had thought of. And some fear you because you aren’t like everybody else. Embrace your keen sense of being in the world and know that being different is special, not bad.

Your Daily Witches Rune for October 30 is The Blank Rune


Witches Rune for the Day

The Blank Rune

Meaning: This is a rune of difficulty and negative influences will rule your life for a time, but as all difficulties are a learning experience it will lead to improved personal perspective and progress on your life’s path. Always consult the surrounding runes with this stone. If it lies with a positive stone, it indicates that the pain of this experience will lead to a beneficial change in circumstances.

Your Daily Rune for October 30 is Fehu

Your Daily Rune for Today


“Fay-Who” – Literally: “Cattle” – Esoteric: Mobile Property, New Beginnings, Wealth

Key Concepts: Wealth, money, food, sustenance, Hamingja, luck, personal power, circulation of power, financial strength, prosperity

Psi: Beginner’s Mind, presence, freedom, first impressions, young love

Energy: mobility, luck, charisma, dynamic power, liquid and mobile transferable energies, abundance, circulation, ‘mana’, sexual attraction

Mundane: money, recent purchases, reputation, freshness, fashionability

Divinations: New beginnings, social success, foresight, energy, travel, money, control; or greed, failure, atrophy, poverty, endings.


  • Delegating your energy to another, power transference or projection; the sending rune
  • Drawing gravity into the personal sphere
  • Promotion of personal and social evolution, changing circumstances of importance
  • Increase in personal monetary wealth
  • Beginner’s mind and presence as a tool for consciously creating a fresh start


Your Daily Erotic Tarot for Oct. 30 is The World

The World










You have the World at your fingertips, so what are you afraid of? The World card shows that your sexual options are plentiful right now, but they can also be overwhelming. Too much of a good thing can turn bad quickly, so pick out your very best option and go with that. Be proud of your romantic conquests. You’re a worldly lover, and fully realizing your capabilities will put you over the top – in a good way.

Your Egyptian Love Tarot Card for Oct. 30 is The Emperor

The Emperor










This card indicates that your approach to love and romance is one of maturity and patience. You are probably seeking to build a foundation with another person so that you can share a life together. This is not a good time to embark on one night stands or casual affairs, as you will feel more fulfilled in a more committed partnership that is based on shared values and interests.