‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for October 6


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Remember all those time when you make three trips to the other room to get something, and before you got there you had already forgotten what it was? Didn’t the thought of age dimming your memory enter your mind at those times?

There’s really no need to waste time thinking that way. It is not the case of a scattered memory, but a skittery mind, jumping from one subject to another with only circumstances to remind you.

And haven’t you awakened sharply in the middle of the night because suddenly you remembered something you should have done, or something you must do? Age again? No, it was the only time your subconscious mind ever found you quiet enough to remind you of something you wanted to remember.

Life would be so much more orderly if we took several minutes night and morning to sit completely away from outside sights and sounds to recall the important things. As long as we are able to see and hear the activity about us we have difficulty thinking soundly. The conscious mind is capable of carrying just so much, and then the debris must be cleared away before the “filed away” things in the subconscious can be remembered.

“Be still and know……”

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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October 6 – Daily Feast

October 6 – Daily Feast

A world of things exists that we will never be able to explain. But all we have to do is look around us at world events, natural disasters and at the cold, clear glint in the eye of ignorance, and know that to be somebody we need more than to become clever. The big deals do not make us. Little steps, little thoughts, words and little acts – who we are and who we will become depends on the small bricks in our foundations. What do we have of contentment? It is the measuring stick for wandering souls who have lost the way and don’t even know it.

~ I was living peacefully with my family, having plenty to eat, sleeping well, taking care of my people, and perfectly contented. ~


“A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II” by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 6

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 6

“We are responsible for the condition of the Earth. We are the ones who are responsible and we can change that. If we wake up, it is possible to change the energy. It is possible to change everything.”

–Hunbatz Men, MAYAN

The environment we want outside will be created by the mental pictures we have inside out heads. We must have the right environmental picture as well as the right values. These values will give the mental picture its true meaning. If we respected Mother Earth, we would not throw garbage on Her, nor would we put poison in Her. We would not misuse Her in any way. Mother Earth is like She is today because of the mental pictures of previous generations as well as the mental pictures of our own generation. If we want the environment to change, each individual must change their mental picture. “As within, so without.”

Great Spirit, today, let me be alert to Your guiding voice.

Daily Motivator for October 6: New starting point

New starting point

If you’re not careful, complacency can make everything you’ve gained crumble to the ground. Don’t let your success be victim of that same success.

Avoid complacency by responding to each success with gratitude, humility, and continuing effort. Treat success as an opportunity to create even more success.

If all you do with your good fortune is consume it, you’ll soon be left with nothing but regret. Instead, seize the opportunity to build upon your success.

The joy of accomplishment is in the doing. The way to continue that joy is to continue the doing.

Realize that the biggest reward of any success is the opportunity to aim for even more success. Feel the extent of that opportunity, and go to work on it.

Make every success into a new starting point. Delight in continuing to fill your world with new achievement and value.

— Ralph Marston

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Your Daily OM for October 6: Grounding Ourselves

Grounding Ourselves


As a human being living on earth, it is important to learn to ground yourself in relation to your earth mother.

We often hear people telling us to ground ourselves, but we may not be sure what that means and how we might do it. Grounding ourselves is a way of bringing ourselves literally back to earth. Some of us are more prone than others to essentially leaving our bodies and not being firmly rooted in our bodies. There’s nothing terribly wrong with this, but while we are living on the earth plane it is best to stay grounded in the body.

One of the easiest ways to ground ourselves is to bring our attention to our breath as it enters and leaves our bodies. After about 10 breaths, we will probably find that we feel much more connected to our physical selves. We might then bring our awareness to the sensations in our bodies, moving from our head down to our feet, exploring and inquiring. Just a few minutes of this can bring us home to bodies and to the earth, and this is what it means to ground ourselves.

We can go further by imagining that we have roots growing out of the bottoms of our feet, connecting us to the earth. The roots flow with us so we can we always move, but at the same time they keep us grounded. We receive powerful energy from the earth just as we do from the forms of energy we associate with the sky, and our body is a tool that brings these two energies together in a sacred union. When we are grounded, we essentially become a strong container in which our spirits can safely and productively dwell. This is why grounding ourselves every day, especially at the beginning of the day, is such a beneficial practice. Fortunately, it’s as simple as bringing our conscious awareness to our bodies and the earth on which we walk.


Your Planetary Tracker for Saturday, October 6: The Moon in Virgo, October 5 – October 7

The Moon In Virgo: Practical, Organized, Patient

October 5 – October 7, 2018

Virgo is an Earth sign so it’s practical, but it’s also related to Mercury which means it has an active mind. If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, you are known for your intellect, curious mind, and intuition. Virgo likes to cut through the noise and get to the good stuff — constantly sorting out thoughts, feelings, and everything around them. Leave it to Virgo to figure out what’s useful or useless, what’s true or not true, what’s right or wrong. It’s not surprising that this sign’s motto is “I analyze.”

Before we talk specifically about the Moon in Virgo, let’s talk about the Moon for a moment. In astrology, the Moon in considered a planet — it’s the fastest moving of them all. Because it moves so quickly, the Moon passes through each of the 12 zodiac signs every month. Just as the Sun has a placement in our chart, so does the Moon.

