Spell for Today – Easy Altar Blessing Ritual

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Working with Magic requires being organized and perceptive. An altar is a sacred space where we can exercise creative action, self-discipline and intuition.

Follow this guided ritual to bless your altar at home. Find a table or any surface that is not currently in use and set it up with an altar cloth and your witch’s tools.

Easy Altar Blessing Ritual

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

An altar blessing ritual and prayer for new Wiccans and other Pagans. Bless your altar and tools for working with real Magic.


Chalice or cup



Athame or knife

Altar cloth (optional)

1 White candle


Arrange your tools on the altar and light the white candle.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Visualize a bright light coming from the candle flame. It surrounds your altar and yourself.

Take the wand in your dominant hand and point it to the sky. Say:Wiccan Altar blessing prayer

Use your wand to touch the pentacle as you take a deep breath in and out. Do the same with the chalice, athame and your altar cloth or table.

Place the wand back on the altar and say:
“Blessed Be My Altar”

Sit down or remain standing as you meditate and think of all the great things that your altar will bring to you: peace, serenity, awareness, intuition.

When you’re ready, blow out the candle and dispose of its remains by saying Thank you.


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