The Witches Daily Divination Journal for Monday, October 1

~Blessings To You~
The Witches Daily Divination Journal for Monday, October 1

Tarot Card of the Day

Mother of Fires











This suit, most often called “Wands” and sometimes called “Rods” or “Staves,” represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.

Traditionally, representing the energy of a Queen, this woman represents the natural manager, whose gift is to inspire teamwork and divvy up tasks. She is the one who sees ensures everything runs smoothly. She’ll be sweating in the sun along with her family or crew, inspiring everybody to keep up and supporting morale with her infectious energy.

She is the best kind of manager to have, because she is like a challenging but encouraging mother, who knows you have it in you. She believes in her charges and they work hard to please her. She is not, however, sentimental. Like a good farmer, she views her crops, her animals, even the people who work for her, as necessary resources for the achievement of the higher goal. If any aspect is no longer productive or cost-effective, she can let them go without a second thought. Do not look to her for sympathy. is Part of the Daily Insight Group © 2018


Your Love Tarot Card

The Devil











Do you feel caught between the ‘Devil and the Deep Blue Sea?’ This card represents insight and ability to rise above and to surmount obstacles in the way of love. The chains that bind the couple on the Tarot card are loose and symbolic of the ability to slip away if they want to. In this light, they are self-imposed limitations. Break free today if this sounds like your situation.


Your Erotic Tarot Card

The Sun











The Sun card shows that you may be feeling a little exposed and vulnerable as parts of your sex life are illuminated, but there is also an overwhelming feeling of warmth and positivity. Once you get over those self-conscious feelings, a wave of self-confidence replaces your fears. No one is out of your reach when the Sun is shining down on you. Embrace your power and don’t be afraid to get naked both emotionally and physically!



Your Influences for the Week of October 1


Tarot Influence

The Seven of Wands

Courage will bring victory. Success seems certain











Astrological Influence


Capricorn denotes a drive to succeed through a pragmatic approach to life











Element Influence

Earth Reversed

Earth reversed denotes a lack of positive connection with the life spirit–a lost soul. If you are not careful you may miss much of what life has to offer you.











Your Daily Rune for Monday, October 1


(or Elhaz)

“Al-jiz” – Literally: “Elk” – Esoteric: Protection, Highe

Energy: protective teaching force, the divine plan, Valkyries

Mundane: protection, safety, spirituality

Divinations: Connection with the gods, awakening, higher life, protection; or hidden danger, consumption by divine forces, loss of the divine link, fear.

Strengthening of hamingja (personal gravity, ‘luck’) and life force through courageous deeds
Mystical and religious communication with non-human sentient beings
Communication with other worlds, especially Asgard
Receiving instruction on the magical potential of the runes
Banishing the fear of death

Your Animal Spirit Guide for Today

Advice from a Raccoon


Your Monthly MahJong Tile for October


Symbol: The Woodcutter

The Woodcutter employs three of the 5 elements central to Chinese philosophy: Fire, Wood and Metal. He is ambitious and full of drive and energy. He represents gain and success through dedicated work.


Your Monthly Domino For October


Look to your inner-self for direction. It is in your dreams and fantasies that you will find the right path for you.



Your Karmic Number for Monday, October 1


The number 4 means that you are building a strong foundation for your new ventures. Good job! Keep going – build the frame, put up the walls, roof, and seed the yard. It may not be an actual building you are working on, but the structure for your goals is becoming a reality. Taking the time, step by step, means that you have a foundation, protection, and beauty. Use strong people and resources so that you don’t have to rebuild from scratch. In time, you will have a sturdy place to call your own.



The Wisdom of Buddha

The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.

A Little Humor for Your Day



Remember for all your magickal needs, think Magickal Necessities….



Your Zodiac Sign’s Tarotscope for the Week of October 1

Read what’s in the cards for your sign this week!

Welcome to the week of October 1! Each week a card will be pulled for your zodiac sign, offering the guidance and insight needed to maximize your opportunities and avoid any obstacles headed your way. Reveal the message the Tarot has for YOU now!

Aries Tarotscope (March 21 – April 19)

Your card for the week: Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles represents enthusiasm for new beginnings and new ventures. This week, you are being encouraged to express your creative talents in some way. Have you been thinking about starting something but haven’t taken the first steps to get it off the ground? This card wants you to take those imaginative ideas you’ve been toying with and start working toward manifesting them. By remaining focused and applying a strong work ethic, you give yourself the ability to turn your dreams into a reality.


Taurus Tarotscope (April 20 – May 20)

Your card for the week: The World

Your message for the week is one about creating more balance in your life. The Tarot gives you many opportunities to consider this theme, but The World card is quite possibly the ultimate expression of that need. This card is encouraging you look at every realm of your existence: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Have you been lacking harmony in one of these areas? If so, you’re being encouraged to not only figure out how to achieve that balance, but how to maintain it as well.


Gemini Tarotscope (May 21 – June 20)

Your card for the week: The Hanged Man

Receiving the Hanged Man could indicate a major shift in perspective is coming this week. Alternately, it may mean that some sort of sacrifice is needed. The process The Hanged Man wants you to undergo in the days ahead may feel uncomfortable, but it can lead you to a much-needed release of negative past patterns that are no longer serving you. What have you been holding onto and how have these beliefs held you back? This week you’re being encouraged to let go of them once and for all.


Cancer Tarotscope (June 21 – July 22)

Your card for the week: 9 of Wands

You could find yourself approaching the finish line this week! The 9 of Wands recognizes the persistence and dedication you’ve put into a personal goal you’ve been working toward. Your initial goals and ideas were planted and have grown, and you are so close to finally achieving your destination. While the road may have been long and weary at times, this is no time to give up. Resilience is your greatest asset right now, so put on your battle armor and keep moving forward no matter what life may throw your way.


Leo Tarotscope (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Your card for the week: 8 of Pentacles

This week, the 8 of Pentacles is encouraging you to put your creative talents to good use and work hard at them. The more you create and hone your craft, the more others will take notice of what you’re doing — and the more inspired you will become. By putting yourself out there, you give others the opportunity to recognize your abilities and talents, and this can serve as the motivation needed to continue to produce things you’re really proud of. So, get out there and become the master of your domain!


