Life in The Craft Magazine 2023 Goes Directly to Your Email’s Inbox – Be 1 of the People to Sign Up and Receive Half of the 8 Issues For This Year FREE

I will be restarting Life in The Craft magazine with the Imbolc/Lammas 2023 issue. Which I am planning on emailing it about the second or third week in January 2023.

Lady Carla Beltane is starting a brand-new emailing list for the relaunch. I have deleted all current subscribers . So even if you were receiving Life in The Craft before you will need to email Lady Beltane again at to get on the new email list to receive it.

After the first 4 issues the subscription rate is $3.00 USD per issue for eight issues yearly, which will cover the upcoming northern and southern hemisphere’s Sabbats along with other topics. If paid annually the subscription fee will be $21.00 USD for all eight issues which gives you 1 issue free every year.  If you pay monthly you will charged $3.00 USD per issue. You can pay monthly or annually. Please send your request to to get on Life in The Craft’s emailing list.

If you are a novice or adept student in the WoTC’s School of Witchcraft you will get a 1 year subscription free as the cost will be included in your course fee. Starting with the issue closet to when you became a student and ending with the 8th Sabbat that falls in your course.

If you have any questions about receiving the magazine directly to your inbox 8 times a year, just email Lady Carla Beltane