Please Read and Give Feedback – We Really Want to Hear From Our WoTC FAmily

A reminder the N. H. tomorrow posts are the S. H. daily posts as we use the time and current date in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to do the posts. The N.H. tomorrow posts will be live starting at 4:00 PM CT. The S.H. tomorrow posts will be live starting at 5:00 PM CT.

We have a big change coming this year to WoTC… Lady Carla Beltane has been the sole person bring you all the regular daily posts and extra information for the last 2 years but this year she is in the process of training a right-hand witch to take some of the pressure off of her. The right-hand witch in training is Graphia, The Wordsmith Witch. It is our hope that Graphia can take over doing posts when Lady Carla Beltane is unable to. Please give Graphia, a warm WoTC Family welcome. You should start seeing her byline on posts starting sometime in February if not sooner.

Lady Beltane played around last year with different northern hemisphere posting times but now we would like some feedback on what time you think would be best. The tomorrow posts for the northern hemisphere will start going live at 6:00 PM CT every evening. The tomorrow posts for the southern hemisphere will start going live at 9:00 AM AEDT every day. As of January 2, 2023 we have only gotten two comments for the time. Please take a minute or two out of your busy day to leave a comment about the time to start morning posts in the N.H. going live. Thank you!

Please pick one time you would like to see N. H. posts go live in the morning:

9:00 AM CT

10:00 AM CT

11:00 AM CT

The time picked by the most people is the one we will go with. This poll will end January 16, 2023. Once we see what time people like best for the posts to go live, we will do a post of where you can find things using the menu and the time of posts going live.

We will only be reposting the “Birthday Horoscope” and “Daily Horoscope” for the date they fall on. We have not found a website to give us the tomorrow southern hemisphere’s “Daily Horoscopes.” If anyone in the southern hemisphere can find a website, we can use for the tomorrow “Daily Horoscopes” please email the link to Lady Carla Beltane at

Leaving us comments on posts positive or negative help us to know what extra topics you are interested in so please use your fingers to talk to us.

In order for us to be paid by WordPress every month we need to reach $100.00 minimum in ad revenue. Lady B doesn’t really understand how it works but what she thinks is that the more posts you click on the more ads that are seen which should get us to the minimum cash amount needed monthly. This money is used to help keep the website up and running, to pay for the domain name email account, domain name, some to help with Lady B’s utility bills, and internet service. Lady B will now be sharing the monthly income with her right-hand witch to help cover her extra monthly costs to pay part of her utility bills. Your donations to WoTC also help cover these costs. You can make a donation anytime by clicking on the orange Donate button located on WoTC’s homepage on the lefthand side just below the search box. If you are reading WoTC. If you are reading us on a mobile/cell phone you need to scroll down quite away to find it, this is also true for some of the smaller tablets or Kindle.

If you ever have any questions or comments, you do not want to be public or just to chat or want a card or other type of reading by Lady Carla Beltane, please email her at

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