Your Magickal Correspondence for Thursday, July 19

Your Magickal Correspondence for Thursday, July 19th

Thursday Is Ruled By Jupiter

Element:  Air

Color:  Blue, purple

Crystals:  Azurite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise

Incense:  Agrimony, cedar, sandalwood, sage

Trees:  Birch, oak

Herbs:  Borage, cinquefoil, coltsfoot, hyssop, mistletoe

Metal:  Tin

Astrological rulership:  Sagittarius (co-ruler of Pisces)

Thursday, the day of Jupiter is good for all forms of increase and expansion, be it in the realm of money, career, power or joy.  Jupiter rules over fulfillment of objectives, most usually those that are socially orientated. He is also potent for leadership, conscious wisdom, creativity, extending one’s influence in the wider world, idealism, justice and the law, authority and altruism. Jupiter’s influence extends over marriage, permanent relations (business and person), fidelity, loyalty and male potency (in both the human and the animal kingdom). Jupiter can lead to excesses, such as greed and glutton, but can also paradoxically, be used for banishing these.