Celtic Gods and Goddesses: Exploring the Pantheon and Mythology of the Ancient Celts

This article is not a complete list of the Celtic Goddesses and Gods. It seems to be the more popular ones in modern pagan traditions. They will also correspondence to some of the other ancient pantheons in other parts of the ancient world.

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You’ve always wanted to stroll across the beautiful landscape of Ireland. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the best spots, you decide to make use of a local touring company.

Suddenly one appears before you. How strange that you didn’t notice this building before, but heck, the banner outside claims it’s five-star and that you’ll meet Celtic gods and goddesses in person. They are probably just actors in costume — a little cheesy — but you don’t see any other places that are open at the moment.

To your surprise, you realize that your hiking companions are the actual Celtic gods and goddesses. While you fight off the sudden faint feeling, you remember that the ridiculously steep deposit is only refundable at the end of the trip. There’s no turning back now.

A big guy claps his hand on your shoulder and says, “Fear not, tiny mortal. You’re going to have a fun time learning all about the ancient Celtic pantheon and the people who worshipped us.”

You just want your deposit back. So when the group picks up their backpacks and heads out, you follow.

Table of Contents

Dagda – The Good Father God of Ireland, Knowledge, Weather, Wise Druids, and Wariors

Name: The Dagda – the good god
Realms: Father god of Ireland; knowledge, weather, fertility, druids, warriors
Family: Father of Aengus, Brigid, and Danu, member of the Tuatha Dé Dannan
Fun Fact: In Dorsetshire is an enormous drawing of a man. Some believe that the chalk creation is meant to show this deity…

Ériu – The Patron Goddess of Ireland

Name: Ériu
Realms: Patron goddess of Ireland
Family: Daughter of Ernmas and Fiachna Mac Delbáeth; has two sisters called Banba and Fódla; mother of Bres
Fun Fact: Her sisters’ names are sometimes used as poetic titles for Ireland…

Lugh – The God of Crafts, Light, and Sun

(Side Note: This is the God who is honored during a Lammas/Lughnasadh celebration)

Name: Lugh
Realms: God of crafts, light, and Sun
Family: Son of Eithne and Cian; father of Cú Chulainn
Fun Fact: His full name is a little strange — Lugh of the Long Arms…

Epona’s Horses Aren’t Fond of Mortals (Don’t Get Too Close)

(Side Note: Epona is also considered the Goddess of all domestic animals in modern times. I work with her closely when teaching a puppy or an older dog manners to get along better in the human world)

Name: Epona
Realms: Patron goddess of horses, mules, fertility, and cavalry
Family: ???
Fun Fact: In the Gaulish tradition, Epona was never shown in human form; only as a mule or a horse. The Romans showed her as a woman on a throne, standing between horses or driving a chariot…

The Group’s Healer Is Kind of a Reaper

(Side Note: This is the Goddess who is honored during a Imbolc celebration)

Name: Brigid
Realms: Goddess of poetry, fertility, motherhood, passion, dawn, healing, smithing, fire, invention, and life
Family: Married to Bres; mother of Ruadán; daughter of the Dagda
Fun Fact: She inspired a goddess in Haiti, called Maman Brigitte

Danu Knows All About Death and Daffodils

Name: Danu
Realms: A mother goddess; the earth, nature, wind, fertility, death, wisdom, cattle, regeneration, wealth
Family: She was the consort of both the Sun god, Belenos, and the sea god, Beli; daughter of the Dagda, member of the Tuatha De Dannan.
Fun Fact: Danu is another geographical smash hit. Among the places named after this goddess is the River Danube, the Paps of Anu, a region in Ireland’s County Kerry, and possibly the Dane Hills in Leicestershire…

The God of Love Has Daddy Issues (Rightfully So)

Name: Aengus
Realms: God of love and youth
Family: Son of Boann and the Dagda, member of the Tuatha Dé Dannan
Fun Fact: Four birds surround him at all times and, according to mythology, they symbolize his smooches (Yep. His kisses)…

There’s a Confused God Looking for Some Guy Called “Asterix”

Name: Toutatis
Realms: Possibly the guardian god of the Gauls
Family: ???
Fun Fact: Ancient writers suggested that he was the equivalent of the Roman god, Mars…

There’s a Wolf Wearing Bloody Armor

Name: The Morrigan, the Great Queen, the Phantom Queen.
Realms: Goddess of war, fate, death, and destiny
Family: Great-granddaughter of King Nuada, member of the Tuatha Dé Dannan
Fun Fact: In some versions of Celtic mythology, Ireland was named for this Irish goddess…

You Don’t Mess With This Healer — He’ll Knock You Out (Then Put an Ice Pack on It)

Name: Belenus
Realms: God of the Sun, spring festivals, healing, medicine, and guardianship
Family: ???
Fun Fact: According to Roman sources, Belenus was the popular kid in the Celtic mythology during the 3rd century…

This God Adores Wheels and Human Sacrifices

Name: Taranis
Realms: Wheels, thunder, weather, the sky
Family: ???
Fun Fact: Archaeologists have discovered thousands of votive wheels in Gaul. They were popular offerings to Taranis…

Cernunnos Refuses to Show Himself, Because No One Remembers Him

(Side Note: This is the God who is honored during a Beltane celebration)

Name: Cernunnos
Realms: Forests, wildlife, wealth, fertility, and possibly the underworld
Family: ???
Fun Fact: This Celtic god is more of an entity today, in modern Wiccan traditions, than during the past…