August 28 Daily Tarot Card, Rune, Witch’s Rune, Ogham Divination Journal

Tarot Card

Today’s Tarot card reading comes from The Green Witch Tarot Deck and The Green Witch Tarot Companion by Ann Moura. With the art done by Kiri Ostergaard Leonard. Pages 178 – 179

Six of Wands – Minor Arcana

This is a card of career victory and public acclaim. There may be an award, a certificate, a trophy, or praise for a job well done involved. This card could represent a pay raise, bonus, or promotion for good results in achieving important goal in one’s career or creative project. It can also represent a personal rather than public experience wherein one has sense of ability proven through good financial returns or praise from outside sources, as with artistic endeavors. One’s self-image may be enhanced through winning or placing well in a competition, such as one involving sports, games, art,literature, or media work. There may be a prize involved or some other recognition that is meaningful  to the person receiving it. The indication is of a well-earned victory in which the success is merited and others are aware of this. There may have been difficulties that needed to be surmounted to gain success and public recognition for outstanding performance.

Red poppies, for assertiveness, challenges, and support,  are in the victory wreath. A sparrow, a symbol of dignity, assertiveness, loyalty, and manifestation, flies ahead of the rider.

Meaning: Victory in a career or creative enterprise, public recognition, acclaim, job well done, efforts rewarded, goals achieved after difficulties, acknowledgement, honors, advancement,  successful self-expression, career goals achieved, gains from one’s own efforts.

Prompt Words: Career victory, public acclaim.


From Two Wander

Fehu – “Cattle/Wealth”

The first of the Elder Futhark, Fehu indicates prosperity and material wealth, either won or earned income. It can represent good luck, abundance and financial success in the near future. It can also relate to social success. Not everyone chooses to read a rune as reversed (“merkstave”) if it comes up that way, but if doing so resonates with you- its reversed meaning may indicate the loss of personal possessions or income, a dip in self-esteem or some other kind of struggles. In Tarot, this could be seen as The Tower card.

KEYWORDS: Abundance, luck, hope, prosperity

Witches’ Runes


Triple goddess, life/death/rebirth, trinity, love – romance

Some people read this witches rune as a flower – new life, birth, fertility, love. I tend to read it more like the triquetra – life/death/rebirth cycles, triple goddess, etc. It’s completely up to you how YOU interpret these!



While it also may have thorns, Gorse is known for a vibrant yellow flower that can last almost year round. For this reason this plant has become a symbol of vitality. It may be hardy and have some thorns but it protects wildlife and shines bright for everyone to see. When you draw this letter keep in mind optimism, positivity, and vigor. With Onn you will prevail as long as you keep your flower in bloom!

Fortune – This Ogham tells you that you will prevail! Stay happy and optimistic and everything you seek will turn out great!

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