Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2018

Sarah-Jane Grace

a message from Sarah-Jane Grace

There have been times of my life when I’ve felt as though I’ve been moving backwards when everyone – and everything – else has been moving forwards. Occasionally I’ve been lucky enough to stop to reassess myself and my life, but the world has continued to shift in ways that have felt counter-intuitive to me. As a result, I’ve often felt as though I’m slowly spinning as I try to keep my own pace but also try to follow the flock at the same time which is not only challenging, but confusing as well! I’m not convinced I’m alone in feeling this way as so many of us feel at a tangent to the everyday mêlée and flow of life; it’s as though we exist on a slightly different wavelength to everyone else.

Of course, this can make for a challenging life, as it’s hard to go with the flow when everyone else’s flow moves in a different direction! But intuitively we know that it’s our unique perspective and the way in which we experience life that ultimately shapes and defines the paths we walk. In short, we celebrate being different, but being different can often feel challenging in a ‘normal shaped’ world. Whilst we may be advocates of uniqueness, there is a ‘safety in numbers’ when it comes to trying to fit in and be like everyone else, yet, within our hearts and souls we cannot ignore the need to express our true essence and be free.

Life can therefore become shaped by conundrums and paradoxes, carving out twists and turns in the path ahead. We can become overwhelmed by mazes of confusion and underwhelmed by the everyday pedestrian need to ‘keep on keeping on’ in order to get from a to b. Whilst paying the bills, doing the washing up and cleaning the toilet are never fun, they’re necessary.

Although we may feel the longing within to freely express our creativity, spirituality and uniqueness, this is so often not encouraged from an early age. We’re shaped and rounded by our environment and encouraged to walk well-trodden paths in order to do either what’s expected of us or what we feel obligated to do. Finding the ‘sensible career path’ is often advocated above the whimsical dreams of creative adventure. As a result, many of us grow up feeling like we cannot follow our hearts’ desire as it’s not practical in the ‘real world’ and, after time, our desires fade as we become automatons in a 9-5 world where we seek out material satisfaction to prove our happiness. Intuitively we know that seeking out joy from the material world won’t work, but we can feel unable to step beyond this as the idea that happiness comes from material wealth is so highly regarded.

It’s often only when life trips us up and everything comes tumbling down that we get the chance to stop, step back and re-assess. Even then, it can be challenging, as the desire to fit in and take the practical route has been hard-wired into our DNA. Yet, although re-wiring takes time, it is possible. It takes focus, dedication and belief. It also takes a great deal of patience and a sprinkling of creative passion.

Like many things in life, we have a choice: we can either continue to chase the last train even though we know we’re too late because that’s what we’ve always done, or we can let the train go and find a new path home. Life isn’t written in black and white, and there are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes it boils down to us listening to our intuition, taking a deep breath and setting ourselves free…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Your inspiration has always been your guiding light in life, and it has been your inspiration and motivation, even when times have been challenging. This inner light has been a powerful friend to you over the years as, when you go within, it illuminates your soul, inspiring you and helping you gain fresh perspective. Even through some long, dark nights, your inner light has helped you through and shown you hope and courage. As a result, you have developed a technique to see beyond the fear and uncertainty that can create prisons and mazes in life, and you have developed an enlivening and open-hearted way of living and being. Although you still have your ram-headed determination, you have allowed your inner light to soften this in order to give you the gifts of patience and reflection, neither of which have come particularly naturally to you, but you have allowed them into your life with tenderness and compassion as you have realised how important they are at this stage of your journey.

You have faced – and overcome – so many obstacles and hurdles, but your spirit still shines so brightly, warming you from the inside, out. Over time, this blend of passion and inner-illumination has enabled you to look beyond the four walls of your everyday life, reaching far and wide into new terrain. Each day is a new experience and you have become more conscious in each and every moment, so you are noticing more from the setting sun, to birds singing, to your breath. Whilst this may not, on the surface, seem significant, it has changed you immeasurably as you have stepped beyond the mindset of ‘keeping on, keeping on’ and you are now living in a more centred and balanced way. Of course, challenges still come, but they no longer overcome and encompass you as you have the wind in your hair as you fly free…


As the theme of ‘fluxness’ remains in the air, and you continue the square dance of one foot forward, then one back, it has been hard for you to see beyond the stalemate, as much of your focus has been on maintaining the dance. It’s not that you are intentionally moving backwards and forwards, but you have become so used to doing it, you like to your best to do it well! After all, no one ever said perfection wasn’t one of your traits! Even though you haven’t been overly content to embrace the concept of fluxness, you have worked with it, rather than against it and this has allowed you to gain some important insights in connection to how you live your life. Resistance has it’s uses, but having the courage to let go of this and become more conscious in the moment has brought you so much inspiration and insight into how to live a better, more enriching life.

