Lighten Up – The 13 Commandments

The 13 Commandments

1. Thou shall not turn thy ex into a frog.
2. Thou shall not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
3. Thou shall not laugh at nekked snow sprites.
4. Thou shall not get drunk with thy Goddess’s wine.
5. Thou shall not sacrifice thy little sister.
6. Thou shall not go running around proclaiming thy witchhood if thy are in times of burning.
7. Thou shall not question the word of thy High Priestess – She is God.
8. Thou shall not laugh at being nekked at coven – thou shall be killed.
9. Thou shall not commit to signing anything that declares any single person as thy lord and savior.
10. Thou shall not invoke thy Watchtowers only to say “never mind”.
11. Thou shall not burn enough candles to burn thy house down.
12. Thou shall not have the magickal name “Sir Stinky Fartsalot”.
13. Thou shall not call coven only for laughs.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 19 – ‘Get To Know Your Customers Day’

Today you can use ‘Get To Know Your Customers Day’ and specific Feng Shui aimed to boost your business from both likely and unexpected sources. A decorative mirror placed in the Helpful People area of your business or office will pull in more people who can be beneficial to your cause. For retail businesses, putting a mirror beside or behind the place where customers pay symbolizes doubling your sales, while positioning a plant near this same space will bring lively energies to your cash flow! And now, for some super secret business Shui — a fast, easy and effective way to enhance the name and reputation of your company is to place fresh red flowers in the center of the wall that sits opposite your desk. Visualize the good word about your company spreading like wildfire and then watch hoards of new customers come calling — customers that you can now get to know and love!

By Ellen Whitehurst for