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The Carnation flower, or Dianthus Caryophyllus, refers to a number of grassy flowers, most of which are part of the Dianthus family.

These flowers are universally known and loved, particularly by florists, who have an extraordinary range of colors to work with. These flowers are mostly grown in Europe and Asia and are used for various decorative and even cosmetic purposes.

The carnation may be common, but it’s far from dull. These extraordinary flowers are prolific, lively, and steeped in history.

Ready to learn more about the carnation? Stick with us to discover its symbolism, cultural significance, facts and purposes, and more.



4 thoughts on “Flower Meaning, Symbol and Spiritual Meaning – Carnation

  1. It is interesting how the opposing nature of simular reaction is highlighted in this flower. Its meaning either being a posotive or negative energy response to a simular situation. I like this about the universe, the opposing forces thing. I think it is interesting how this can be seen in the natural and what energy it holds. It is very comforting to know that it is all a matter of perspective and that it can be chosen to deal with things in a negative versus positive energy way. I like the positive nature of plant, being beings or living things that thrive in light. Although mushrooms are plants that thrive in darkness, and mushrooms are great as well. Plants are very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. It was enjoyable to read.

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