Virgo Tarotscope (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Your card for the week: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you this week that life is full of ups and down. If you’ve been going through a problematic time in your life, this card could signal an end to this difficult period. If you’ve been going through a prosperous period, things could soon return to normal. Don’t lament this change — it is a natural part of growth and a natural part of life. Every experience you have serves a purpose in your understanding of yourself and your situations. Let this card serve as a reminder to embrace the ebbs and flows of life.


Libra Tarotscope (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Your card for the week: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is primarily a card about intuition. This week, you’re being called to work on your perceptive skills, so that you can fine-tune your ability to hear your inner voice and receive messages from your unconscious mind. Have you been out of balance in a certain area of your life? Are you unsure if you’re on the right path regarding a specific situation? This card is encouraging you connect with your internal wisdom, because the answer you’re seeking is already inside of you.


Scorpio Tarotscope (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Your card for the week: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is an impulsive card, indicating feelings of restlessness that can lead to turbulence in your life. This week, you’re being asked to look at a decision you’re facing and consider the consequences of acting in haste. You may have been ready to choose which path to take, but perhaps you should take a second look before you leap. This isn’t an easy thing to do when you’re excited about something, but this card serves as a reminder that a well-laid plan makes for long-term success.


Sagittarius Tarotscope (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Your card for the week: King of Cups

Your theme for the week is successful application of strength. More specifically, emotional fortitude. The King of Cups is a person of insight and is very emotionally balanced and in control. Receiving this card is a reminder to harness your emotional maturity as you deal with a curveball life recently threw at you. Your initial instinct may have been to repress any emotions you had about this situation. Conversely, you could have let your emotions get the best of you. This card is urging you to use your heart AND your head as you navigate this personal challenge.


Capricorn Tarotscope (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Your card for the week: Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a card of vision and advancement. This week, there’s a possibility that you are going to receive some sort of invitation or proposal that you may not have been expecting. This card wants you to be open to this new possibility and take advantage of it, but it also wants you to exercise caution as you move forward. The Knight warns against getting too caught up in fantasies. Evaluate this situation before proceeding to ensure everything will be as you think it will be and that you will benefit from it.

Aquarius Tarotscope (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Your card for the week: 7 of Pentacles

Don’t give up just yet! Your card this week, the 7 of Pentacles, is reminding you that anything worth having can’t be achieved overnight. Perhaps you’ve been working on a project or area of your life and haven’t yet reaped the rewards of your efforts. Understandably, this has been a source of frustration for you. Remind yourself that this wasn’t a task you could have been finished overnight and take pride in the effort you’ve already put forth. Your hard work and patience may not have paid off just yet, but they will soon enough.


Pisces Tarotscope (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Your card for the week: 3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords wants to recognize the grief or heartbreak you may be currently suffering from. Perhaps there’s been a betrayal, or it could be that you’re experiencing some sort of mental anguish. This week, this card is asking you to persevere and stay in control of your emotions, so that you can move forward without falling apart. Just be sure that in your efforts to remain strong, you don’t become permanently detached. If you remain in touch with your emotional side, you could come out on the other side of this situation capable of loving even more than you were before. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

If You Were Born Today, October 1


If You Were Born Today, October 1


You are a success-oriented, charming, and personally powerful individual. You are at your best when you are in control, your own boss, or working on your own. However, you get along with others and have the necessary “people skills” to do so, although occasionally your impatience comes through! You are proud and not always willing to ask for help. You are willing to work hard for what you want, and you generally appear to be confident. You have a good head for business, and you are also quick to respond to changes. Famous people born today: Annie Besant, Walter Matthau, Jimmy Carter, Julie Andrews, Mark McGwire, Vladimir Horowitz.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

Again this year, the Sun and Moon are in harmony in your Solar Return chart, and the year ahead should be satisfying and balanced overall. You are in comfortable demand and personally popular, and you are able to achieve a decent balance between work and play; personal and professional life. For the most part, you are on top of your game this year, and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily. With the ability to handle your emotions successfully, there is less stress on both your mind and body.

Saturn moves out of a challenging position to your Sun in December — another reason for feeling lighter and freer.

Even so, this can be a period in which you are bolder, more assertive, and energetic. You are especially interested in setting goals and challenges for yourself this year, as well as taking the necessary action to meet them. You may meet or interact with others who encourage or inspire you in some way to have more confidence in yourself. Independent work is favored and competitive activities may also thrive this year. Your passions and enthusiasm run high, and the trick is to channel this extra energy constructively.

You are imaginative, creative, and communicate warmly and considerately. This is a good time for both teaching and learning, and for expressing feelings. Researching cooking, health, and nutrition can be fruitful now. It’s also a strong time for marketing.

You are especially enterprising and resourceful during this period. Both professional and personal opportunities emerge. Your faith in your ability to produce and win takes you places.

Energy fluctuates this year, however. If you aren’t too rash or impulsive, you might be able to free yourself from restrictive circumstances. You could also have more courage than usual to do things that break the routine, and confrontations engaged in this year could clear the air and help you to move forward.

You’re also quite driven to make improvements and effect positive change in the year ahead. This positively impacts many areas of your life beyond the personal, including relationships and work.

Your need to investigate and read between the lines is strong this year. It’s best used for research and increased awareness of psychological motivations, both of others and yourself.

Venus harmonizes with Neptune around the time of your birthday this year, and you are more imaginative and attuned to the world of beauty and romance in the year ahead. Gentleness with others is the best way to harness this energy and to attract what you want into your life. There could be truly “magical” times on a romantic and social level. You are especially romantic this year, and you are likely to idealize and expand a relationship through sensitive interactions and a more giving approach. Benefits come through paying attention to your dreams and intuitions, as well as through creativity.

The year ahead is likely to be an especially enterprising one, although at times a bit erratic! In certain areas of your life, you’re inclined to rock the boat so that you can break free from a limiting situation. Be mindful when/if making sweeping changes. In other areas, you’re super-focused and determined to succeed. Some relationships (or a key one) can work quite well. Mental intensity is likely and should be channeled well for best results.

