The Witches Divination Journal for October 2

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Psychic Tip of the Day

It is time to consider getting active with a group of friends. Your soulmate might be out there in a crowd right now, looking for you. Are you interested in anyone new? is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Tarot Card of the Day

Seven of Coins









The Seven of this suit is typically a paean to the humble laborer who is willing to show up every day and sweat in the sun for next season’s bounty. The traditional concept is cultivation, with an attitude that slow and steady wins the race, with faith in nature’s assistance. The protagonist of this card doesn’t make excuses, isn’t whimsical or moody, but is dedicated and sees the job through. Of course, it’s no good to count your chickens before they hatch, but there’s no question that the person who is vigilant over a project is more likely to get the desired result.

Someone who works with nature, cooperating with her ways, will waste less energy and time than the person who works against her. As a side meaning, we sometimes see this normally humble farmer in a moment of frenzy, betting the crop on a roll of the dice. This represents a moment of dementia, addiction or desperation which hopefully will not last long enough for the farmer to lose everything!

Daily Love Tarot

The Sun












The Sun is an invitation to a supportive relationship in which you can be yourself around your significant other. You feel relaxed and loved, with a sense of peace of heart. You’ve struck gold and entered into a new realm. Keep looking if this is not how you feel because it is how things should be. You can’t expect improvement in a long-term union if you do not take effective steps to create it.

Your Erotic Tarot

The Judgment












The Judgement card represents a sexual awakening, and now that you aren’t afraid to move in a new direction, a whole new world awaits you. What sex positions do you want to try, and which fantasies have you been dying to act out? Being honest with yourself and potential partner(s) about the details of what you desire will help you get what you want faster, and the end result will be much more satisfying. And above all, enjoy your sexual liberation!

Your Daily Rune for


“Man-az” – Literally: “Mankind”

Esoteric: Humankind, awareness

Rune of the Divine structure of intelligence in the human soul or psyche. Rune of the horizons of human existence and collective potential.

Psi: mind & memory (Hugin & Munin), the difference between human and all other life, development of the intellect, rational mind, perfected intelligence

Energy: psychic order of the gods reflected in humankind, projection of Self into time

Mundane: thinking, planning, analysis, the human condition, people at large (contemporary: the masses)

Divinations: Divine structure, sustainability, intelligence, awareness, social order, divine influence in life; or depression, mortality, blindness, self-delusion, collective suicide, bigotry, elitism, intellectual arrogance.


Realization of the divine structure in humankind
Increase in intelligence, memory and mental powers (passing tests)
Unlocking the third-eye hvel, the “mind’s eye”
Activating the dynamics of your own inner Christus, or Higher Self
Awareness of our roles as co-creator with the gods and nature
Mental and spiritual potential

Your Ogham Reading for Tuesday, October 2, 2018



The third letter of the Ogham alphabet is Fearn it means alder-tree. Alder-bark has been used by many cultures to treat various health problems and disorders, everything from insect bites to tuberculosis. Alder is a very water resistant hardwood and is often used in foundations where water is present. The key points to remember with alder are confidence, shielding, guidance, and standing up to ones enemies. Just as water stands no chance against alder, your enemies are at a loss when you have the protection of the alder.

Fortune – Drawing this Ogham is a sign to remain true to yourself and resist all temptation!




The Celts often believed the hawthorn to be a portal to the Otherworld. The hawthorn is a hardy plant commonly used for hedges and great firewood. It can even be an invasive species at times. The key points to remember with the letter Huathe are obstacles, walls, and obstructions. Its ability to form a natural wall gives the diviner an idea in what this symbol can mean to them and their lives.

Fortune – To overcome obstacles and walls you must make a personal sacrifice, to gain we must lose something of ourselves!




The beauty of heather flowers is one reason it is associated with the Irish Goddess of love, fertility, and new growth. Be happy when you draw this letter because it denotes love, companionship, and passion. Whether it will be a new love or an old love rekindled, Ura is a powerful symbol and one that may bring great luck in your love life.

Fortune – This Ogham deals in matters of Love. Whether it is new love or rekindling of old love, enjoy the peace and love that comes with Ura!


Your Animal Spirit Guide for

The Black Cat

The Magick of the Black Cat

The Wisdom of the Budda

To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.

A Little Humor for Your Day



Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Wednesday, October 3


You remain a little self-protective and withdrawn as the Moon continues to transit your home and family sector, dear Aries, until later today when you begin to feel more outgoing and confident about sharing yourself with others. By evening, you’re naturally seeking more stimulation. Today’s energies are on the indecisive side as you wrestle with conflicting needs and approaches. You’re craving equality these days with the Sun in your partnership sector, but another part of you is more concerned with how deep a connection is than the surface dynamics of your relationships. Mixed signals are possible, but this also means you’re tuning into multiple levels of a situation and you can quickly adapt to changing needs. A Mars-Pluto parallel today can point to a growing and motivating focus on a project.


The Moon moves through your communications sector until the evening, dear Taurus, so that you’re quick to respond or connect on a mental level, after which you’re far more inclined to take things easy, decompress, and zone out. This is, in many ways, a day of contrasts, as the Sun and Venus form an awkward aspect that also highlights different drives, needs, and approaches. You’re especially concerned with keeping the peace and promoting harmony in your personal life and close relationships with Venus currently transiting your partnership sector, but you’re also very motivated to work and can be very busy getting things done. A Mars-Pluto parallel aspect active today is useful for the latter, although you can certainly feel divided between people and chores now.


The Moon continues to transit your resources sector today, dear Gemini, and you’re seeking a comfortable pace and emotional place. Later today, however, the Moon heads into your communications sector, firing up your curiosity, which can lead you to new ideas and perhaps even places. With Venus in your solar sixth house these days, you’re primarily interested in keeping things harmonious and peaceful in your work or daily environment, but in your personal life, you’re ready to stir things up if it means you’re changing things for the better. Today holds particularly creative energy for conversations and good ideas. You’re inclined to spend more time than usual crafting your words, but it’s worth the extra effort.


The Moon continues to transit your sign until the evening, dear Cancer, and you’re quicker than usual to act on your emotions. Life seems more colorful with this influence, and you meet the world more directly and straightforwardly. From evening onward, however, you’re ready to settle in. While you start the day seeking some drama, you end it wanting to keep things even and predictable! With Venus currently transiting your solar fifth house, you have an easygoing, peace-loving approach with friends and lovers these days, but your home life may be a little more fraught or tense as you feel entirely driven to make improvements and changes. As such, you can seem like a completely different person to different people in your life, and this is especially prominent today.


The Moon continues to spend time in the sign behind yours today, dear Leo, inclining you to keep to yourself or to take a bit of a break from pressures and demanding situations, after which the Moon moves into your sign, and you’re ready to start fresh. Listen to your intuition and consider sidestepping competition for now. You’ll naturally come out of your shell later today. With the Sun in your communications sector these days, you can be especially curious, busy, and connected, and really quite intellectual. You won’t shy away from a chance to express yourself! However, in your personal life, your focus is less on putting things out there and more on creating harmony. Making peace with family or creating a beautiful, easygoing environment at home is most important to you now.


Much of the day, you’re in a rather sociable and friendly mood, dear Virgo, but later today, you’re entirely ready to pull back and take some time to yourself. This is due to the Moon’s transit of your social sector until evening when it enters your privacy sector. This is a natural progression of the lunar cycle as you prepare for a new cycle to begin in a few days (when the Moon enters Virgo later on Friday). Today’s Sun-Venus contrasts differing drives. You’re mainly focused on communicating kindly and effectively these days with Venus in your communications sector, but in your personal life, you’re quick to right a wrong if you feel less than respected as the Sun tours your resources sector. Today’s creative Mercury aspects suggest exciting ideas are coming to you, especially if you take the time to think things through.


With the Moon’s continued transit of your reputation sector today, you’re inclined to focus on goals and responsibilities, dear Libra, but later today, you begin to seek out more freeing and enjoyable pursuits. With the Moon’s move into your social sector, you need to take a break from competitive or demanding situations. Venus is currently transiting your resources sector, and while the Sun in your sign is an outgoing position, you’re not always as upfront about your needs or wants. While you’re seeking independence in some areas of life, in love and your personal life, you’re craving stability. Others may get mixed messages as a result. Today’s Mercury aspects are useful for resolving problems, particularly related to family or home matters.


