A Thought for Today – An Idea I Use to Help Stop an Anxiety/Panic Attack

I have had people suggest that I start posting some original things instead of copying and pasting from other website so much. So, I decided to give it a try by sharing something that helps to calm me down sometimes when I am going into an anxiety attack.

Photo by Lady Carla Beltane

I am not sure if you will see the Fairy wing in this picture that I do. This is along some unused, old railroad tracks about 1/4 of a block away from my home. I walk these tracks often looking, listening, and immersing myself in all nature has to offer me on any given day.

Yesterday as I walked along I kept being drawn back to this spot and until I quietly sat on the railroad tracks and opened myself up for any message a spirit guide, ancestor, animal spirit guide, gods, goddesses, archangels, Wee Folk or other beings had for me I was not able to hear them. It is a home for woodland Spirits, Fairies, Pixies, and Nymphs. I cannot adequately describe the feelings going through me and the gratitude I felt that Fae Folk decided to let me know where their home base was here.

When I lived in Lisle Fairies and beings that work with Funa and Flora had a home right next to the vegetable garden I planted by myself for fifteen years. Unfortunately, one of the ways I allowed this abuser (a different one than the one I just got the fantastic divorce, I foolishly allowed myself to remain in this relationship for 19 years but more on this another day) to get to me was by putting Miracle Grow in the my starter seeds without telling me and then spraying the garden in 2017, whereas I had always kept it as a pure organic garden from 2002 until that fateful summer. I even made a corner near the garage and garden into a compost pile which I would spread over the garden after Samhain and cover that with leaves from a beautiful Red Maple he had cut down. Neighbors would always try to figure out how without using unnatural fertilizer in my garden that I got a larger harvest than they did. I could not and would not tell them about the Wee Folk that helped my garden to flourish. No need to tell all of you the Wee Folk left because the chemicals stepped into their home and the garden never did well again.

To thank the Wee Folk, I would make them tiny fairy cakes served with warm milk and butter I made from heavy cream. I would place it about 12 inches from their home hidden under a small raspberry bush. They also got all put 2 of the raspberries every season and all the Mulberries they wanted, before he cut down the largest, most convenient for them to get to Mulberry tree.

Why did he keep cutting down healthy tree? Mainly because he knew I could feel the spirits living in each of them and loved having a beautiful backyard to sit in under shade if I wanted to or in the Sun. Cleo and Star enjoyed that backyard as it was fenced in, and they could go wherever they wanted to in it. He stopped this too by fertilizing the lawn with weed and feed.

Sorry got off on a tangent. If I can catch an anxiety attack I start walking along the tracks until I feel this is where I should stop for now. Then I just breath in the scents of the woods around me. Listen to all the different birds chatting with each other. Take time to notice what is starting to bud or lose its leaves depending on the season. For me this is a place of quite and a safety net of sorts. I would like to suggest to other that get anxiety or panic attacks to find someone to walk and/or sit and just enjoy the feast for all our senses that Gaia/Mother Earth gives us so freely. I almost always have something to drink with me as I never know if I’m going to be gone from our home for 5 minutes or maybe an hour, as I lose all track of time when I am in a wooded area and enjoying it. Before I leave where I choose to sit and feast I pour some or most of the non-acholic beverage out in the wood area to thank Gaia/Mother Earth for once again soothing my nerves.



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  1. Good advice, a pleasant picture, and a really simple solution, relaxing your mind as you walk in nature is just perfect, and as you do, maybe imagine that any intrusive unwanted thoughts that you no longer need, are tied to a lighter than air balloon, holding it up high, letting go and watching it take them slowly higher and higher right up into the sky until they are just a tiny dot, and eventually they are gone from sight completely. Forever. I have heard that somebody had a really favourable outcome from doing just this. That’s right. Good luck, and keep well !

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