2018 is a Number Four year for you. Ruled by Uranus. This is a year of work and development. It’s “nose to the grindstone” time. It’s a time to pay special attention to practical matters, and it’s not a time to be lazy or especially gregarious. Sometimes, it can be a year that feels hard, monotonous and routine, and/or lonely. Positive new relationships are often not formed in a Four personal year. However, it can be a wonderful year for building, development, and laying a solid foundation for future successes. Advice – get yourself organized, work to build your resources, keep busy.

2019 will be a Number Five year for you. Ruled by Mercury. This is a year of discovery and freedom. It’s a time when exploration and reaching out to others brings opportunities. It’s a good time to advertise, promote, and sell. Surprises are in store, and the routine is broken for the better. This is a year when exciting relationships can be formed; or, if you are already in a partnership, new life is breathed into the relationship. Advice – explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, diversify, mingle.

Your Cosmic Weather Horoscope for the Month of October

Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


October’s a month for thinking, studying, and balancing. We can get closer to ourselves, and others, if we choose.


Much of October’s astrology says what goes around, comes around. What was seeded earlier, sometimes years earlier, can be harvested. Or not – maybe your 2018 harvest isn’t what you expected? Or maybe something is hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to notice? Either way, we’re in a new season now, and pausing now and then for thought, and intuitive guidance, is in tune with October’s smoky Libra-Scorpio weather.

So here are two thoughts I like for October:
“It is no good getting furious if you get stuck. What I do is keep thinking about the problem but work on something else. Sometimes it is years before I see the way forward. In the case of information loss and black holes, it was 29 years.” — Stephen Hawking
“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” — Lao Tzu

Image: ‘Karin Iaser’ by Carl Larsson (1853-1919) via Pinterest



Monday, 1st October:

Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, the Sea Goat

Pluto’s role in astrology is to destroy or demolish, and then transform and rebuild. This intense little planet usually works very slowly, with tremendous focus hidden away in the underworld – Pluto’s mythic home beneath the surface. What emerges may seem shocking or unexpected, yet it always has deep roots if you look closer.

Currently, in earthy Capricorn, Pluto is more concerned than ever with what lies beneath our feet, our consciousness, and our post-truth, alternative facts, fake news world. Pluto will soon be working alongside Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn is another slow but relentless influence. Saturn and Pluto’s shared message is one of taking responsibility for past actions, of restraint, and a whole world of secrets and hidden things being reassessed or transformed. Some of this will concern our global financial systems. Some of it, here in Capricorn, will concern government, mining, waste disposal, and the earth’s mineral resources, amongst other things.

In our own lives, this planetary pair highlight our life direction, and prompt serious reassessments and down-to-earth decisions, budgets, and working hard towards a goal, or our own sense of security in the world.  Not glamorous, you’ll no doubt agree, but what’s achieved – eventually – has lasting value and strong foundations. It’s just that the rocky road ahead can be tough. We’ll be needing some sturdy hiking boots.



Friday, 5th October:

Back Story: Venus Retrograde – 5th October – 16th November 2018

Magnetic Venus turns retrograde today. As she seems to retrace her steps, as seen from Earth, she’s drawing closer to us – and as I mentioned in September’s Cosmic Weather, will be a bright and beautiful ‘star’ in our evening skies this autumn.

Venus is retrograde in Scorpio this month, emphasising Scorpio’s themes of sex, endings, money, and mysterious secrets. Much will be brewing behind the scenes, and it may not be possible to make final judgements or decisions just yet – or to be clear about romantic, financial, or social situations we’re experiencing.

Seven things to look out for when Venus is retrograde :

*encounters with long-lost friends and lovers – is there unfinished business? Have you ‘bumped into’ someone for a reason?

*searching your heart, memory, and imagination for a deeper perspective on love and friendship

*hunting for antique and vintage bargains – Venus loves jewellery, art, and fashion. And with Scorpio’s connections with what lies beneath, metal detectorists could unearth a little buried treasure.

*mulling over your finances and financial plans and aspirations – have you overlooked something?

*searching for lost items of jewellery, art, or vintage treasures – sometimes precious things turn up in the strangest or most unlikely places

*studying the history of love, sex, art or women

*increasing awareness of karmic connections, soul mates, and karmic debts or obligations involving love, legacies, and/or money

Venus in Scorpio is an ace female detective or paranormal investigator – she’s always going to want to dig and delve. This phase can bring cold cases to our attention, or highlight stories (real or fictional) involving female investigators or crimes involving women as victims or perpetrators.

Relationships, sex, and partnerships or alliances of many kinds are highlighted between now and New Year 2019. Surprises and secret revelations are in store.

Watch for the days between 1st – 11th October when Venus lounges around at 10 degrees of Scorpio, while her mythic lover, Mars, in Aquarius, draws ever closer until they ignite, clash, and create a little romantic mayhem on 11th October beneath a Scorpio Moon.

Things could get pretty lively later too, for Venus opposes disruptive Uranus at the end of October, and during November. Sudden financial highs and lows, unusual and unconventional relationships forming or breaking up, or even stories about sex robots would all represent this Venus and Uranus dance.  With both planets retrograde, stories from the past  – particularly about sex, money, and maybe even death – are likely to surface now.

What comes up this month may not be resolved or clarified until December, when Venus moves forward again in Scorpio.

Venus returns to Libra at Halloween, travelling back through the sign of partnerships until 16th November, turning direct, and returning to Scorpio on 2nd December.

Venus finally leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on 7th January, 2019.

Image: Vintage monochrome photo, unknown photographer, via Pinterest



Tuesday 9th October:

Balanced Diet: New Moon at 15 degrees Libra

A serious, hungry, and dynamic new Moon rises in Libra. There’s a fateful flavour in the air as two ancient adversaries, Ceres and Pluto, face off. Each has something the other desires, each likes to tell us we will reap what we’ve sown.

So will the fair-minded Libran Moon be able to negotiate for reason and balance? Tricky. Sow seeds of love and harmony when and where you can. Adjustments between rational thinking and idealism are all around us.