The Moon’s continued transit of your sector of spirit and adventure can mean your sights are set high much of the day, dear Scorpio. It’s an optimistic and perhaps adventurous time of the lunar cycle, and you could feel the desire to do something different or learn new things. Later today, though, the Moon reaches the top of your solar chart, and your thinking is more goal-focused. You may be craving more details, and emotionally, the need for structure is prominent. Today’s Sun-Venus aspect highlights your different drives and approaches to life these days. You are coming across quite mildly with Venus in your sign, and quite magnetically, too. People are noticing you more than usual and seeing your attractiveness. Even so, part of you isn’t ready for big decisions, and a lot is going on beneath the surface. You’re friendly, but you’re keeping a lot more than usual to yourself.


Your emotional manner is deeper and more profound than usual much of the day, dear Sagittarius, due to the Moon’s transit of your solar eighth house. Later today, however, you see the value of letting things go and moving forward. The Moon moves into the sector of your solar chart that’s connected with your sign, and this is a perfect fit! Even so, a Venus-Sun aspect today has a way of highlighting different needs, wants, and styles, and this can result in some indecision. With Venus in your privacy sector for an extended stay, few are seeing your softer side or learning of your true feelings on many matters. However, the Sun is transiting your social sector, and you can find yourself “on” much of the time. Misunderstandings are possible if people are seeing a more resilient side to your personality and not recognizing your sensitivity.


Today has a way of highlighting the contrasts in your life, dear Capricorn, including your varied needs and approaches in different life departments. Even so, there is real potential to accomplish something important. While creating surface harmony is a focus much of the day, later on as the Moon moves from your partnership sector to your intimacy sector, you’re more interested in getting to the heart of a matter than scratching the surface or simply keeping the peace! Venus in your social sector suggests the seeking of harmony and peace with friends, though, and you’re in particularly good shape for rounding up support or enjoying your social life. However, the Sun is in your professional sector, and you’re pouring a lot of energy into your goals. In fact, you’re not afraid to make waves if it means improvements are imminent.


With the Moon’s continued transit of your work and health sector until evening, dear Aquarius, you’re focused on fixing problems and making sense of things! However, by evening, you’re inclined to want some special company as your focus turns to more easygoing pursuits. Today’s Venus-Sun aspect serves to highlight your varied approaches to life these days. With Venus at the top of your solar chart for an extended stay, you’re particularly focused on creating workable, happy goals for yourself and harmonious relationships with others, particularly with people you work with or with higher-ups. You’re not inclined to rock the boat. The Sun, however, cares less about the rules and is encouraging you to seek out experiences that take you away from the routine. Ideally, you can swing both in satisfying ways.


An emotional focus on personal enjoyment, self-expression, and pleasure continues today with the Moon’s transit of your solar fifth house, dear Pisces. Later today, however, the Moon moves into the sign of Leo and your work and health sector. With this transit, you’d rather roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Problems do tend to stick out more than usual, but you’re also willing to do something about them! Overthinking is something to avoid now. Today’s Sun-Venus aspect serves to highlight your varied needs. You express your affections rather straightforwardly, but a good part of you is more protective and contemplative than you’re letting on. Small misunderstandings can result from this. Mercury connects with your ruler in a special aspect now, however, and you’re in a fabulous position for resolving a problem through creative maneuvering.

If You Were Born Today, October 2


If You Were Born Today, October 2

You thrive on companionship, especially the one-on-one kind. For the most part, you are quite comfortable in a supporting role, and you possess an understated charm. Although tactful and caring, you also enjoy displaying your intellect, and there are times when you might try to score intellectual points, and regret it if you’ve hurt someone else’s feelings in the process! The thing is, you accept nothing at face value, and that, combined with your perceptiveness, endows you with a very interesting and intelligent perspective that others respect. You are spiritually inclined, well-respected, and popular. Famous people born today: Mahatma Gandhi, Groucho Marx, Graham Greene, Johnny Cochrane, Kelly Ripa, Sting, Tiffany.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

With the Sun and Moon in harmony in your Solar Return chart, the year ahead should be satisfying and balanced overall. You are in comfortable demand and personally popular, and you are able to achieve a decent balance between work and play; personal and professional life. For the most part, you are on top of your game this year, and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily. With the ability to handle your emotions successfully, there is less stress on both your mind and body. Your self-confidence and positive attitude will reward you!

You have a stronger focus on, and dedication to, work in the period ahead, sometimes taking it a little too far. Taking the time to pull yourself away from your pet projects or work will help bring more balance to your life, and will ensure that you don’t neglect other important areas of life. However, you can make significant headway in specific areas this year, and you are likely to feel a strong sense of direction and purpose.

You are especially creative and expressive this year, and you might often act on impulse. Your love life may be especially animated. You succeed best in fields or areas that allow you to make something beautiful, attractive, and/or entertaining. You are particularly dynamic at this point in your life, sometimes impatient, and you often experience bursts of energy. You are courageous, but be careful to not go to such extremes that you are foolhardy, as this inclines you to mishaps.

Personal magnetism is tremendous this year. This is a good period for creative projects and joining with others in pursuing a common goal.

However, err on the side of caution if offers arrive that seem too good to be true. Some confusion or possibly deception could arise in relationships this year, and you may be skipping important details without even realizing it.

Fortunate connections are likely to be made this year–connections that benefit you now and down the road and that enhance your chances of success at achieving your goals. A new relationship with someone that helps to broaden your horizons, expand your mind, and deepen your personal philosophy of life is possible, or existing relationships grow and improve.

However, your energy can vary greatly from one period to the next, so take advantage of the “high” periods in order to offset the possible loss in productivity during the low-energy stages. This may be due to wavering motivation – you may be seeking out something more meaningful which can pay with your physical energy levels.

Saturn forms a square to your Sun this year from April to December 2018. During this time period, there can be times when you feel blocked from advancing in your chosen life path, or temporarily lacking in energy and confidence. Ego boosts don’t seem to be forthcoming, or if they are, you don’t see them in such a light. Some sort of buckling down is necessary at this time and is often perceived as limitations coming from other people or from circumstances. A general feeling of “slowdown” is likely, and if regular tasks seem more overwhelming than usual, it is likely due to poor spirits and lack of motivation. Sometimes, this transit is associated with problems with the teeth, bones in general, and the skin. It is also associated with mechanical breakdowns in your life. However, Saturn calls upon you to identify the weaker areas of your life and to fix or strengthen them. Take the time to sort out your life, improve your work, and become more efficient. Taking a slow and steady approach to life is necessary now. Pushing too hard will likely lead to frustration and setbacks. Take it easy and work on self-improvement. Results are not immediate, but will eventually come and bring healthy rewards. This can be a time of fixing problems or taking on responsibilities so that your life runs more smoothly.

You seek out nourishment from — and naturally nurture and support — others during this period. Needs and cravings seem to be in harmony, or at least not in conflict, with those of your loved ones. It makes you feel stronger and good about yourself to help and support, and you seem to have a good support system in place for yourself.

Helping you out is a Mars-Pluto trine that suggests you’re going all in with certain projects and endeavors. You want your objectives to reflect what you’re really about, and you are likely to rid yourself of unsatisfying goals this year. Your ability to concentrate and focus helps you achieve what you set out to do. A new project or goal begun this year has a good chance of being successful and long-lasting. Your physical activities tend to be more intense, passionate, and focused. It’s an excellent year in which to make a lifestyle change, as your ability to concentrate on what really matters to you is enhanced.

While energy can be up and down this year and there can be some obstacles to clear, the period ahead is excellent for getting key areas of your life more organized and structured. Areas that you’ve overlooked now need your attention. Family and support systems can be in good place, however, and personal appeal is strong. There can be some very fertile, creative projects in the works. Cooperation brings excellent rewards.

2017 is a Number Four year for you. Ruled by Uranus. This is a year of work and development. It’s “nose to the grindstone” time. It’s a time to pay special attention to practical matters, and it’s not a time to be lazy or especially gregarious. Sometimes, it can be a year that feels hard, monotonous and routine, and/or lonely. Positive new relationships are often not formed in a Four personal year. However, it can be a wonderful year for building, development, and laying a solid foundation for future successes. Advice – get yourself organized, work to build your resources, keep busy.

2018 will be a Number Five year for you. Ruled by Mercury. This is a year of discovery and freedom. It’s a time when exploration and reaching out to others brings opportunities. It’s a good time to advertise, promote, and sell. Surprises are in store, and the routine is broken for the better. This is a year when exciting relationships can be formed; or, if you are already in a partnership, new life is breathed into the relationship. Advice – explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, diversify, mingle.

Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, October 2


This can be a day of some mental intensity, dear Aries, as you’re inclined to think more deeply about a matter, trying to make sense of an issue. If you find that you’re quickly becoming obsessed with an idea track today, you may be able to use this passion positively by channeling it into an important project. Otherwise, there could be some tension experienced with others if you are taking things too seriously, or if someone in your life is doing the same. Difficult relationship issues or disagreements could seem more challenging now with this frame of mind. Recent obsessions may reach a point where you realize they are not serving your purpose. Concern about your reputation or work can be an issue for some of you now. Concentrate on improving weak or problem areas. While the extra attention you’ve been giving other people in your life these days is positive and beneficial, if you overdo it, you will fail to recognize your own needs and desires fully. This can result in blurred boundaries that impact your relationships negatively.


