Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence and Spell for Monday

Spells for Today – Daily Spellwork

Did you know that each day of the week has a special kind of energy to make magic happen?

Let’s see the best spells for Monday and let’s learn how to use this day and its energy the right way!


What kind of spells could we cast on a Monday?

Which planet influences Monday

How to use Monday’s energy?

My favorite spells to do on Monday

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Spell for Today – Hand of Time Spell


When dealing with a weekly spell guide, Mondays are thought to be the logical day for money, love, time and meditation spells. Since Mondays are thought to be the start of the work week, it gives plenty of time for a Monday spell to gain strength throughout the rest of the week.

Time Spells – Hand of Time Spell
Items you will need:
Both hands
6 fingers

Hold both of your hands in front of you. Stare at your hands, noticing your palms and fingers, for about thirty seconds. Then, say this chant one time:

“Palms sweaty,
From watching clocks.
No more.
One finger,
For every ten docked.
Seconds in a minute
1440 in a day.
Stop a few,
For singing birds
And trees that sway.”

This should feel like time has slowed-down and allowed you to appreciate life more.


A Witch’s Week of Spells and Activities
Helga C. Loueen

Spell for Today – Ringing in the Muses Spell


Ringing in the Muses Spell

5 small bells
1 yard each yellow, red, blue, green, and purple ribbon

Thread a bell on each length of ribbon, then tie the first four ribbons to tree branches in the order listed above, saying with each:

To ring these bells,
all breezes blow
Carry their sounds
both high and low
To wake the Muses from
Their rest
Heed ye now this firm request

Then tie the purple ribbon to a branch, saying something like:

From East and South and
West and North
Muses hear me: now come forth
From South and West and
North and East
Inspiration now release
From West and North and
East and South
Creative powers bud and sprout
From North and East
and South and West
Heed my call and this request
As these bells ring in the breeze
Let ideas flow forth with ease
Bring inspiration with the wind—
In constant stream without an end—

Unleash Your creativity
Muses, bring it now to me

Creative blocks will begin to dissipate within twenty-four hours.

Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series)
Dorothy Morrison