This new Moon could herald yet more news this month from the USA about its government, corporations, structures, and leadership. The Moon and her aspects will energise stern Saturn at 14 degrees of legal Libra in the USA’s 4th July founding horoscope, while winking at its Sun (13 Cancer) too. The Sun represents the president himself, and other prominent political and business leaders.

Dreamy Neptune promises those now-familiar clouds of scandal, ‘fake news’, and delusions along the way during the months ahead. Things get rockier in the USA as we near December and January, with some serious pressure from prudent Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in aggressive Aries, and the approaching Capricorn eclipse in January, signalling the need for justice to be served, while tradition, history, and trading partners are respected. Saturn likes to call in debts, including karmic ones. We’ll see.

This is the first of six new Moons at 15 degrees of their sign. The solar eclipse and new Moon of 6th January, 2019, is at 15 Capricorn. The series ends with the new Moon in April. Do you have anything at around 15 degrees in your own horoscope? If you do, it’s worth checking that out. It’s a sensitive area with a message for you from the planets this autumn, and on into the new year.
There’s more in the Moon Diary.

The new Libran Moon is conjunct Ceres, quincunx Neptune in Pisces, and square Pluto in Capricorn.

Image: Aristocratic Turkish woman drinking coffee, anonymous artist, 17th century via



Wednesday 10th October:

Watching the Detectives: Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio digs deep. It favours detection, research, secrets and intensity. It can be as relentless in its pursuit of answers as fiction’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

These next few days bring news of curious journeys, disruptive opinions or information, and remarkably thought-provoking encounters. They highlight important meetings and discussions. But things could be volatile, and groups of people are in the mood to disagree, protest, or dig their heels in.

It’s buzzy and bumpy because Mercury opposes electric Uranus in Taurus, and squares up to the Moon’s nodes in Leo.

It will be hard to get people to see others’ points of view this week, so patience is required. This theme repeats again beneath a potent full Moon in Taurus on 24th October. Groups of people in every setting will need to make an effort to get along with one another.

Further disruptions to discussions, transport, information and understanding are likely between 18th – 20th October when Mercury argues with warrior Mars in Aquarius, yet works well with inspirational Neptune in Pisces. These can be confusing days, with some potential for inspiration, but take it easy – and be very cautious about what you post online.  Mercury in Scorpio knows that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Image: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson by Sidney Paget (1860-1908), Strand Magazine, via Wikimedia Commons



Tuesday 23rd October:

Uranus is at its closest approach to Earth today, making its eccentric blue presence visible through powerful telescopes.

Uranus in astrology has a sparky quality – it represents mental, physical, and emotional electricity, and disruptive or erratic characteristics and events. It’s said to signify eccentric, revolutionary and innovative impulses.

Tomorrow’s full Moon aligns with this weird genius, highlighting all things unconventional, whimsical, and unpredictable. One way or another, there may be dramatic scenes of thunder and lightning.

In astronomy, Uranus is also a maverick. This huge planet orbits the Sun on its side – a truly eccentric position, and a unique one as far as we know. The astrology and astronomy agree – Uranus is a one-off oddball. Expect the unexpected.



Wednesday 24th October:

Full Moon in Taurus, the Bull

Hey, diddle, diddle,

The cat and the fiddle,

The cow jumped over the moon;

The little dog laughed

To see such fun,

And the dish ran away with the spoon.

–    Traditional nursery rhyme.

The cow will indeed be jumping over this lively full Moon in Taurus. And we’ll likely have our fill of raging bulls, sacred cows, and bulls crashing about in china shops too.

Its astrological flavour is stubborn, fixed, and likely involves money, money, money. Yet the inner desire for change is urgent. So there’s bound to be tension since not everybody can agree on the kind of change they want or need.

The astrology:

The full Moon at 1 degree Taurus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, opposite Sun and Venus in Scorpio.  The Moon’s nodes in Leo and Aquarius form a fixed grand cross. It’s powerful, and hints at beginnings arising from endings or deadlocked scenarios.

This Moon aligns with feminine, artistic, receptive fixed star Mirach, in the constellation Andromeda, the constellation of the mythic princess-in-distress (yet her name means ‘ruler of men’). Mirach may serve to soften or channel some of the stubborn energy we’ll feel around us now. Creativity and kindness will help.

Currently, we’re sailing upon astrological oceans of emotion with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.

There’s more in the Moon Diary.

Image: ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ by W. W. Denslow (1902) via Project Gutenberg/Wikimedia Commons



Wednesday 31st October:

Happy Halloween!

Today two planets change signs, favouring a sociable atmosphere in one cosy corner of November.

As Mercury enters freewheeling Sagittarius and Venus retrograde returns to late Libra perspectives begin to shift. There’s more humour, and loving Venus is strong in her own home sign, the sign of all our partnerships – romantic, professional, and longstanding friendships. There could be some romantic surprises, or even unexpected proposals and reunions coming up soon.

But meanwhile……..

Welcome to the House of the Spirits and the Realms of Ritual and Magic!

Traditionally, Halloween is a feast of the dead. It’s also a time for divination, especially about love, and a time when we can enjoy stepping outside the boundaries of everyday reality and conventional dress codes. Its liberating to wear a disguise – and dressing in creative costumes, or guising, has long been part of Halloween, and many other ancient rites and rituals.

Supernatural forces are introducing themselves – in ancient times, the whole dark winter season was infested with unsettling tales of ghosts and otherworldly creatures. Tales of mysterious beings were told around the winter fires, flickering candles were placed in the window to guide ancestral spirits home.

Of course, spectres and spirits are always around, often in broad daylight for those with the ability to see them. And with Neptune in psychic Pisces, don’t you think it’s time we paid a little more attention and gave the unseen the respect it deserves all year round? A puppy isn’t just for Christmas, and ghosts aren’t just for Halloween you know!

So, to get you in the mood, this spooky Radio 4 Extra show might be a deliciously haunting experience:

Or for more curated creepiness than you ever thought possible:

Wishing you a magical Halloween and a supernatural Samhain!