October is ‘falling leaves time’ in the northern hemisphere, and this feels so apt for you as you are entering a time of letting go: a time to lighten the load in your life in order to walk more freely and easily. As a part of this process, it’s wise to contemplate your true needs, wants and desires, as knowing what you truly want can help you to let go of a great deal and it also opens up the doorway to more clarity and a stronger vision. Letting go is often a challenging process as it can mean endings, but endings always bring new beginnings, and you seem more than ready to embark on a new adventure in life. Of course, it can be hard to see beyond the fluxness, but you can feel this anticipation rising up from deep within the core of your being so try to allow at least a little bit of breathing space for it to grow, flourish and blossom…


October looks set to be a month of great shift for you as you continue the process of self-evaluation and inner discovery. You are beginning to find new ways to express your creativity and uniqueness, and, more importantly, you are beginning to love yourself, your quirks and embrace those little things about yourself that you’ve never really been that fond of. At the same time, you have started to warm to those aspects of yourself that you’ve always felt were misplaced or somehow ‘wrong’, as you’ve stepped beyond these old beliefs and they no longer suit your philosophy on life. In fact, you have reached a stage of realisation that you are mighty fine exactly as you are! This isn’t meant to sound glib, as it’s actually a profound shift for you, and something to celebrate, as it seems you have finally reached a threshold of acceptance and self-compassion. Whilst both of these have always been dancing around your consciousness, you have never really found a way to be with them or let them embrace you.

Of course, as always, your biggest challenge has been the one between your head and your heart as you can find it hard not to over-think and over-analyse. This has enabled you to learn a great deal about yourself, but it has also kept you locked in a cycle of constant questioning. Head and heart are not, on the surface, easily reconcilable for you, but this is a perception and there are ways to blend these into a more creative and potent force, particularly when you open up more to acceptance and self-compassion. You may not be the person you thought you would be, you may not be living the life you dreamed you’d be living, but instead of focusing on such things, it’s more important to focus on all that you are, as you have evolved into a bright and sparkly soul…


In many ways, life is a storyline. In fact, a cycle of storylines might be a better description, as you often find yourself amidst several different storylines at any one point in time. Some are your own and other storylines are connected to those around you; each storyline swirls around – and through – you like a kaleidoscope. Some of these storylines weave and interlock with your own life, and some feel less natural, awkward and more of a hindrance. Whilst you accept the interconnected nature of life, there is a part of you that longs for something far simpler, crisper and clear cut! All this ‘waftiness’ of storylines and kaleidoscopes can feel frustrating for you, as you don’t have the time, patience or inclination, as you are so focused on keeping the wheels turning on the great big bus of your life, trying so hard to move forwards, that you’re often more focused on keeping the wheels turning, than you are focusing on where you actually are.

On some levels, your life has become more mechanical in nature as you work hard to tick off that ‘to do’ list, pushing ahead and spending little time in quiet reflection contemplating your path and your dreams. You seem to have lost the magic and ‘je ne sais quoi’, and this has left you feeling hollow and empty. October looks set to be a month for you to reconnect to the magic within as you shift your focus away from the ‘to do’ list and more towards re-connecting to your intuitive, creative, and wise nature. It’s easy to forget your true roots when life gets busy, but it’s your roots that guide you and keep you strong. As some of the main storylines of your life begin to shift once again, take some time to breathe deeply and make the most of this opportunity to explore pastures new…


There are times in your life when you feel overwhelmed and there are times when you feel underwhelmed, and there are a great many more times where you are somewhere between the two. Some may consider this ‘in between’ area as mundane and pedestrian, whereas other see it as simply a part of everyday life. Most of the time you appreciate this middle road as breathing space as it gives you a chance to reflect and ponder the path you’ve been walking and the path ahead of you. Yet, there are times when you feel frustrated to be bumbling along with the status quo as you can feel trapped, stifled and contained within the walls of your everyday life. Although you are a practical soul, you always have at least one eye on the passion and sparkle, as your creative spark is always seeking out new avenues of expression. So, ‘in between’ can feel monochrome or black and white rather than an opportunity to thrive.