Mental tension is likely today with Mercury and Pluto at odds, dear Taurus, but if you harness the energy well, you may be able to find solutions to ongoing problems. Avoid obsessive thinking as much as possible, and you’ll feel more in sync with your intuition. Try not to go too far with analyses as this can lead you astray. Emotionally-driven decisions made now may be regrettable later. The tendency today is to be one-track minded, and this can help you if you apply it to a useful task or to something that will benefit you. Watch for an obsession to get to the point or suspicious thoughts. Conflicts, if they emerge today, can come up suddenly and escalate quickly, mainly because problems are deeper than they appear on the surface, and little things can trigger buried, accumulated anger or sensitive points.


Pluto is in challenging aspect to your ruler, Mercury, dear Gemini, and the desire for control over a situation can arise if you’re feeling vulnerable. Personal power comes from managing our own resources, responses, and modes of thinking constructively, not from attempts to control situations or others. You may be communicating intensity with your words, perhaps without even realizing it, and others’ responses may be undesirable or surprising! You might resolve to avoid harsh words or suspicion so as to protect your important relationships now. It can be useful to imagine worst-case scenarios sometimes, but this may go too far now and is unhealthy for you. There can be a veil of suspicion or mistrust cast over parts of the day. Try to take the lesson from any tension generated now.


Pluto has just stationed and is now in challenging aspect to Mercury, dear Cancer, bringing your attention to a lingering problem, likely related to tricky power dynamics in a relationship. There can be some tendency to think in extremes, and this doesn’t serve you well unless it prompts you to improve or strengthen weak areas of your life. Try not to make decisions based only on perceptions of the day, as they, too, could be on the extreme side! Trust is difficult when Pluto is active and challenging, and you may get a sense that someone’s withholding or hiding something from you. This may be about fears, or there could be some truth to the feeling, but either way, it’s better to wait to come to conclusions until you’re less emotionally invested and more objective.


There can be some charged energy with you this week as Pluto has just turned direct and is moving into a challenging aspect with Mercury today, dear Leo. Certainly, this can work for or against you. To turn it to your advantage, it may be best to try to avoid pushing an idea or pushing for an answer from someone. As well, avoid succumbing to pressures to get too much done in a short time. There is a tendency to worry about something due to fear or a bit of paranoia with this aspect, but you can also channel this intensity into something beneficial or productive. You may discover something that is need of a rehaul. This week has the potential to bring truly exciting insights into how you can better manage your domestic life and work, so try not to let fear rule and avoid extremes of thinking or communicating now for best results.


There is a tendency to dwell on problems or flaws today, dear Virgo, with Pluto in a challenging aspect to your ruler, Mercury, and this may be related to a financial or creative matter. With money and relationships, watch for extremes. People can drain you at the moment, whether materially or emotionally, and you can feel very much invested in what’s going on around you. Boundary issues can be a hot topic now. You may be feeling undervalued. Avoid defeatist attitudes as much as possible. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by attempting to manipulate people or circumstances. Work on gaining power through self-control. Mind you, you stand to learn a lot about your feelings and fears now. Try to apply the rule of moderation in your life, not only in activities but with your thinking as well.


There is some tendency to magnify problem areas today with Mercury and Pluto in a clashing aspect, dear Libra. If you can’t seem to shake a line of thought that is interfering with your day, do what you can to relax your mind. If this doesn’t work for you, you might consider finding a way to manage an area where you feel especially vulnerable in some small way, so that you can feel you’re going somewhere with it. Inflexible thinking can be a problem today, whether it’s your own or you’re dealing with this in someone else. You may need to tread lightly in conversations with others today, but there is also good energy for getting to a better understanding of people and situations that you may not want to pass up. It’s time to acknowledge the need to make changes instead of holding on too tightly to things that are no longer working in your favor.


Pluto has just recently turned direct, dear Scorpio, and is now forming a challenging aspect with Mercury. While it’s nice to see your ruler moving forward, this is also a time for getting over a mental hump. This influence can stir up controversy, but it’s best not to jump to conclusions, as thoughts and perceptions can be a little extreme right now. Overthinking things is unlikely to get you to a good place – in fact, it can mean losing objectivity. Expressing suspicion is not going to remedy a situation that has a trust problem in the first place. Observe and adopt a wait-and-see attitude for best results now. Jumping to communicate may not be the wisest choice with today’s astrological climate.


With Mercury and Pluto clashing today, dear Sagittarius, there is a general tendency to push to get to the bottom of a matter or to uncover a truth before considering that we may not be ready for it. It’s better not to jump to a quick conclusion about a friend or lover with this kind of energy that inclines us to think in extremes. Something said or thought can seem to trigger fears now, and controlling reactions is essential. People can be obsessed with their points of view and interactions can be challenged, too intense, and rather unhealthy. Do yourself a favor by working on relaxing your mind instead of getting all wound up over matters now. Dwelling on mistakes will not erase them.


Extremes of thinking are likely with Mercury and Pluto in conflict today, dear Capricorn, and worries about reputation or career matters could be overblown. Look for ways to improve areas where you feel vulnerable rather than overcompensate. Dwelling on problems will only serve you well if you channel your mental intensity into a task that benefits you; otherwise, you’re just doing yourself damage. Choose your words carefully since Mercury is in a rather public and visible area in your chart and Pluto is in your sign. A sense that you have no time to work through a problem is likely exaggerated. Working on self-control when you fear things around you are beyond your control is your best bet.


While strategic thinking can benefit you greatly right now, dear Aquarius, overthinking is likely to lead you astray as Mercury and Pluto form a square aspect. Be as moderate in your thinking as possible, even if it’s difficult to do, as taking things too far is where we’re most likely to trip up now. Fear misguides us when Pluto is active and challenging as it is today. Find ways to simplify your life, particularly on a mental plane, by cutting out those things that are leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Or, aim to work on problems one at a time, as it’s the only solution under these conditions. Don’t let fears or insecurities undermine your decisions. Watch for the fine line between healthy skepticism and suspicion. Mind you, through opposition or obstacles, you might come to a state of stronger knowledge or conviction.


With a Mercury-Pluto square today, dear Pisces, what may be a simple disagreement on another day could turn into a battle of wills. We can be a little too close to our opinions or obsessed with being right, and healthy exchanges are difficult under these conditions. As well, you could feel rising tension surrounding a predicament or problem today, or you could have a hard time putting something out of your mind. Do your best to channel excess mental energy into something you can change or influence. You may need to draw upon a whole lot of self-restraint so that you can even yourself out, and it’s worth it! Try not to make big decisions based only on what you’re hearing or what’s communicated today. Safeguard relationships from harsh words, even if it’s challenging to make a partner or friend happy now. If you find yourself unable to move past an issue, take a break.

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of Monday, October 1

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrologer Room


With Venus turning retrograde in secretive Scorpio this week, it’s hardly surprising some dark horses are getting even darker, or just more elusive.

This is a week to refine your long-term love goals and read between any obscure love lines. But mystery often makes romance a very splendid thing, so enjoy plunging into the depths of passion, and indulge in your most bitter sweet of desires.



The good news is that the sun in Libra is currently giving you the opportunity to define your deepest values, take control of your life and wise up to your own sense of self-esteem. After all, if you put a low value on yourself, you can be sure that the world won’t raise your price. So this week, smile at the world and it will smile back.



It’s been said, that if you try to avoid something in life, you’ll meet it inevitably. There are times when meaningful coincidences remind you that as much as you’d like to avoid making a choice, there is a side of you which yearns to do so. This week you can.



How far do you have to go to prove you love, hate or desire someone? Or is it that someone appears to be playing a pretty mean game of manipulation or ‘wait and see’? The last thing you want is to be confused. You want to know the truth. You want to know where you stand. This week ask, and you will get.



This week, say to yourself, ‘can I be more flexible?’ or perhaps, ‘can I remember the best kind of relationship is one where my love for someone is greater than my dependence on them?’ Now you’ll begin to see the true light of love shining in someone’s eyes, as well as your own.



Love is a bit like music. There are times when things appear to be in harmony, other times when they are not.  There are rises and falls, cadences and clashes. This week, the planets give you a chance to experience the operatic performance of passionate relating, but also the stillness and serenity of agreement.



