Southern Hemisphere Tomorrow Posts and Northern Hemisphere’s January 5th Posts

I am sorry but I might not be doing all your tomorrow posts for 6 and 7 January 2023 today. I was up most of the last two nights for a variety of reason the biggest is my 3rd oldest grandson left for his first base and training in the USA Army. I will not be reposting any posts for the northern hemisphere until Friday morning and no tomorrow posts for January 6th tomorrow. I also will not be checking any accounts emails until Friday morning.

Let’s put it this way I am dreading my ZOOM court call Thursday morning for the divorce I am trying to get done to the man I married 25 years ago this month but have not contacted or seen him since 2000. He put me through mental and emotional abuse the 3 years we lived together, and I allowed it. I was hoping he wouldn’t show up in Zoom court because he has not filed any of the paperwork needed to have any say so in the divorce proceedings. Obviously, we each have our own things, no children, no cars, no house, no property was ever bought during the marriage so unless he is just trying to pull my chain there is no reason for him to be there again tomorrow. Because of this I have bad reoccurring nightmares along with other signs of PSTD.

Now before I throw this laptop across the room in a total meltdown, I am getting off of it. I went to my trusty desktop but have developed a monster of a stress migraine and fibromyalgia flare so I really can do no more than I have up right now. If I feel up to it later, I will finish them.

I know I need to…

Please wish me some peacefulness, staying calm, and that I realize the bast*rd can’t hurt me in any way anymore EVER!

Thank you for your support and understanding believe me if it wasn’t for my blood, heart, and WoTc families I would be in a lot worse shape.

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