Yet, there is great beauty to be found in the absence of colour, so maybe this is more connected to your perspective than anything else? Whilst it’s understandable to want to stir up the passion within your heart and soul, it’s important to realise that this is not only to be found in the thrill and adventure of the peaks and troughs of life. The more you try to see the creative potential of your ‘everyday’, the more you will realise that your potential is ever-expanding and ever-evolving, slowly blossoming into something beautiful. Life isn’t about chasing the highs or resisting the lows, or pushing away the mundane, it’s about learning how to make the most of every single moment. So, it’s time to find a new way of living and being, one that allows you to flourish and thrive, even in those ‘in between’ moments…


The landscape of life is one that ebbs and flows over the course of time. Just like the rain carves out limestone caverns and the winds create the sand dunes, the hills and valleys of your soul have grown, developed and evolved over the years. If you look back, the landscape you once knew has gradually changed with the passing of time. Of course, it’s not the rain or wind that have shaped and defined you, the ‘weather’ is your experiences, your emotions and your creative explorations. Your journey through life is the force that creates your landscape, as every single moment, every choice, every thought and every breath all come together into a great big, and often incoherent, bundle of stuff that makes you, you. Over time, your landscape has changed; you have added new pathways and new signs as the scenery has evolved, and your experiences have carved out cave networks, built mountains and forged new rivers. This all sounds very majestic and grand, but you already know this!

So, why the reminder? Well, it seems you have been so focused on trying to live the best life possible that you have lost sight of the fact that this isn’t some distant, far-away goal on the horizon, nor is it something to go and get, as the life you are living, already is the best life possible! Whilst you may still have dreams to achieve, and there may be aspects about your life you’re not happy with, the life you are living is the one you’ve got, so celebrate the hills and valleys you’ve created and feel proud of your achievements. Don’t spend your time always hankering for more, make the most of what you have in the here and now, as it’s really rather splendid! Your life is an adventure, so take a deep breath and explore…


As you continue to seek out new levels of meaning and understanding in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to forge a new philosophy for living and being you. You have spent a great deal of time contemplating the very fabric of the universe, trying to distil and condense it into something more comprehensible and malleable. As a result, your understanding of the world is considerably deeper and a great deal richer, than many others. Such a perspective has allowed you to explore some of the mysteries of life and you have learned so much as you’ve ridden the ups and downs with grace and wisdom. You have seen the individual threads that weave together to form the universe and you have stepped back and seen the universe in the blink of an eye. In essence, you have evolved and transformed, and you aren’t the same person you were last week, last month or last year.

You have re-shaped and re-defined your existence, and the things that once seemed so important now seem less so as you’re seeking out a simpler, but richer, way of living and being. Of course, part of this involves finding a truer sense of inner peace, which is hard when your mind travels at a million miles an hour. Your head constantly rattles, churning over thoughts, ideas and possibilities; your consciousness reaches deeply into the dark recesses of your soul to seek out answers to questions, always seeking out wisdom and understanding. Your evolution has been a profound one, yet there is a part of you wondering what on earth it’s really all about! Everyday life can seem almost trivial when you’re lost in such spaces, but it’s important to keep your feet on the ground as you need to straddle both worlds in order to channel some of this formidable energy into something truly wonderful…


Life is often a swirling mass of seemingly incongruent and haphazard happenings and events. On the surface, very little makes sense, as life very rarely (if ever) follows a set, pre-determined path. Even with the best of intentions, nothing is set in stone. Although you intuitively know this, it has been hard for you at times, as you have felt as though you are being pulled in many different directions at the same time. You are an open and sensitive soul, easily picking up on the situations and people around you. As a result, it can be hard to know where you end and where others begin. This can make it challenging for you to define your own boundaries and to get a true sense of what you truly want from life as your consciousness is usually so jammed full of the dreams, goals, ideas and ideals of others (stuff!).

Whilst you are open-minded and open-hearted, sometimes the flood of all this ‘stuff’ can feel overwhelming, as you quickly reach saturation point when you can take no more and just need to retreat for a while in order to re-centre and re-balance. However, you also realise this flow of ‘stuff’ is often full of gems of wisdom so you’re not keen to stop it completely. Although the flow of ‘stuff’ can be a burden, it’s also a gift and your life would feel much poorer if it were to stop. You therefore need to find a way to let the ebb and flow of the tides continue without feeling quite so overwhelmed by it; feel blessed for the gifts it brings you, but know there are always ways to take a breath. You may wonder how to take a breath when the currents are so strong, but the answer seems simple: you close your eyes and take a big deep breath! It isn’t rocket science…


As you continue your quest to find your true self, there is a sense that you have reached a stage of your life where you are opening up your heart and soul to the concept of acceptance. You have spent a great deal of time trying to do more, be more and achieve more, and whilst this has seen you flourish and thrive, there is also an underlying sense of restlessness as you run through life at jogging pace with one eye on the horizon looking for the next thing to do, place to go or thing to achieve. Ambition is a good thing as it fires up the passion in your soul and motivates you to reach towards the stars. Yet, there is a risk that by focusing on the horizon you are missing out on the present moment. At the same time, the gap between where you are and where you want to be (or think your ought to be) never seems to close, and this can leave you focused on both the gap and the horizon, spending very little time in the here and now.