Giving up responsibility for your own desires means you’ll get walked over and then feel bad about it. So this is your chance to take note about your personal wants and wishes. In fact, it’s time to reinforce your self-esteem and think carefully about your feelings before you agree to something that goes against your instinct.



You could find you’re tearing your hair out about nothing, when arrangements are broken, people just don’t turn up, or you find yourself at the wrong venue. Quite frankly, isn’t it more fun when things sometimes don’t go according to plan? That means romance awaits you too.



If you’re not already attached, then why not settle for a simple life, and take time to find a partner who never raises their voice, and never, ever, ever, looks at another member of the opposite sex?  But then again, you need a little excitement too. Maybe this is the time to enjoy both?



Time to negotiate, discuss and demand a little. Pour your important tales straight into the horse’s mouth and express who you are and what you want, for that is your right. There is room in the world for those who want to make of their love life anything they wish. And that’s you.



The speed at which you could get close to someone is both exciting and frightening. Consider cooling down just a little bit until you’ve got to know their faults as well as their finer points. Better to take a relaxed pace now, than to regret having said too much too soon.



OK, so you’ve tried out different relationships, played many games and been rather optimistic about ‘this is it’ or ‘this is the one’. But this week, even if the enthusiasm wears off and all seems to return to a so-called ‘normal’ relationship, your inner spirit will easily be driven to romancing a change in the wind. Take care.



There are two kinds of lovers. One kind who sees each new love affair with the glass half full, the other who sees each love affair as a glass half empty.  And I’m sure you know which is you.  This week, you have decisions to make and answers to resolve. In the coming months, there are some beneficial life-changing and love-changing patterns up there in the heavens, and they’re coming your way.



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Your Weekly Karmic Forecast: September 30 – October 6, 2018

Kelly M. Beard
a message from Kelly M. Beard

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

Weekly Forecast:  September 30 – October 6, 2018

9/30 ~ Pluto Direct 18* CAPRICORN:

Pluto is in a long process (2008-2024) and we are now well past the 2016 MidPoint, and deep into course-correcting time on the other side. On a personal level, Pluto helps you dig up any destructive unconscious patterns, strips you raw and confronts you with who you are and how you will survive when nothing and no one else is available to help or support you. I like to think of Pluto as our ‘buried treasures’ and like diamonds, it requires a very special task to release from within and bring into the Light. Often, because Pluto rules death, rebirth & transformation, something is sacrificed for your own greater good. Although it is sometimes painful and debilitating, it doesn’t have to be, but is almost always (a) necessary and (b) ultimately *liberating*!!

Pluto is traveling through the Capricorn sector of your chart, digging deep and activating any other planets you may have in Capricorn (and Cancer/Aries & Libra by default). So, it’s good to look at this as an on-going purification & transformation of this department in life (and, subsequently the other three areas too). Pluto moves generations and great numbers of people along their evolutionary path, however, every year when it retrogrades, it turns that energy inward, giving us unique access to our own depths, where our SoulSelf resides. When it goes forward, like today, it is a very gradual awakening process that develops from there. Transformation happens behind the scenes and often out of the prying eyes of others, as well as your own conscious mind, this is deep Soul Work that only you can do. What have you really purified & transformed this year? or what would you like to?

Use this time to set intentions for purification in the sense that you are supported to strip away the non-essential and reconnect with your purest, original intent. Change is greatly supported at this time, so anything that you are really ready, truly willing & finally able to change, can be transformed forever. Capricorn gets everyone focused on choices & responsibilities, as well as the structure of your life that supports & protects you and the overall stability of whatever House it rules.

10/2 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~square~ Pluto (rebirth & transformation):

This energy is a tough, yet powerful one. Its Highest expression would be to focus on your inner deep-dig, discovery & development. It enables you to look beneath the surface to some core drives and gain some valuable insights and thus, choose a plan of action based on your findings. You will want to know all the hidden meanings behind decisions you’ve made or want to make soon. Dig – you will find more than you think you’re ready for, but apparently the Universe thinks differently! Pay attention and try not to worry about what anyone else thinks or believes. This energy’s flip-side is to make you obsess over one particular idea and try to force others to your way of thinking. That is a bottomless pit – you cannot truly change the way other people think – you can only change the way you thinkand hope it enlightens others along the way … and it will, for those who are tuned in to your level. Try to only focus on you and your direction.

10/5 ~ Venus Retrograde 10* SCORPIO:

*Check out Kelly’s website for details on current Venus Events

The whole point of any planet going Retrograde is to bring up the issues of its domain, in Venus’ case, values, priorities, beauty, love, relationships and resources. It brings these issues to the surface, essentially getting your attention in a way that (hopefully) will prompt you to want to explore more deeply (retrograde) and look at things from other perspectives, before charting the course of future forward movement (when direct and out of shadow) when you will have acquired more clarity and sure-footedness.

The Sign the Retrograde falls in represents the ‘theme’ and is where Venus extends her stay for one and all. For example, this one is in Scorpio and 2010 was the last time Venus Retrograded through Scorpio (before that, 2002), so how have your values and priorities evolved over the last 8 years where your power, death, sex, money and relationships are concerned? How would you like to evolve over the next 8 years? Venus energy focuses your attention on what you deeply value or what you give your resources to, which tells the Universe what you truly value. How did you spend your time, energy and money over the last cycle or two? How will/can that change going forward?

Shadow:  September 3 – October 5, 2018

~ Intro/Initiation of New You & New Priorities

Retro:  October 5 – November 16, 2018

~ Re-View, Re-Evaluate, Re-Vision, Re-Examine Relationships & Finances

Shadow:  November 16 – December 18, 2018

~ Integration of the New You & New Priorities

Integration:  December 18 – January 8, 2019

~ Anchoring the Scorpio Power & Energy and Grounding NEW 8-year Cycle

Venus *Retrograde* is About …

•Reconnecting with All Your 6-Senses

•Review Anything of Value that has been Buried, Suppressed or Neglected of the Last 18-mo to 8-years

•Reviewing & Renewing the Sacred Feminine Aspects of Your Nature

•Assess the Evolution of Your Personal Values & Priorities on All Levels

•Assess the Value & Purpose of All Relationships, Partnerships & Collaborations

•Revitalize & Reestablish Your Magnetics: What You Naturally Magnetize and Naturally Repel

•Process & Integrate Energetic Shifts with Your Relationships & Resources

•Revive Your Essential Nature & Organically Change How You Relate with Others

•Renew your Spirit, your Faith, and your Commitment to the Sacred Feminine

•Focus on Your Resources & Definition of Wealth & Abundance

•Fortify & Restore Your Individual Sense of Self-Value / Self-Worth / Self-Esteem

•Reawaken Your Way of Living Your Life – and – of Living on Earth with Others

Venus in Libra ~ Aug 6 – Sept 9, 2018

Venus in Scorpio ~ Sept 9 — Rx: Oct 5 — Nov 16, 2018

Rx RE-Enters Libra ~ Oct 31, 2018 — Dir: Nov 16

Dir RE-Enters Scorpio ~ Dec 2 – Jan 7, 2019

Aug 6 – Sept 9, 2018 ~ Venus in Libra …

(again Oct 31 – Dec 2, 2018)

Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) in Libra (balance, reciprocity, relationships) is a time to restore balance within your Being and develop a new sense of self-worth and self-value. This is an opportunity to (re) negotiate terms of your primary relationships and determine what is no longer important to you, while preparing to go deeper. If you align your priorities within your own Being, as well as your primary relationships of *NOW* ~ then it will make the deep dive in to the potent Scorpio energy more productive (and less debilitating). When Venus is in Libra, it is time to assess your priorities and re-establish balance with a cool head (Air sign), what’s fair, just and worth it for you, by your own definition. It’s time to take an honest look at how you, your life and choices affect those closest to you. And you want to reflect on how effective your choices actually are (or have been) in attracting your heart’s desires. Remember, Libra is the lesson of “balance and reciprocity” which must be considered before taking on the Scorpio lesson of “karma and creation”, otherwise you only create more “karma and creations” to clean up along the way. Venus will always remind you that you ARE what you attract and you show the Universe what you value by what you spend your primary resources on (time, energy, money). So use this time and Cycle to recalibrate things consciously and look for new ways of relating.