When the Moon is in Virgo

No matter which Sun sign you were born under, for a few days each month, we all feel like a Virgo. Because Virgo loves order and cleanliness, you’ll feel a stronger urge to organize your living spaces during the Virgo Moon transit. This is also an excellent time to work on any projects as this diligent sign has an uncanny ability to analyze the critical details most of us would miss!

Virgos loves to lend a helping hand, so don’t be surprised if you are the first person to volunteer when a friend asks for a favor. Don’t be mistaken — you won’t feel obligated in the least bit. Because Virgos love to pitch in, you’ll not only want to come to someone’s aid, but you’ll also get extreme satisfaction from it. What can we say? This sign truly enjoys being of service to others.

When the Moon is in Virgo, you may feel more motivated to take your health more seriously. You might find yourself re-evaluating your diet and nutrition, or possibly taking up a new fitness regimen. Don’t be afraid to get out and flex those muscles!

New Moon in Virgo

In the late summer, when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo, we have what is called a Virgo New Moon. This is always a time of new beginnings, and a time of a new emotional cycle. This New Moon is different in that we don’t plant new seeds; instead, we try to figure out what to do with what we’ve harvested. You’ll find yourself asking, “Where do I go from here?” The key is figuring out how to use what you’ve been working on to create a different kind of new beginning. Now that you’ve plucked that wheat the Virgo is known for holding, how are you going to use it?

Full Moon in Virgo

Six months later, at the end of winter, we have what is known as a Virgo Full Moon. Because the Sun is in the sign of Pisces, this is a time when you’ll get lost in your thoughts, and find yourself dreaming about the future. The energy of this Full Moon helps us balance this out by bringing us back to reality, and showing us how we can make these fantasies a reality.

If you were born with the Moon in Virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign so it’s practical, but it’s also related to Mercury which means it has an active mind. If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, you are known for your intellect, curious mind, and intuition. Virgo likes to cut through the noise and get to the good stuff — constantly sorting out thoughts, feelings, and everything around them. Leave it to Virgo to figure out what’s useful or useless, what’s true or not true, what’s right or wrong. It’s not surprising that this sign’s motto is “I analyze.”

Anyone who knows a Virgo knows that they need to feel useful, and somehow contributing to a project, a relationship, or whatever it is that needs their assistance. This is why someone with a Virgo Moon is seen as a hardworking team member in the workplace, or a loyal friend who rushes to their friends’ sides in difficult times. Virgo has been accused of being critical, but they don’t do it because they dislike something — Virgo is just trying to help!

Those born with the Moon in Virgo are some of the most loyal people you’ll meet. Yes, Virgo has high standards and loves to examine every aspect of a relationship before jumping. This doesn’t mean Virgo is cold — they can be just as passionate and loving as other signs — it’s simply that they want to know what they’re getting into. Rest assured, once a Virgo is on your side, they are in it for the long haul.


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Your Daily Karmic Number for October 6 is 6

Your Daily Karmic Number for Today

Hmm, drama lately? Six seems to think so. There are a few reality show producers looking for someone like you because you live your life in some state of (interesting) disarray. Your home is an extension of you and everything is either out of place, mismatched (and not in a Feng Shui way), or covered in dust. Hiring maid service means that you are unwilling to do the work yourself, which you must. Do an emotional cleanse. Cry if you have to. When you are done, throw those tissues away. Stop tucking them in the seat cushions then start clearing your home so that you’re proud to have visitors.


Your Daily Ogham Reading for Saturday, October 6th

Your Daily Ogham Reading



The Birch tree is known as a pioneering species, which means it is often first to colonize open ground following a disturbance or fire. Because of this natural fact Beith is the first letter of the Ogham alphabet. It symbolizes birth, renewal, and new beginnings. The Beith symbol appearing is a true sign that a change has occurred or will occur.

Fortune – Drawing this Ogham is a way of telling you to look for a new path, a necessary change is on the way!





In many religious traditions the apple is a mystical or forbidden fruit. Yet to the Celts it was the food of the Gods. Despite it’s often bad reputation it is clear that the apple is a source of nutrition, health, and sustenance. That is why we read this ogham letter has having to do with life, health, and healing… a Quert a day keeps the bad vibes away!

Fortune – Take a good look at your mental and physical health. This Ogham is a warning to be mindful of nutrition and healing, take care of yourself!





This thorny tree is known for it’s negative uses over the years. It has been used for cattle proofing with its thorns, the berries have been turned into alcohol, and the thorns were once dipped in poison as a weapon. Drawing this letter brings forth ideas of pain, negativity, pessimism, and potential conflict. If Straif comes up in your reading it is very wise to pay attention to any warnings.

Fortune – This Ogham can denote very bad signs ahead. Pay very close attention to matters in life that way you can avoid the warning that you were given.

Your Daily Witches Rune for October 6 is The Ring

Daily Witches Rune

October 6, 2018

The Rings

Keywords: Love, relationships.

Meanings: The Rings is the rune of love and when it is the leading stone, it is a positive answer to your question. It is very much a rune of relationship and can indicate engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. It can also indicate the need for a fresh approach to an existing relationship.