October 2018 Ascension Energies – Calm the Chaos

October 2018 Ascension Energies – Calm the Chaos

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

September Review

The energies of September were a natural flow of expanded balance, with the equinox energies nudging us into a new level of empowerment. This is the core of Ascension—more empowerment within so that the interaction in the physical realm are a stronger bond (Love). This inner crystalline clarity (clair-ity) allows for a more conscious connection with the subtle realm.

The rules of our interaction with the subtle realm are different. They require resonance, not force/action like the physical realm. Resonance means you must become the change you want to create in this world. September offered an integration of separation into a new level of empowerment. Not always easy, but always worth it.

Ascension symptoms were a bit lighter than August, though I was noticing tension in the throat and jaw. Boundary issues and valuing yourself were at the forefront.

Sometimes it’s easy not to see the forest because of the trees. We can get lost in the details and miss the bigger picture. September’s Polarity Perspective has a lot of advantages as we learn to look beyond the obvious of the physical experience, into the potentials of the subtle realm—the bonds of Love.

The details of what occurred in September are unique manifestations of the bigger picture of evolving the human condition. Were you able to observe or experience and still hold your perspective of love and connection? October’s energy expands that.

October Energies

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, has called 2018 the Year of Amplification. We are moving fast into a new level of density. Fast is a relative term. It certainly feels like consistent movement without much slowing down. But that is the amplification of change that is moving us into the new. Change always brings unknown. That is an uncomfortable place for many, and a frightening place for many others. It is a creative state.

The creative state requires change. It requires a certain amount of risk. The famous Anais Nin quote sums it up nicely, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” You must open to embrace change. That is creativity, that is constant in the physical realm.

Peaceful Change

When I sat to meditate on the energies of October, I was shown a network of connections that were squeezing, building up, releasing, rearranging. It didn’t feel comfortable. It looked like a neural network, and indeed there is much change within the brain that is occurring as we evolve into more conscious connection with the invisible realm. The 99% that builds worlds.

Yet there was an interesting component to it that felt like internal movement within something so large that it was almost imperceptible that something was changing. There was the juxtaposition of contraction and expansion at the same time. There was a sense of relaxation—something Areon has been mentioning a lot.

There was an acceptance of the flow of change that wasn’t trying to resist or force, just allowing the flow. The polarity that seemed like separation, was embraced as the potential of new connection. There was a sense of peace even with great change within. September’s energy moving into October is an extension of your willingness to remain open (out of the stress structure) to your flow of wisdom as you embody your desires for change here on Earth. Being the change, living your truth, expressing your Love through your example—whether a moment of saying yes or no.

Contraction and Expansion

Also within the October information is the energetic of birth contractions. The time of labor. The preparation for new life. Birthing into fourth density means there is preparation as the body of humanity deals with supporting the new—risking opening up (vulnerability) to expand. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unknown. And it’s magnificent to blossom.

What are you willing to risk for your expansion? Saying yes to something new? Saying no to something out-of-balance? There isn’t just a manual of how and when, there is a transformation into now and win/win. ;o) Ok, that was a fun rhyme, but true! There actually is a transformation into deeply embracing the now moment. Really being here. And then the next steps become clear. That requires courage within.


I don’t always get a message for an animal totem. This month butterfly (transformation) showed up. I was especially excited when I watched the final video for this month, because I didn’t know a little butterfly (perhaps a moth, couldn’t tell on that one) flew into the shot! Also, the Manzanita plant behind me (to the left) looks like the neural network in my vision. What cool synchronicities!

The butterfly transforms from a caterpillar into a butterfly, through what seems like a death. There is no guarantee of freedom and flight. Through the unknown, the caterpillar has no choice but to surrender to the process. Finally, the butterfly must risk pushing it’s way out of the cocoon that has kept it safe and sheltered. It’s no longer comfortable. What’s on the other side? It’s never even flown before.

The pushing out of the cocoon is a necessary step to having the strength to fly. In my message with the butterfly, there was a small one, then a large one that wasn’t flying normally. Another small one. Then finally a large one that was flying normally. I sensed the progression that mimics our own transformation. It seems small at first. Is anything really happening? Then sometimes it gets overwhelming, like it’s hard to find your (new) flow. Appreciate the small changes! Finally, the freedom of flight!

Calm the Chaos

When we are going through change, it can seem dramatic. Before that change occurs, we often feel chaos to varying degrees. But chaos is just a matter of perceiving the deeper patterns birthing new form.

That doesn’t mean figuring it all out. It means discovering it.

It means being willing to open to embrace the unknown.

It means being willing to neutralize in the midst of chaos so that you can resonate with the energy of improvement.

We spiral back to where we began…

October will continue this flow of change that has been constant and amplified in 2018. Your choice will be to open and embrace change (give Life a hug!) or risk remaining the same. You’re worth the effort to blossom.


The Witches Magickal Journal for Monday, October 1

Autumn Blessings

The Witches Magickal Journal for Monday, October 1


Welcome to October–The Eighth Month

In this, the “eighth” month, was held a great festival at Eleusis, a town twelve miles from Athens, in honour of the Greek goddess Demeter. The Roman name for Demeter was Ceres, and she was worshiped as the Goddess of Agriculture, since the fields and their crops were thought to be under her special care. The Greek name Demeter means “Earth Mother”, and the name Ceres has given us the word “cereals”, a general name for wheat, barley, rye, and oats.

Ceres had a daughter, Persephone, who spent a great part of her time wandering with her companions on the slopes and plains of Sicily. One day, as Persephone and her maidens were plucking flowers and weaving them into garlands, Pluto, the God of the Underworld, rode by in his dark chariot drawn by four black horses. Attracted by Persephone’s beauty, he determined to carry her off and make her his queen.

One story says that he caused a most wonderful flower to spring up, and Persephone, seeing it in the distance and wishing to gather it, was thus separated from her companions. As she stooped to pluck the flower the earth opened, and Pluto in his chariot came up from the Underworld and, seizing Persephone, carried her down to his dark and gloomy home.

