Good Wednesday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters Of The Craft!

Good Morning
I hope everyone is having a very blessed Wednesday. I wanted to talk to you about a decision I might have to make within the coming days. The decision involves my familiar Kade and this site or domain. It is a decision I have been weighing for several days now. I know some of you know a little about Kade but I would imagine others don’t. Kade is a cute, adorable Pomeranian and my familiar. I had one before him named Kiki for 13 years. She passed away in my arms several years ago. When she passed, it was one of the toughest things I believe I had ever been through. To this day, I still cry when I think about her. We had a very special bond and part of heart when into the ground the day we buried her.


After Kiki passed and I was still a basket case, my daughter and Mystie (a dear sister I lost in a car accident and Jacob & Joseph’s mother) both decided that they would cheer me up by getting me another ball of fuzz. My daughter got me Kade and Mystie raised the money through the site to have the other one shipped here to my doorstep. Nicholas (the one y’all all gave to me) was with me one day when we were hit in the side by a drunk driver. He like to hang out the window when we were going some place. We were hit so hard that the truck flipped and he was killed instantly. I was in the hospital for several months and on top of losing Kiki, I had now lost another familiar, Nicholas.


I still had Kade. He knew I was depressed and grieving. He was such a little skinny thing when I got him. He would try to crawl up in my lap and give me doggy kisses to make me feel better. I would have to boost him up by his butt to get him in my lap. As time when on, he developed a hacking cough and I took him to the vet. We all thought it was due to the fire(yeah, I had a stalker who burnt down my cabin and I was hospitalized again) but it kept getting worse and worse. So the vet was cleaning his teeth and while he was asleep he ran this microscopic something down his trachea to take a look to see what was going on. He has two spots in his trachea that has been damaged. Come to find out the man my daughter was married to had picked him up and threw him into a concrete column at their house. They had originally planned on buying me another dog then she told, why don’t you take Kade he would be better off out here. I found out why. Kade was hurt so bad by the idoit or in this case son of a bitch that he had to be taken to Nashville for treatment to his eye. They didn’t bother looking at his trachea down there.


I have known for a while what was wrong with him and I also knew that he would not get any better. He is only 6 years old and has a full life ahead of him. He deserves it after what he has been through. His trachea is getting worse though and the vet had mentioned putting a stint into his trachea to correct the problem. It is getting about time to do that I know it is coming.


My dilemma is not an easy one to make on one hand and on the other it is. I love Kade and I can’t stand to lose him. The operation is expensive and since most of you don’t know my personal situation, I will tell you. I draw a small disability check each month. It doesn’t pay all the bills at the house or the office and the store has stopped selling and the donations have also stopped. I am permanently disabled and will never work again. My resources are exhausted and all I have left are our domains. I had this domain appraised the other day and when I hear from the vet I will make my decision on whether or not I will put this domain up for sale. I hate to do it but it is all I have left and I consider an animal’s life more important than any domain or website.


I will think on it before I make a hasty decision and what the vet has to say. I don’t know how it works when you put up a domain for sale. If they stick up a sign saying “Domain for sale” or what. I just wanted to make you aware of the situation in case this does happen. I am sure as all of you being witches you would do the same for your familiar which you love with all your heart.


This is about the saddest day in my life, thinking about giving up one baby for the other. But he is a living creature and I consider him one of the greatest gifts the Goddess could have ever given me. I will let you know if the domain is going to be sold and when, I just won’t spring it on you. Perhaps the vet will let me make payment arrangements with him or something and I won’t have to sell this domain but if I do understand I love Kade and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him.


Lady of the Abyss


3 thoughts on “Good Wednesday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters Of The Craft!

  1. Dear Sister,
    I’m so sorry you have been put in this position. Of course Kade has to come first. I wish I was in a financial position to help you not to have to choose one over the other.
    Love ya,
    Lady B


  2. Ow dearest sister. My heart really is feeling for you. I too had to make a decision with my little fur baby. It was an operation I too couldn’t afford. I often think of my Maya. She is with me every day.
    I send you all my love to you and your little fur baby.


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