Sept 9 – Oct 31, 2018 ~ Venus in Scorpio …

(again Dec 2 – Jan 7, 2019)

As you move through the relationship work in Libra, many new layers of life (and how connected to it all you really are) are revealed when she enters Scorpio. As new (or sometimes old) issues are exposed and brought in to the light, you begin to realize that the love and abundance you’ve managed to attract or create is a direct reflection of your own personal values and self-worth. As Venus moves in to Scorpio, it activates Soul-level work and illuminates how invisible energy is affecting your life and relationships. Ideas or beliefs that have become unconscious, hidden or buried, come in to your conscious awareness at this time, rooting-out any self-deceptions and/or bad habits which no longer support who you’ve become over the last 2-8 years. It’s time to identify and release any self-sabotage, illusions, delusions or inner-darkness that is delaying your good or misguiding your power. It’s time to distill your motivations back to their original essence and intentions. Define your terms. What is love? abundance? beauty? life? What do you want? and why do you want it? How will you create it? or magnetize it in? Scorpio is the energy and lesson of karma and creation, holding us all accountable for that which we bring in to being. And reminding us that willing and honorable sacrifice clears a space for magic to occur and invites the ancestors and invisible realms to contribute and assist. Venus in Scorpio reminds you that you are not the Source of power, but merely a channel or vehicle of its expression in form. As a human with free will and choice, it helps to also be responsible and aware anytime Scorpio is kicking. Releasing deeper issues, clearing a space to plant *NEW* seeds of potential, doing the 3D/visible work, then stepping back and allowing the invisible power of Source energy to breathe life into your intentions ~ is the best use of this time and energy. It can be intense and often challenging, but if you are able to push through the discomfort and face any dark Truths being revealed at this time, you will be cleansed, lighter and better able to direct your power and shape-shift as needed for living on a planet that is based on the Life/Death/Life Cycle and a natural rhythm.

Relevant Reflections:

Last Venus moved through Libra/Scorpio ~ Oct 15 – Dec 2, 2017

The last time Venus activated Libra/Scorpio was Oct/Nov 2017, which is a fairly regular occurrence. It’s catching it at the Retrograde that makes this one special. However, the last one may have some clues, upon reflection, which turn out to be some kind of indicators pointing to what you are *reviewing* now.

Previous Venus Retrograde in Scorpio ~ 2010 / 2002 / 1994 / 1986 (8-year cycles)

This is a larger Cycle to focus on but still may yield some clues. Basically, all cycles eventually repeat themselves, some more often than others. The same Scorpio energy was activated back then, and will be again, however, the *surrounding* planetary support changes ~ the human condition evolves ~ your own personal support systems shape-shift as needed. Think about the Sign Lesson: Power to Create ~ and the subsequent Karma you create along with it. The issues: Power, Sex, Death, Money, Rebirth & Transformative Soul-Work. That’s what’s back on the table. You should be able to delineate a pattern. Think of the deaths, real & metaphorical, that you have experienced around those years. Think about your sexual preferences or levels of activity. Think about how you were creating your reality and with what resources. Think of the life-changing events that led you to *here & now*.

Now what? What do you want to create with your power and resources over the *next* 8 years? Set an intention to purify and distill your own power issues in to their most useful and basic elements. As a human being with conscious awareness, you are Infinitely creative and connected to an Infinite power Source. That is incredible *power* which requires an adequate structure, container or vehicle, a capable guide or director and a pure motivation to *create*.

Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2018

Sarah-Jane Grace

a message from Sarah-Jane Grace

There have been times of my life when I’ve felt as though I’ve been moving backwards when everyone – and everything – else has been moving forwards. Occasionally I’ve been lucky enough to stop to reassess myself and my life, but the world has continued to shift in ways that have felt counter-intuitive to me. As a result, I’ve often felt as though I’m slowly spinning as I try to keep my own pace but also try to follow the flock at the same time which is not only challenging, but confusing as well! I’m not convinced I’m alone in feeling this way as so many of us feel at a tangent to the everyday mêlée and flow of life; it’s as though we exist on a slightly different wavelength to everyone else.

Of course, this can make for a challenging life, as it’s hard to go with the flow when everyone else’s flow moves in a different direction! But intuitively we know that it’s our unique perspective and the way in which we experience life that ultimately shapes and defines the paths we walk. In short, we celebrate being different, but being different can often feel challenging in a ‘normal shaped’ world. Whilst we may be advocates of uniqueness, there is a ‘safety in numbers’ when it comes to trying to fit in and be like everyone else, yet, within our hearts and souls we cannot ignore the need to express our true essence and be free.

Life can therefore become shaped by conundrums and paradoxes, carving out twists and turns in the path ahead. We can become overwhelmed by mazes of confusion and underwhelmed by the everyday pedestrian need to ‘keep on keeping on’ in order to get from a to b. Whilst paying the bills, doing the washing up and cleaning the toilet are never fun, they’re necessary.

Although we may feel the longing within to freely express our creativity, spirituality and uniqueness, this is so often not encouraged from an early age. We’re shaped and rounded by our environment and encouraged to walk well-trodden paths in order to do either what’s expected of us or what we feel obligated to do. Finding the ‘sensible career path’ is often advocated above the whimsical dreams of creative adventure. As a result, many of us grow up feeling like we cannot follow our hearts’ desire as it’s not practical in the ‘real world’ and, after time, our desires fade as we become automatons in a 9-5 world where we seek out material satisfaction to prove our happiness. Intuitively we know that seeking out joy from the material world won’t work, but we can feel unable to step beyond this as the idea that happiness comes from material wealth is so highly regarded.

It’s often only when life trips us up and everything comes tumbling down that we get the chance to stop, step back and re-assess. Even then, it can be challenging, as the desire to fit in and take the practical route has been hard-wired into our DNA. Yet, although re-wiring takes time, it is possible. It takes focus, dedication and belief. It also takes a great deal of patience and a sprinkling of creative passion.

Like many things in life, we have a choice: we can either continue to chase the last train even though we know we’re too late because that’s what we’ve always done, or we can let the train go and find a new path home. Life isn’t written in black and white, and there are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes it boils down to us listening to our intuition, taking a deep breath and setting ourselves free…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Your inspiration has always been your guiding light in life, and it has been your inspiration and motivation, even when times have been challenging. This inner light has been a powerful friend to you over the years as, when you go within, it illuminates your soul, inspiring you and helping you gain fresh perspective. Even through some long, dark nights, your inner light has helped you through and shown you hope and courage. As a result, you have developed a technique to see beyond the fear and uncertainty that can create prisons and mazes in life, and you have developed an enlivening and open-hearted way of living and being. Although you still have your ram-headed determination, you have allowed your inner light to soften this in order to give you the gifts of patience and reflection, neither of which have come particularly naturally to you, but you have allowed them into your life with tenderness and compassion as you have realised how important they are at this stage of your journey.

You have faced – and overcome – so many obstacles and hurdles, but your spirit still shines so brightly, warming you from the inside, out. Over time, this blend of passion and inner-illumination has enabled you to look beyond the four walls of your everyday life, reaching far and wide into new terrain. Each day is a new experience and you have become more conscious in each and every moment, so you are noticing more from the setting sun, to birds singing, to your breath. Whilst this may not, on the surface, seem significant, it has changed you immeasurably as you have stepped beyond the mindset of ‘keeping on, keeping on’ and you are now living in a more centred and balanced way. Of course, challenges still come, but they no longer overcome and encompass you as you have the wind in your hair as you fly free…


As the theme of ‘fluxness’ remains in the air, and you continue the square dance of one foot forward, then one back, it has been hard for you to see beyond the stalemate, as much of your focus has been on maintaining the dance. It’s not that you are intentionally moving backwards and forwards, but you have become so used to doing it, you like to your best to do it well! After all, no one ever said perfection wasn’t one of your traits! Even though you haven’t been overly content to embrace the concept of fluxness, you have worked with it, rather than against it and this has allowed you to gain some important insights in connection to how you live your life. Resistance has it’s uses, but having the courage to let go of this and become more conscious in the moment has brought you so much inspiration and insight into how to live a better, more enriching life.

October is ‘falling leaves time’ in the northern hemisphere, and this feels so apt for you as you are entering a time of letting go: a time to lighten the load in your life in order to walk more freely and easily. As a part of this process, it’s wise to contemplate your true needs, wants and desires, as knowing what you truly want can help you to let go of a great deal and it also opens up the doorway to more clarity and a stronger vision. Letting go is often a challenging process as it can mean endings, but endings always bring new beginnings, and you seem more than ready to embark on a new adventure in life. Of course, it can be hard to see beyond the fluxness, but you can feel this anticipation rising up from deep within the core of your being so try to allow at least a little bit of breathing space for it to grow, flourish and blossom…


October looks set to be a month of great shift for you as you continue the process of self-evaluation and inner discovery. You are beginning to find new ways to express your creativity and uniqueness, and, more importantly, you are beginning to love yourself, your quirks and embrace those little things about yourself that you’ve never really been that fond of. At the same time, you have started to warm to those aspects of yourself that you’ve always felt were misplaced or somehow ‘wrong’, as you’ve stepped beyond these old beliefs and they no longer suit your philosophy on life. In fact, you have reached a stage of realisation that you are mighty fine exactly as you are! This isn’t meant to sound glib, as it’s actually a profound shift for you, and something to celebrate, as it seems you have finally reached a threshold of acceptance and self-compassion. Whilst both of these have always been dancing around your consciousness, you have never really found a way to be with them or let them embrace you.