Another story says that as soon as he saw Persephone he walked quickly towards her, and before she could guess his intention, caught her up and, carrying her in spite of her struggles to his chariot, drove away at topmost speed. He at length reached a river, whose roaring torrent it was impossible to cross. Afraid to turn back lest he should meet Ceres, he struck the earth such a blow with the two-pronged fork which he always carried as the emblem of his power, that the ground opened beneath him, and thus he was able to reach his dark kingdom of Hades in safety. This Hades, the Underworld to which Pluto had brought Persephone, was the home of the dead, the place to which came the spirits of those who had died, there to receive a fitting reward for their deeds on earth.

From Pluto’s throne flowed five rivers:

1. Styx (the Hateful), a sacred river, and one by which the gods “fear to swear, and not keep their oath”. It was also the river which had to be crossed by the spirits before they could reach the throne. They were ferried across by an old boatman named Charon, who charged them an obol, about ½d. of our money. It was the custom, when a man died, for his relations to put an obol under his tongue, so that he might have no difficulty in crossing the Styx. Those who came without their obol had to wait a hundred years, after which time Charon would take them across free of charge.

2. Acheron (Pain), a dark and very deep river that also had to be crossed by the spirits.

3. Lethe (Forgetfulness), which had the power of making all those who drank of its waters forget the past.

4. Phlegethon (Blazing), a river of fire which surrounded Tartarus, that part of the Underworld to which were sent the spirits of evil-doers, in order that they might suffer punishment for their wicked deeds.

5. Cocytus (Wailing), a river of salt water, the tears of those condemned to the torments of Tartarus.

In a distant part of Hades, far removed from the place of torment, were the Elysian Fields. Here dwelt the great and the good, in perpetual day, and amid the ever-blooming flowers of an eternal spring.

While the frightened Persephone was thus, against her will, made queen of this sunless kingdom of the dead, Ceres, with many tears, was seeking her daughter in the flower-strewn meadows, but all in vain. After many wanderings in Italy, and even in Greece, where she visited the city of Eleusis mentioned above, Ceres at last learnt of Persephone’s fate, but her joy at finding that she was safe was turned to grief by the thought that Pluto would never allow her to come back to the happiness of the sun-lit earth.

Meanwhile the goddess had neglected all her duties; the flowers withered away, the trees shed their leaves, the fruit was fast falling from the branches, and the crops could not ripen. The time of harvest was quickly passing, and the people, threatened with famine, and finding that their prayers to the goddess were unheeded, appealed to Jupiter to save them from starvation and death by allowing Persephone to return to the upper world. Jupiter at last consented, and said that Pluto must give up Persephone, provided that she had not eaten anything since the time when she had been carried off. Unfortunately that very day she had tasted a pomegranate which Pluto had given her, and she was compelled to stay with her husband one month for each of the six seeds she had eaten. So for six months she has to live in the Underworld, and there in the thick gloom, never pierced by a ray of sunshine, she waits for the time when she may return to the sun-kissed hills and plains of her favourite land, where, happy in her mother’s smile, she dances with her companions amid the flowers.

“Persephone to Ceres has returned
From that dark god who stole her for his bride,
And bids the Earth, that for her coming yearned,
Its sombre garb of mourning lay aside.
The sun o’ertops the clouds with wonted speed,
And so to give the goddess honour due,
O’er hill and dale, o’er mountain-side and mead,
Now scatters flowers of many a wondrous hue.
The trees that shed their leaves, each leaf a tear,
Now deck themselves again in bright array,
And Man delights to see the Winter drear
Yield place to Spring, and Night to gladsome Day.”

At length comes the time when once more Persephone must return to her desolate home, and with heavy heart she leaves the sorrowing Ceres.

“Persephone is called away,
And Ceres weeps
That she must go; while o’er the Earth
Now slowly creeps
The gloom of death; fled is that smile
Of love that made
All Nature waken into life,
And all things fade.”

The Old-English name for October was “Winterfylleth”, that is, “winter full moon”, because winter was supposed to begin at the October full moon.


Today Is Monday, October 1st

Monday is the sacred day of the moon, personified as the goddesses Selene, Luna, and Mani. The moon is ruler of flow, affecting the changeable and impressionable aspects of people. If a full moon falls on a Monday, then the powers of the moon are at their most potent.

Deity: Mani


Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Planet: Moon


Tree: Willow


Herb: Chickweed


Stone: Agate


Animal: Crab


Element: Water


Color: Green


Rune: Lagu (L)


The Celtic Tree Month of Gort (Ivy) (September 30 – October 27)


The Runic Half Month Gyfu (September 28 – October 12)


Goddess of the Month of Mala (September 6 – October 2)



The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick


About the Celtic Tree Month of Gort (Ivy)

The Bramble – Celtic Moon month 30th September to 27th October

Latin name – Hedera Helix

Ogham ~ The Bramble – Muin – September

The Ivy is a woody stemmed vine which is evergreen. It grows spirally upwards and can grow to 30 meters or more depending on its support tree. The roots of the Ivy come out from the stems and anchor themselves as they grow. The leaves are waxy in appearance and can turn purplish in winter. Ivy can also come in variegated leaf forms.

The Ivy flowers late around September to October and wasps are often the insects pollinating the multi globular flower heads. The fruits are black and rounded similar to berries. Ivy is widely cultivated in North America, it s a member of the ginseng family (Araliaceae).

The Ivy is associated with the Goddess and rebirth many feel this is due to the way it grows spirally upwards. The tree/vine of rebirth, joy, love, eternal life, reincarnation and exhilaration, all things connected with the Mother Goddess in her many forms around the world. The Ivy is also seen as a plant of the Otherworlds and communicating with them.

Ivy made into a alcoholic drink in ancient times was seen as a way to induce visions as it was often mixed with hallucinogenic mushrooms or other herbs, this gave rise to the sign of the Ivy for taverns and alehouses. Ivy has a poisonous substance called Hederin.

One of Ivy’s associations is with the Greek God of wine and fertility Dionysus, as he is covered in ivy and also grape vines.

The roots of the Ivy are very tough and have had many uses in the past. The vines have been used to tie things together in gardens and given a bit of soil will quickly re grow binding fences ect as it grows.

Most cultures associate Ivy with fertility and this is seen as due to its late flowering and fruiting and its rapid growth.


