Daily Motivator for October 6: New starting point

New starting point

If you’re not careful, complacency can make everything you’ve gained crumble to the ground. Don’t let your success be victim of that same success.

Avoid complacency by responding to each success with gratitude, humility, and continuing effort. Treat success as an opportunity to create even more success.

If all you do with your good fortune is consume it, you’ll soon be left with nothing but regret. Instead, seize the opportunity to build upon your success.

The joy of accomplishment is in the doing. The way to continue that joy is to continue the doing.

Realize that the biggest reward of any success is the opportunity to aim for even more success. Feel the extent of that opportunity, and go to work on it.

Make every success into a new starting point. Delight in continuing to fill your world with new achievement and value.

— Ralph Marston

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