Calendar of the Sun for November 28th

Calendar of the Sun

28 Blutmonath

Sophia’s Day

Colors: Red and white
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a red cloth lay a white cloth, and upon that set a lit lantern, a glass chalice of clear water, incense of frankincense and lemongrass, and let each place upon the altar a book which they find to be great in wisdom.
Offerings: Promise to grow in wisdom, even when the path is difficult.
Daily Meal: Simple and communal.

Invocation to Sophia

Hail, Great Mother of Wisdom!
Consort of the One Whose Name May Not Be Spoken,
Lady whose still small voice
Echoes through every one of us,
Teach us to listen, Lady,
Teach us to pay attention
And to consider well our actions,
Lest we may come to regret them.
Teach us to walk each of our words
Through the door of truth,
Through the door of necessity,
And teach us to know when
We must walk them through
A door yet narrower than those,
The door of kindness to the hearer.
Let our words be heard
By ears who will listen,
And show us how to speak their language
That no misunderstanding
May mar what flows between us.
Lady of Wisdom, speak to us,
And we will strive to hear your voice.

(Each comes forward and takes the book from the altar, and speaks to what that book taught them, and how they are the wiser for it. Then each speaks to another lesson that taught them wisdom, a lesson that did not come from books but from life. Each person thanks Sophia for these lessons, and bows before her altar. Her lantern is carried from the room in procession, and set to hang, still lit, in the main room of the House, where it will remain lit for seven days.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for October 16

Calendar of the Sun


16 Winterfyllith

Laufey’s Day

Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of pale green set a miniature willow tree in a pot, a goblet of fruit wine, five yellow and green candles, many mugs of some nourishing herbal tea, and many plates of nourishing oat-cakes.
Offerings: Plant trees.
Daily Meal: Tree fruits, soup and bread, herbal tea from tree-leaves.

Invocation to Laufey

Laufey, Wise Goddess, I hail You.
Mother of Loki, Nurturer of the flame,
I honor You.
You are rooted and ancient wisdom,
The strength of the trees that wind their roots
Deeply into the earth,
Of rich dark soil,
Of solitude, and seasons,
Dissolution and quiet change.
You are patient endurance,
Wise weaver of the threads of fate,
Luck-warder, mother of warriors,
Fierce defender, skilled healer.
All of these things You have been.
You restore and rebalance.
You sustain
And grant to Your children
The enduring strength of the forest,
The quickness of flame,
The swiftness of light, liquid and untouchable.
Lady of the Leafy Isle, no ornament
To Farbauti’s hall but to Your own alone
Wherein You shine, ever shall I speak Your praises.
Hail, Laufey.

(One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual shall bring forth the oat-cakes and herbal tea, and all shall eat and drink of Laufey’s generosity. The wine shall be poured out as a libation, and then all should go forth from the House to plant trees in some place that is needful of them.)


[Pagan Book of Hours}

Calendar of the Sun for October 3

Calendar of the Sun

3 Winterfyllith

Njord’s Blot

Color: Sea-blue
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of sea-blue set a Scandinavian ship, a net, a basket of fish-shaped cakes, and a metal tankard of mead.
Offerings: Give aid to a sailor. The House should, together, send a package to one who sails the seas and has need of succor.
Daily Meal: Fish.

Invocation to Njord

Hail, Njord, Lord of the Surface of the Sea!
Hail, Sailor’s Watcher,
Lord of Ships upon the waters.
Blessed you are in the prow,
Where you lead us forward to our goals.
Blessed you are in the stern,
Where you guard our wake
From the monsters of the Deep.
Blessed you are on the port,
Where your keen eyes search the horizon.
Blessed you are on the starboard,
Where you guide us by the stars.
Blessed you are on the high mast,
Where you stand tall with far vision.
Blessed you are in the sails,
Which you fill with billowing winds.
Blessed you are at the rudder,
Where you skillfully outrun all storms.
Blessed you are at the nets,
Where the fish come by the thousands into our hands.
Blessed you are belowdecks,
Where you rock us gently to sleep
On the waves of certainty,
Knowing that the farthest shore
Will soon be under our feet.
Hail Njord, Lord of Ships,
Guide our souls safely across the waters.

(All pass and bless the package, and see it safely gone. The mead is poured out as libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Daily Feng Shui Tip for August 23 – ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day’

On this ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day’ I thought I’d offer a few cures with one fortunate flower. Feng Shui says that there are some adjustments that are specific to certain individuals, perhaps a daughter. If you have a daughter of marrying age who is looking to find the perfect partner, then pick the perfect floral to help her do just that. Feng Shui says you should place two fresh pink peonies in the ‘Romance’ area of a young girl’s room in order to plant the intention of happily ever after into her love life. If you can’t find fresh peonies then simply position a picture or image of them in her room. If you are an older female looking for love, create your perfect garden by placing a picture of peonies outside your bedroom to the left of the room as you look in. Hang it on a wall or place the peonies there in a vase on a small stand. If you’re already married and you want to enhance your existing relationship, put the peonies in the ‘Relationship and Romance’ area of your main floor. Never position them in your bedroom as this is said to cause your partner to develop a roving eye. Truthfully, though, this pink peony cure works best with younger ladies, like your daughter.

By Ellen Whitehurst for