Of course, as always, your biggest challenge has been the one between your head and your heart as you can find it hard not to over-think and over-analyse. This has enabled you to learn a great deal about yourself, but it has also kept you locked in a cycle of constant questioning. Head and heart are not, on the surface, easily reconcilable for you, but this is a perception and there are ways to blend these into a more creative and potent force, particularly when you open up more to acceptance and self-compassion. You may not be the person you thought you would be, you may not be living the life you dreamed you’d be living, but instead of focusing on such things, it’s more important to focus on all that you are, as you have evolved into a bright and sparkly soul…


In many ways, life is a storyline. In fact, a cycle of storylines might be a better description, as you often find yourself amidst several different storylines at any one point in time. Some are your own and other storylines are connected to those around you; each storyline swirls around – and through – you like a kaleidoscope. Some of these storylines weave and interlock with your own life, and some feel less natural, awkward and more of a hindrance. Whilst you accept the interconnected nature of life, there is a part of you that longs for something far simpler, crisper and clear cut! All this ‘waftiness’ of storylines and kaleidoscopes can feel frustrating for you, as you don’t have the time, patience or inclination, as you are so focused on keeping the wheels turning on the great big bus of your life, trying so hard to move forwards, that you’re often more focused on keeping the wheels turning, than you are focusing on where you actually are.

On some levels, your life has become more mechanical in nature as you work hard to tick off that ‘to do’ list, pushing ahead and spending little time in quiet reflection contemplating your path and your dreams. You seem to have lost the magic and ‘je ne sais quoi’, and this has left you feeling hollow and empty. October looks set to be a month for you to reconnect to the magic within as you shift your focus away from the ‘to do’ list and more towards re-connecting to your intuitive, creative, and wise nature. It’s easy to forget your true roots when life gets busy, but it’s your roots that guide you and keep you strong. As some of the main storylines of your life begin to shift once again, take some time to breathe deeply and make the most of this opportunity to explore pastures new…


There are times in your life when you feel overwhelmed and there are times when you feel underwhelmed, and there are a great many more times where you are somewhere between the two. Some may consider this ‘in between’ area as mundane and pedestrian, whereas other see it as simply a part of everyday life. Most of the time you appreciate this middle road as breathing space as it gives you a chance to reflect and ponder the path you’ve been walking and the path ahead of you. Yet, there are times when you feel frustrated to be bumbling along with the status quo as you can feel trapped, stifled and contained within the walls of your everyday life. Although you are a practical soul, you always have at least one eye on the passion and sparkle, as your creative spark is always seeking out new avenues of expression. So, ‘in between’ can feel monochrome or black and white rather than an opportunity to thrive.

Yet, there is great beauty to be found in the absence of colour, so maybe this is more connected to your perspective than anything else? Whilst it’s understandable to want to stir up the passion within your heart and soul, it’s important to realise that this is not only to be found in the thrill and adventure of the peaks and troughs of life. The more you try to see the creative potential of your ‘everyday’, the more you will realise that your potential is ever-expanding and ever-evolving, slowly blossoming into something beautiful. Life isn’t about chasing the highs or resisting the lows, or pushing away the mundane, it’s about learning how to make the most of every single moment. So, it’s time to find a new way of living and being, one that allows you to flourish and thrive, even in those ‘in between’ moments…


The landscape of life is one that ebbs and flows over the course of time. Just like the rain carves out limestone caverns and the winds create the sand dunes, the hills and valleys of your soul have grown, developed and evolved over the years. If you look back, the landscape you once knew has gradually changed with the passing of time. Of course, it’s not the rain or wind that have shaped and defined you, the ‘weather’ is your experiences, your emotions and your creative explorations. Your journey through life is the force that creates your landscape, as every single moment, every choice, every thought and every breath all come together into a great big, and often incoherent, bundle of stuff that makes you, you. Over time, your landscape has changed; you have added new pathways and new signs as the scenery has evolved, and your experiences have carved out cave networks, built mountains and forged new rivers. This all sounds very majestic and grand, but you already know this!

So, why the reminder? Well, it seems you have been so focused on trying to live the best life possible that you have lost sight of the fact that this isn’t some distant, far-away goal on the horizon, nor is it something to go and get, as the life you are living, already is the best life possible! Whilst you may still have dreams to achieve, and there may be aspects about your life you’re not happy with, the life you are living is the one you’ve got, so celebrate the hills and valleys you’ve created and feel proud of your achievements. Don’t spend your time always hankering for more, make the most of what you have in the here and now, as it’s really rather splendid! Your life is an adventure, so take a deep breath and explore…


As you continue to seek out new levels of meaning and understanding in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to forge a new philosophy for living and being you. You have spent a great deal of time contemplating the very fabric of the universe, trying to distil and condense it into something more comprehensible and malleable. As a result, your understanding of the world is considerably deeper and a great deal richer, than many others. Such a perspective has allowed you to explore some of the mysteries of life and you have learned so much as you’ve ridden the ups and downs with grace and wisdom. You have seen the individual threads that weave together to form the universe and you have stepped back and seen the universe in the blink of an eye. In essence, you have evolved and transformed, and you aren’t the same person you were last week, last month or last year.

You have re-shaped and re-defined your existence, and the things that once seemed so important now seem less so as you’re seeking out a simpler, but richer, way of living and being. Of course, part of this involves finding a truer sense of inner peace, which is hard when your mind travels at a million miles an hour. Your head constantly rattles, churning over thoughts, ideas and possibilities; your consciousness reaches deeply into the dark recesses of your soul to seek out answers to questions, always seeking out wisdom and understanding. Your evolution has been a profound one, yet there is a part of you wondering what on earth it’s really all about! Everyday life can seem almost trivial when you’re lost in such spaces, but it’s important to keep your feet on the ground as you need to straddle both worlds in order to channel some of this formidable energy into something truly wonderful…


Life is often a swirling mass of seemingly incongruent and haphazard happenings and events. On the surface, very little makes sense, as life very rarely (if ever) follows a set, pre-determined path. Even with the best of intentions, nothing is set in stone. Although you intuitively know this, it has been hard for you at times, as you have felt as though you are being pulled in many different directions at the same time. You are an open and sensitive soul, easily picking up on the situations and people around you. As a result, it can be hard to know where you end and where others begin. This can make it challenging for you to define your own boundaries and to get a true sense of what you truly want from life as your consciousness is usually so jammed full of the dreams, goals, ideas and ideals of others (stuff!).

Whilst you are open-minded and open-hearted, sometimes the flood of all this ‘stuff’ can feel overwhelming, as you quickly reach saturation point when you can take no more and just need to retreat for a while in order to re-centre and re-balance. However, you also realise this flow of ‘stuff’ is often full of gems of wisdom so you’re not keen to stop it completely. Although the flow of ‘stuff’ can be a burden, it’s also a gift and your life would feel much poorer if it were to stop. You therefore need to find a way to let the ebb and flow of the tides continue without feeling quite so overwhelmed by it; feel blessed for the gifts it brings you, but know there are always ways to take a breath. You may wonder how to take a breath when the currents are so strong, but the answer seems simple: you close your eyes and take a big deep breath! It isn’t rocket science…


As you continue your quest to find your true self, there is a sense that you have reached a stage of your life where you are opening up your heart and soul to the concept of acceptance. You have spent a great deal of time trying to do more, be more and achieve more, and whilst this has seen you flourish and thrive, there is also an underlying sense of restlessness as you run through life at jogging pace with one eye on the horizon looking for the next thing to do, place to go or thing to achieve. Ambition is a good thing as it fires up the passion in your soul and motivates you to reach towards the stars. Yet, there is a risk that by focusing on the horizon you are missing out on the present moment. At the same time, the gap between where you are and where you want to be (or think your ought to be) never seems to close, and this can leave you focused on both the gap and the horizon, spending very little time in the here and now.