SpiritDancer, Author
Published on the website, Mystic Familiar


The Wicca Book of Days for Monday, October 1

Honor and Fidelity

October 1 was sacred to Fides, the goddess of good faith, in Ancient Rome, Fides, who was believed to preside over the swearing of private and public verbal contracts, we typically depicted wearing a white veil and with her right hand out-stretched. When the flamines(Latin for “priests”) of Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus proceeded to the temple of Fides Publica (Honor of the People), on the Capitoline Hill, on this day, they traveled in a covered chariot and made offerings to the goddess with their right hands wrapped in white bandages, denoting unsullied honor and trustworthiness.

Faithful Friends

One of the meanings of the Latin word fides is “loyalty” a quality that dogs both demonstrate and symbolize. Pay tribute to Fides, and also give a canine companion a treat, by taking a dog for a long walk today, be it your own or one that you have borrowed.

—The Wicca Book of Days
Selena Eilidh Ash

The Goddess Book of Days for October 1

Day of St. Theresa who is Oya in the Santeria/Yoruba pantheon of Mexico, Cuba and South America. She is the Maiden Goddess of Change and the Under- world. Also Feast of Mary in the Byzantine Church calendar (Isis, Kwan Yin, Yemaya, Mari, Mariamne, Coatlique, Tara, Chalchiuhtlique, Hera, Mawu, and Sarasvati).


Goddesses Associated with Monday, the Day of the Moon

Luna, Selene, Diana, Re, Gealach, Ida, Artemis, the Witches, Yemaya, Erzulie


The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein


On Monday, October 1st, We Celebrate….

Reunion with the Goddess (Southeastern United States)

Themes: Spirituality; Universal Truth; Unity; Cleansing; Abundance

Symbols: All Animals and Plants

About Cherokee First Woman: This goddess appears in Cherokee myths as an ancestress to the tribe and creatrix of all animals and plants. After the world was first inhabited, Cherokee First Woman continued to give birth to one child a year (this child may have symbolized the new year). Additionally, she motivates the earth’s bounty and generates abundance to sustain us through the months ahead.

To Do Today: Around this time of year, Cherokee tribes often hold a festival of offerings meant to celebrate their unity with the Sacred Parent and reunite them with this power. One custom easy to follow is that of exchanging clothes with a loved one; this symbolizes oneness among humans, the gods, and each other.

Washing in running water today (shower or tap)will cleanse away any barrier that stands between you and the goddess. If you hold a formal ritual today, place a bowl of water near the circle where each participant can rinse their hands to invoke Cherokee First Woman’s blessing and purification.

Finally, drink a tall glass of springwater today to release this goddess’s spiritual nature, rejuvenation, and abundance into every cell.


365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco


Monday: Keep the moon safe from the wolf

Easy to remember – Monday is the Moon Day. The word moon is associated with the Norse god Mona (Máni). He was pulling the moon accross the sky, trying to escape and save it from a mythological wolf. At the end of the world, the wolf will catch them and tear the moon into pieces. This apocalyptic period of the world is called Ragnarok in Norse mythology.

In Romance languages, Monday is also the Moon Day (lunes in Spanish, lundi in French, lunedi in Italian: coming from Latin Dies Lunae).


Monday’s Magick

Monday – Is associated with the Moon

Colours – White, Silver, Grey and Pearl.

Monday is the best time to deal with such matters as: Psychic Pursuits, Psychology, Dreams, Astral Travel, Imagination, Women’s Mysteries, Reincarnation, Short Trips, Women, Children, Public, Domestic Concerns, Emotions, Fluids, Magick, Spirituality, Nursing, Full moon magic, Purity, Protection, Truth, Meditation, Peace, Sincerity, Justice, Warding off Doubts and Fears, Anything to do with Water and Bodies of Water, Antiques, Trip Planning, Household Activities, Initiation, Astrology, New-Age Pursuits, Archetypes, Totem Animals, Shape-shifting and Religious Experiences.


Ritual Work Associated with Monday The Day of the Moon

Perfume: White Poppy, White Rose, Wallflower

Incense: Myrtle

Wood: Willow

Color: Silver, Grey-white

Influences: Agriculture, Domestic, Longlife, Medicine, Travels, Visions, Theft (new moon)



A Book of Pagan Rituals
Herman Slater


Monday is named after the moon. The Latin term for Monday is Dies Lunae (“moon’s day”); in the Old English language, this day was Monandaeg; in Greek, it was Hermera Selenes. All of these different names and languages translate to the same thing: the “day of the moon.”

Working with the different phases of the moon is an important skill that takes a bit of time for Witches to learn. So why not cut to the chase and experiment with the day of the week that is dedicated to the moon in all of its magickal energies and aspects?

Magickally, Monday encourages the lunar energies of inspiration, illusion, prophetic phetic dreams, emotions, psychic abilities, travel, women’s mysteries, and fertility.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan


Monday’s Witchery

Think for a moment on all of the witchery, magick and enchantments that you have discovered. Don’t be afraid to adjust spells to suit your own specific needs. Any gentle, illusory, and dreamy charms and spells can be enhanced when you work on the day of the week that is dedicated to the moon. Mondays are a fantastic day to boost your psychic abilities and to tune in to your intuition and empathy. It also gives you the opportunity to work with a different lunar phase each and every Monday, which means in one month you could work four different types of moon magicks on Mondays. How’s that for adding to your repertoire? You are going to have mad skills in no time at all.