Yet, you do need at least one foot (okay, one toe!) on the ground so you don’t continually spin round and round! You are a passionate and adventurous free-spirit, so grounding yourself can feel counter-intuitive, but you are ready to give birth to some big ideas, and it seems important to prepare yourself in order to make the most of such an opportunity. This shift seems to be rising up from deep within your heart and soul as a direct result of your willingness to shift your focus to the present moment, as well as from your openness to the concept of acceptance. In short, it seems you are realising that those trainers are optional extras as jogging isn’t actually your default setting! You are ready now to pause and allow your true self to surface…


You have always worked so hard at getting on the with the business of life; you have channelled your drive and energy towards keeping on keeping on, and, even when the going has been tough, your resilience has allowed you to push on. This has seen you achieve a great deal, so now, when you look back, you can see just how much you have accomplished. In fact, there is much for you to be proud of, and you have given so much of yourself in the process. Yet, there is a sense of sacrifice here, a sense that you have given up on your passion and dreams in order to get on with the business of life. Business seems like an apt description as there is something quite industrial to all of this, yet you are a passionate, compassionate and creative soul and these seem at a tangent to the way in which you’ve been living your life and seem almost conspicuous by their absence. It’s not that you are denying your creative flow, but there doesn’t seem to be much room for it anymore.

You have parked many of your dreams in order to get on with life, not realising that your dreams and creativity are a part of your life. It’s understandable to feel the need to prioritise paying the bills and putting food on the table, so creativity may feel almost irrelevant in comparison, but life is about more than turning the wheel and making it through each day, isn’t it? The narrative doesn’t help as ‘the business of life’ makes it feel like a corporate transaction rather than a free flowing and fluid existence. Is there really no room for anything else? It seems time to address this imbalance in order to re-inject some passion, sparkle and creativity back into your world once again. It’s already within you, set it free…


You have the wisdom and awareness to see the ever-shifting, ever-changing landscapes of life. You can feel life expanding and shrinking, inhaling and exhaling, with each passing moment. You have the capacity to step back from the intricacies and minutiae of your own world in order to see the full majesty of the ebb and flow of life’s events from a unique perspective, enabling you to gain an awareness of the bigger picture. Seeing the bigger picture inspires you to continually re-shape and re-define your existence, as you allow your evolving self the chance to move with the greater ebb and flow all around you, making you a true child of the evolution! As a result, your beliefs and dreams are constantly changing and shifting. This can make it hard for you to follow any particular path in life and you may sometimes feel as though you are drifting with the tides which can be frustrating for a deep-thinking soul such as you.

There are times when you want to put down your anchor in order to plot a new course and take back control of the helm, but intuitively you know that you need to ebb and flow as the landscapes of your life are undergoing a fairly radical overhaul at the current time. This means that many of your old goals and dreams have melted away leaving you in the somewhat unique position of being ‘free’ and untethered from anything in particular. This is more philosophical than literal, a kind of tranquil space in your heart and soul where you are neither here nor there, free from any particular pathway or goal. Savour this moment and enjoy the breathing space. Take the time to rest in the stillness and trust that, when the time comes, new pathways will form, and new dreams will surface, and you will intuitively know exactly when to set sail…


If you take a moment to contemplate a fish, you can imagine it swimming freely in the watery depths, effortlessly gliding through the water, bobbing about wherever it chooses. Now think of yourself as a fish (Pisces); do you see yourself swimming so freely through your own life? Whilst you have the capacity to ‘be a fish’, your mastery at ought’s, must’s and should’s seems to have created a rather large load for you to carry at any one time. So, whilst you may still be a fish, you have a trailer and roof rack in situ, and you’re still bursting at the seams! Of course, life is full of things to do, people to see and places to go, but there is a sense that your life is so full of this that there is very little time for you. Why is this? Do you not like the quiet of stillness? Do you need distraction to avoid looking within? Or do you simply feel your life is worth less than everyone else’s? Whilst none of these seem likely, there are few other explanations as to why you are such a champion at taking on so much for so many.

At the same time, your tendency to be weighed down with distraction prevents you from breathing freely and exploring your true potential. You still have so much magic and sparkle within and these are longing to be set free. It’s time for you to ask yourself some serious questions as to how to establish a better sense of balance in your life in order to create more time for you. Whilst there will always be things to do for others (as that is your way), make room for yourself as you’re precious as well. Give yourself some priority and make ‘you time’ a joy, not an inconvenience. This is your moment to re-write the rulebook of your life…

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