Yet, you do need at least one foot (okay, one toe!) on the ground so you don’t continually spin round and round! You are a passionate and adventurous free-spirit, so grounding yourself can feel counter-intuitive, but you are ready to give birth to some big ideas, and it seems important to prepare yourself in order to make the most of such an opportunity. This shift seems to be rising up from deep within your heart and soul as a direct result of your willingness to shift your focus to the present moment, as well as from your openness to the concept of acceptance. In short, it seems you are realising that those trainers are optional extras as jogging isn’t actually your default setting! You are ready now to pause and allow your true self to surface…


You have always worked so hard at getting on the with the business of life; you have channelled your drive and energy towards keeping on keeping on, and, even when the going has been tough, your resilience has allowed you to push on. This has seen you achieve a great deal, so now, when you look back, you can see just how much you have accomplished. In fact, there is much for you to be proud of, and you have given so much of yourself in the process. Yet, there is a sense of sacrifice here, a sense that you have given up on your passion and dreams in order to get on with the business of life. Business seems like an apt description as there is something quite industrial to all of this, yet you are a passionate, compassionate and creative soul and these seem at a tangent to the way in which you’ve been living your life and seem almost conspicuous by their absence. It’s not that you are denying your creative flow, but there doesn’t seem to be much room for it anymore.

You have parked many of your dreams in order to get on with life, not realising that your dreams and creativity are a part of your life. It’s understandable to feel the need to prioritise paying the bills and putting food on the table, so creativity may feel almost irrelevant in comparison, but life is about more than turning the wheel and making it through each day, isn’t it? The narrative doesn’t help as ‘the business of life’ makes it feel like a corporate transaction rather than a free flowing and fluid existence. Is there really no room for anything else? It seems time to address this imbalance in order to re-inject some passion, sparkle and creativity back into your world once again. It’s already within you, set it free…


You have the wisdom and awareness to see the ever-shifting, ever-changing landscapes of life. You can feel life expanding and shrinking, inhaling and exhaling, with each passing moment. You have the capacity to step back from the intricacies and minutiae of your own world in order to see the full majesty of the ebb and flow of life’s events from a unique perspective, enabling you to gain an awareness of the bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture inspires you to continually re-shape and re-define your existence, as you allow your evolving self the chance to move with the greater ebb and flow all around you, making you a true child of the evolution! As a result, your beliefs and dreams are constantly changing and shifting. This can make it hard for you to follow any particular path in life and you may sometimes feel as though you are drifting with the tides which can be frustrating for a deep-thinking soul such as you.

There are times when you want to put down your anchor in order to plot a new course and take back control of the helm, but intuitively you know that you need to ebb and flow as the landscapes of your life are undergoing a fairly radical overhaul at the current time. This means that many of your old goals and dreams have melted away leaving you in the somewhat unique position of being ‘free’ and untethered from anything in particular. This is more philosophical than literal, a kind of tranquil space in your heart and soul where you are neither here nor there, free from any particular pathway or goal. Savour this moment and enjoy the breathing space. Take the time to rest in the stillness and trust that, when the time comes, new pathways will form, and new dreams will surface, and you will intuitively know exactly when to set sail…


If you take a moment to contemplate a fish, you can imagine it swimming freely in the watery depths, effortlessly gliding through the water, bobbing about wherever it chooses. Now think of yourself as a fish (Pisces); do you see yourself swimming so freely through your own life? Whilst you have the capacity to ‘be a fish’, your mastery at ought’s, must’s and should’s seems to have created a rather large load for you to carry at any one time. So, whilst you may still be a fish, you have a trailer and roof rack in situ, and you’re still bursting at the seams! Of course, life is full of things to do, people to see and places to go, but there is a sense that your life is so full of this that there is very little time for you. Why is this? Do you not like the quiet of stillness? Do you need distraction to avoid looking within? Or do you simply feel your life is worth less than everyone else’s? Whilst none of these seem likely, there are few other explanations as to why you are such a champion at taking on so much for so many.

At the same time, your tendency to be weighed down with distraction prevents you from breathing freely and exploring your true potential. You still have so much magic and sparkle within and these are longing to be set free. It’s time for you to ask yourself some serious questions as to how to establish a better sense of balance in your life in order to create more time for you. Whilst there will always be things to do for others (as that is your way), make room for yourself as you’re precious as well. Give yourself some priority and make ‘you time’ a joy, not an inconvenience. This is your moment to re-write the rulebook of your life…

October 2018 Astro-Energy Report – Relationships and Revelation

Sarah Varcas

a message from Sarah Varcas

All dates are UT so may vary in your time zone

October 2018 sees a square from Uranus to the moon’s nodes settling in for five months. This alliance speaks of both positive potential and risk. It may signify sweeping change that cultivates a more innovative and courageous attitude at a personal, local and global level. Or we may end up reacting to life’s challenges blind to their deeper significance, unwittingly retreating to intellectualised theories about the ‘right’ thing to do without embodying those beliefs in a ‘real-world’ way. This relationship between Uranus and the nodes reminds us the future can hang on a single decision as much as it contains infinite potentialities. It affords us the power to impact many lives both near and far, and insists we respect this responsibility bestowed upon us.

Uranus is currently tying up loose ends in preparation for its final entry into Taurus in March 2019. It first entered Aries, the previous sign, in May 2010, since which there’s been a certain amount of leeway available for the more impulsive among us. Aries is a fiery energy, fast to act, quick to change, always ready to begin something new. If the first decision didn’t work out let’s try this one, and that one. It doesn’t hang around for the long haul, trying to make something work that’s already crashed on the rocks of misguided impulse. And it doesn’t hold our mistakes against us! Taurus, on the other hand, is far more intransigent, eager to stick on the same path no matter what. Uranus in the sign of the bull is just as impulsive as ever, but the consequences of impetuous decisions and ill-thought through plans will stick around a whole lot longer, their implications pinning us to the spot. So as Uranus prepares for its final entry into Taurus we need to reflect on what restricts our movement and growth. What triggers our impulsive side? What keeps us stuck in old habits that die hard? What behaviours do we repeatedly indulge regardless of how poorly they’ve worked out for us before?! Identifying these now will help us curtail impulsive reactivity and discern what truly needs to change once Uranus begins six unbroken years in Taurus in March 2019, and we can shift those intransigent things we never thought we could.

Pluto turned direct in Capricorn on the final day of September, signalling the start of a seven-month period of impactful external change. Daily routines may go awry as institutions fundamental to our way of life flounder. Structures and systems that underpin our lives may be increasingly undermined. Those who seek to misuse the power of public office may regret past arrogance and scramble to make amends, albeit too little too late. The sea change that Pluto enacts in our personal and collective lives is rarely gentle but always necessary. With Saturn now accompanying Pluto in Capricorn, we’ll increasingly encounter the consequences of our resistance to change as much as our desire for it. The next seven months will shift some stubborn ground and reveal further the dark under-belly of ‘respectable’ society, illuminating the shadow forces within and without that perpetuate the reckless exploitation underpinning a world in which money is king and power the ultimate currency.

That said, a waning quarter moon in Cancer on 2nd October reminds us that other people aren’t the enemy, even when they are! We can stand firm against injustice without dismissing beyond all hope of grace those who perpetuate it. Divisive politics and disenfranchised people create conflict and war. We have enough of those already. Most people on this planet struggle with the inner forces of ignorance and see through the distorted eyes of an ego under siege. Cooling water is poured on the fires of discord and hatred when we recognise that the very source of our conflict – the ego’s need to prevail at any cost – also unites us. Use this quarter moon to connect with others and create a safe space in which to promote reconciliation and compromise, ready for the new moon in Libra in a week’s time.

Venus is retrograde between 5th October and 16th November. This happens only once every year and a half, signalling an important time of reflection and realignment in our capacity for pleasure, our values and our relationships. Venus currently in Scorpio seeks total absorption in the experience of lust and longing. She needs to be overcome by the visceral force of her own desire and consumed by all-encompassing surrender to the desire of another. This Venus yearns to lose herself in tumultuous passion which fosters depth and intensity in her relationships. Retrograding in Scorpio, she emphasises the obsessive nature of desire and illuminates specifically where we identify with and feed off the experience of passionate craving. She reveals where we’re driven by an insatiable need for emotional intensity, creating problematic situations and relationships we just can’t seem to let go. This Venus illuminates where the driving-force of passion in all its forms keeps us hooked into circumstances that diminish our well-being. If we need the ‘juice’ of emotional passion to feel alive we may settle for harmful as much as life-affirming intensity, becoming embroiled in relationships which keep us angry, needy or obsessed. Power struggles may ensue as we invest increasing amounts of energy in people who rile our emotions and matters which ultimately drain our energy rather than feed our spirit.

As Venus retrogrades through Scorpio until the end of the month, observe where you get hooked by drama, where you can’t just walk away and leave it be. Ask yourself what’s really going on there and do you want or need to change that dynamic? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Only you will know. But as this month progresses, those problematic things we feed off, forever a cause of complaint and yet clung to for dear life, will become increasingly apparent. We may discover surprising and unpalatable truths about how much our identity and sense of self is bolstered by obsessive passion and negative interpersonal dynamics. The ego loves an enemy and as much as we suffer and complain, walking away once and for all may feel like too great a sacrifice. If so, an honest appraisal of why that might be is in order as Venus retrograding in Scorpio sheds light on the deeper motivations at play.