So light up those lunar scented candles and add a little mystique to your outfit by wearing an enchanting lunar color. Wear your sparkling silver jewelry and maybe add a pair of dangling silver earrings or a pendant shaped like a crescent moon. Create lunar potions and philters; make a dream catcher and give it as a gift to someone you love. Burn some sandalwood or jasmine-scented incense today to inspire the glamour and magick of the moon. Slice up a favorite variety of fruit that is in season for a snack or share it with your love and enjoy his or her lunar and romantic qualities. Brew up a cup of chamomile tea, enchant it with a little moon magick, and relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Most importantly, get outside tonight and watch the moon for a while. What phase is she in? What color was the moon as she rose? Why not start a journal and write down at what location the moon rises and sets for a few seasons? This is a great way to teach you to tune in and to become more aware of the moon and the influence that she pulls into our lives. Try calling on Selene for her magickal assistance, and call Thoth for wisdom and strength. Get to know the Norse Mani and the Latvian Meness. These gods of the moon have plenty to teach, and if you allow their influence to cycle through your life, you’ll receive many blessings. Be imaginative, and create your own personal lunar magick and witchery. Go on….the moonlight becomes you


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

The Witches Almanac for Monday, October 1

Armed Forces Day (South Korean)

Waning Moon

Moon phase: Third Quarter

Moon Sign: Gemini

Moon enters Cancer 2: 00 pm

Incense: Rosemary

Color: White

Moon in Gemini

The Moon is traveling through witty Gemini today. Call, text, send email, write letters. Visit someone you’ve missed. Watch a movie and talk about it at a coffee shop. Get out and about. Don’t sleep in.

Our instincts are to communicate, think, and learn under the influence of Moon in Gemini. We are motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle.

The Moon in Gemini generally favors the following activities: Mental and communicative actions, and more than one activity at once. Reading, learning, letters and emails, errands, writing, teaching, making connections, short trips.


Correspondences for Monday, October 1

Day: Monday ( Moon-day)

Planet: Moon

Colors: Silver and White and Grey

Crystals: Moonstone, Pearl, Aquamarine, Silver, Selenite

Aroma: Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood, Moon Oil, African violet, Honeysuckle, Myrtle, Willow, and Wormwood

Herb: Moonwart

The sacred day of the Moon, personified by such goddesses as Selene, Luna, Diana, and Artemis. The Moon is ruler of flow affecting the changeable aspects of people. If a full moon falls on a Monday, its powers are at theirmmost potent. Magical aspects: peace, sleep, healing, compassion, friendships, psychic awareness, purification, and fertility

Monday is ruled by the moon – an ancient symbol of mystery and peace. Monday is a special day for mothers as the cycle of the moon has long been associated with the female menstrual cycle. Those wishing to conceive a baby would be wise to try on a Monday as the magic of motherhood is strong and pregnancy is in the air.

This is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving agriculture, animals, female fertility, messages, reconciliation’s, theft, voyages, dreams, emotions, clairvoyance, home, family, medicine, cooking, personality, merchandising, psychic work, Faerie magic, and Goddess rituals.


Monday and the Perfect Corresponding Spell

When dealing with a weekly spell guide, Mondays are thought to be the logical day for money, love, time and meditation spells. Since Mondays are thought to be the start of the work week, it gives plenty of time for a Monday spell to gain strength throughout the rest of the week

– Green Apple Money Spell-

Items you will need are:
1 green apple
1 knife
1 toothpick
1 bag

Place a green apple in front of you on a table and recite this chant:

“I present this apple.
I carve my will.
I ask for money.
All my hands can feel.
Please, bring me money.
Deed, be done,
In love and trust.
Eat well
And harm none.”

After saying this three times, carve the word, “money” in the side of the apple and, immediately, put the apple in a bag and throw it away in the garbage, or outside in the woods. The goal is to not see the apple after the spell. The apple serves as an offering to the universe for granting the spell.


A Witch’s Week of Spells and Activities
Helga C. Loueen


Let’s Talk Witch – Divination Methods

Communication between worlds is at its best on Samhain, so any divination you perform on this night is likely to offer up a strong result. And any questions you have are more likely to be answered as well. Divination can take some practice, practice, however, and you may have to try several methods to get answers to your questions or to look into what the future may hold for you. There are plenty of methods to choose from:

Scrying. Looking into water, a crystal ball, a mirror, or flames to see and interpret shapes and signs.

Dowsing. Using sticks, rods, or a pendulum to find answers to yes-or-no questions.

Tea leaves. A traditional way of seeing the future by interpreting the leftover tea leaves in a cup.

Tarot. Reading the pattern of the cards and the symbols to discern past, present, and future. There are many forms of tarot cards available.

Reading palms. Following the lines on the hand to foretell life events.

Runes. Interpreting symbols painted or engraved on sets of stones or wood.

Automatic writing. Writing without thinking, usually done in a meditative state.

These are just a few divination methods you can try; this is by no means an exhaustive list. One technique may suit you better than the others. This is definitely the right time of year to have a go and pick up a new skill.


Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell


Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Other Spirituality for 365 Days A Year

We do not free ourselves from something by avoiding it, but only by living through it. -Cesare Pavase

The mind is always prone to believe what it wishes to be trite. -Heliodorus

In ancient Rome October 1 celebrated the festival of Fides, the Goddess who was the personification of good faith. She was the patron of verbal contracts and was portrayed as an old woman with white hair. Her cult was thought to be very ancient, dating to the time of King Numa, and her temple was the Capitoline Hill, where a sacrifice as made to her on this day.


Witch Tip #101 for Monday, October 1

Make sacred or holy water out of fresh snow that has fallen during the full moon


Witch Tips : The Essential Guide to Contemporary Witchcraft
A. Rayne


The Witches Magickal Journal Brought to You By


It’s October Already, Can You Believe It! Good Monday Morning Brothers & Sisters, May the Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

Autumn Blessings


As the sun sets
The moon rises.
We are called.
Gathering deep in the forest
Our capes flap in the wind.
Hoods covering our head
As we form our circle
Hand in hand we take our places.
The elements are called forth:
Wind, rain, earth and fire.
We are filled with their energy.
In a low chant
We call for our Mother.
The Goddess answers our call,
She stands before us,
Center in our circle.
We lower our heads to her grace.
Our circle is filled with her love.
Energy flows from her to us.
Slowly we rise;
Our feet no longer touch the ground.
Wind rips through the trees.
Flames raise high from the fire.
Rain beats on the earth below
Yet, we remain dry.
Power transfers from Sister to Sister.
The Goddess’s influence is felt.
Sounds from the forest fill the air.
All is alive.
Energy fills all there,
We know who we are,
The Witches of the present.
Those long past have joined us.
We know our beginning.
We know our past.
We know our future,
Witches now and forever.

–A Witch’s Prayerbook
JoAnne Spiese