A new moon in the 16th degree of Libra at 3:48 a.m. on 9th October signals a good time to wipe the slate clean in any recent conflicts. Just because we’ve clashed with others doesn’t mean we’re bound to be forever at war. On the contrary, we may have far more in common than we know! Human nature is cyclical, moving in ebbs and flows of togetherness and understanding, strife, separation and discord, then back to connection again. Like the heavens in constant motion, nothing remains the same and any notion that people never change simply isn’t true. In an alliance with Neptune and Pluto, this new moon both softens and strengthens our relationships. It supports a compassionate heart and courageous spirit, willing to say the tough stuff with bold love, knowing the truth which sets us free is sometimes the hardest truth of all.

In a world that can seem devoid of it, being able to generate love is a mighty act of deceptive power. When Venus, ruler of Libra, is retrograde, self-love is especially important. Not a narcissistic, self-absorbed ‘love’, but a tender and accepting one. Without it we’re dependent upon love from others, on conditional love that shapes us to its own agenda. With it we are sovereign and complete: free to love who we choose, how we choose, whether or not that love is returned. This moon encourages deep reflection upon matters of the heart and an opportunity to align with the rhythm of our own, so often lost amidst the clamour of the world.

Pluto squares the Sun between 9th and 15th October, reminding us that high drama and intensity aren’t necessarily the hallmarks of a meaningful relationship. If it can’t withstand the demands of everyday life – the mundane realities that form much of a day – we may be using a relationship to escape life, not to share that life intimately with another. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Comparing one to another is largely pointless. But for those wondering where a current connection will lead – Is it what I want? Does it feed me deeply? Is it too serious or not weighty enough? – this alliance may provide some clarity. It is within the alchemical flames of everyday life that we often encounter the most profound challenges and deepest transformation. Relationships which can dive deeply into this realm – finding the precious in the midst of every day – can withstand much that life throws at them, strong in the shared rootedness of love. With Venus retrograde supporting all who seek a deeper, more meaningful understanding of love, this square from Pluto to the Sun exposes both the weak points and the greatest strengths of relationship, enabling us to reflect deeply on who we want to share our life with and why.

Mercury enters Scorpio on 10th October, remaining there until 31st. Conjunct the Moon and opposing Uranus as it changes sign, this passage of Mercury may uncover emotionally charged issues which trigger instinctive defensiveness or pre-emptive strikes on those we sense are about to plunge in the knife! We may well need to calm down and take a moment to reflect and rewind before we decide who’s the enemy and what’s really going on. Mercury in Scorpio wants more than anything to articulate the truth, but many of its truths are hard to bear. It’s not that it wants to dig at wounds and rake up pain, it just can’t help itself! Its insight can be so incisive that disputes and conflict, misunderstandings and even estrangement are hard to avoid. The onus is therefore on us all to ensure we reap the blessings of Mercury’s insight whilst navigating its challenges with compassionate grace.

While Mercury’s journey through Scorpio may test us in the authenticity department, it does bring its own kind of freedom. If we stand firm in the face of its truth, we’ll be strengthened beyond measure. Mercury doesn’t act out of malice. It simply says what it must and moves on. If we feel the sting of exposure or the pain of revelation it shows where hearts need to open and minds expand. Truth rises like a bubble not when we think we’re ready but when it is! Only by encountering its formidable force head on do we discover our capacity to embrace it and move on through.

Eris opposes the Sun between 13th and 19th October. She has no compunction about stepping into battle, being unpopular, speaking the unbridled truth that no else will say. She wants us authentic and real, even if that means angry and bitter. ‘If that’s who you are right now, then don’t fight it!’ she says. Her opposition to the Sun in Libra highlights where we try to deny our feelings and impulses. She forces us to look without guile at where and how we suppress our innate and visceral knowing in favour of a politer and more palatable evasion or half-truth. Together with Mercury in Scorpio she creates a formidable and veracious force while the Sun in Libra smooths their harsher edges, not to disguise the facts but to deliver them in a sensitive but relentlessly honest way. If difficult issues need to be addressed there’s much support for honest dialogue here, but those who want only to obscure or avoid may encounter the unremitting force of truths that insist they be told, no matter the consequences.

A sextile between Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio from 19th to 28thOctober provides some background support if things (and especially relationships!) are feeling a bit (or very!) intense. Grounding us in the midst of intensity, this alliance helps us enjoy, rather than fear, the process of revelation. The more we can appreciate the inherent beauty of each layer of truth revealed, the easier authenticity becomes. A trine between Jupiter and Chiron from 20th October to 13th November adds additional support to those shifting from the quagmire of stagnant emotion into a lighter and more expansive place of insight. This direction of movement won’t suit everyone. Some will need to shift into emotion and out of the mind, others out of emotion into greater detachment. Only you will know where you need to be and why. But for all who seek truth there is support and encouragement on the journey right now.

An opposition from Uranus to the Sun between 21st and 27th October will keep us on our toes and stop us drifting back into bad habits that distance us from life. Uranus currently retrograde in Taurus is all about disrupting just such habits, refusing to let them win. The force of human unconsciousness is unremitting, but so is the current evolutionary impulse to awaken. As Uranus journeys through Taurus in the coming years the balance will shift in favour of the latter as the most intransigent habits of mind, body and spirit come under sustained assault from the forces of truth within and without. This current opposition reminds us we don’t dictate the evolutionary timetable, we are subject to it. We can neither stop it nor force it, but can instead align ourselves with it in total trust. If Uranus trips you up now, with unexpected events that shake you awake, try to rest in that trust rather than fear. Make faith a habit and courage your default setting. And when you can’t do that, resolve to begin again. Old habits die hard, but they do die eventually. As the Sun journeys through Scorpio between 23rd October and 22nd November we can discover precisely which habits are holding us back and resolve to deal with them once and for all. This is an excellent time to commit yourself to living in a different way, to challenging inner voices which insist on a certain perspective you now know to be false. Don’t let them drown out the voice of truth which is gaining in volume by the day.

A full moon in the 2nd degree of Taurus on 24th October (16:46 UT) illuminates the power of questioning who we believe ourselves to be. Conjunct Uranus and opposing Venus, it provides the courage to stand strong in the face of self-delusion and denial, exhorting us to look beyond self-deception. This is a moon of profound change and radical disruption of the status quo. It threatens to test even the strongest attachments if they compromise our freedom. Squaring the North Node, this moon can either propel us forward or hold us back, depending upon how we use it. Refusing to budge can be as radical as letting everything go if that’s what circumstances require. Wise discernment is key to managing the energy of this moon and we may well experience its ripples throughout the rest of the month. Things long ripe for change may shift exponentially around this time, most likely just when we’ve gotten used to living with them as they are! Likewise projects we’ve pursued because we thought we should may suddenly seem too burdensome to continue, auguring a return to a simpler life previously sacrificed on the altar of progress. What this moon means for individual life circumstances will of course vary, but the end result can be a powerful and positive recalibration of our energy and intention if we let it.

A sextile between Saturn and the Sun from 24th to 31st October provides some more grounding support. What seems like a burden may prove to be far more satisfying as we discover creative ways to access a deeper and more authentic current of instinct and emotion. If the full moon illuminated inner conflicts that we struggle to reconcile, Saturn and the Sun provide the courage and creativity to live in deeper alignment with apparently opposing drives and desires. With Venus conjunct the Sun in Scorpiobetween 24thand 28th October, accepting the shadow self becomes an act of love which demonstrates the depth of our commitment to fulfilling our potential whatever form it takes. We don’t have to achieve great things, make a name for ourself or develop some amazing new power! The core challenge of life is to simply be who we are without guile or shame: without the denial and suppression that distorts the human drive for expression into something altogether less edifying. As October comes to a close and the Moon begins to wane we are, each and every one of us, called to risk being a bit more who we actually are and a bit less who we think we’re supposed to be.

On 31st October Mercury enters Sagittarius where it turns retrograde next month. On the same day Venus retrogrades into Libra. Watch out for next month’s report for more info about them. In the meantime, suffice to say that October ends with a waning quarter moon in Leo which offers solace to egos wounded by the full moon a week prior. Ego isn’t the enemy despite what you may have heard. We need its sense of self and substance, an identity with which to navigate through the world. The key is to know the difference between our conditioned ego identity and our unchanging, unconditioned essence. Being intimate with both allows us to live with greater awareness, equipped to face life’s twists and turns with increasing wisdom and grace.

Sarah Varcas